Lemon Water

If I Was A Stranger To Strange Days, I’d Say This Day Was Strange

Wow, school kicked off whether I wanted it to or not.

My friend Patrick returned from the US, where he was with his dad as he got operated for cancer, and returned at the beginning of the day to get simultaneously attacked/hugged by me and Stephanie. It was funny. He walks by me, I turn to look at him, and shout out “PATRICK!” at the same time that Steph does, and we both run to him. XD He was laden with stuff too, poor guy.

Unfortunately, his return was soured at break when as I neared him to greet him again, he reached out with his construction paper to hit my shoulder or side (as is quite common with us- he gets hit too). However he hit my breast with the roll of construction paper instead.

Instant shock.

Then he apologized, of course, while I clutched my binder at my chest and told him I would kill him later.

It’s funny when you look back at it. I know this is something ridiculous to write about, but to heck with it.

Great news- a friend from my sophomore year here, Rodrigo, one of the group who took me in when I moved her, is visiting for his spring break from Miami! It was great to talk to him again, and he joined my art class as he hid from Mr. Smith so as to avoid being booted from the school. I was wearing the earrings he gave me a year ago too, which was an odd coincidence.

I also managed to finish my science experiment, on which my group was behind. We had to do it in break and lunch ,and with old liver. Never use liver. We nearly puked. Parts had kind of solidified so when we measured it stuck up the pipette and dangled. Ew. Ew. Not even Andre could handle it, and he, fitting the stereotype, withstood it more then me and Lisa.

Unfortunately, I cannot find my results book. By which we could be royally screwed, because I was the only one who wrote them down. Im getting on msn to tell them and apologize, and tell them I’ll see if its in my locker. I really don’t like this- letting myself down is one thing, letting down others is far, far worse.

If I can’t find it, I will have to make the results up. And I don’t like the idea of that moral quandary. Gaaaah. Not looking forwards to this.

I got a pretty good grade in my Bio exam, a low 6, for which I am happy. I’m getting used to high 6s though- Bio is one of my strong points.

Basketball practice sucked though. I’m the only one who is no longer “officially” on the team. And because they are ten, and I am the eleventh, any teamwork, which is practically all we did, I ended up at the side shooting free throws. Heh. I could have come here for homework.

Today I haven’t been feeling well either. Didn’t eat dinner, although that migth have also been thanks to the fact that I ate a noodle soup when I got home. And really, I know part of what is making me feel bad, but there is not much to do about it, other then take a painkiller. “Crimson Wave” say anything to you?

Agh, the lab is a pain in the neck. Where can my little lab notebook be?


> Art Critique due Thursday

>ITGS Quiz on Chapter 2

>Pastiche due… someday. And the commentary on poem “Snakecharmer”,1000 words, due thursday

>Julio Ramon Ribeyro Biography, due tomorrow

>ITGS Key Terms

>Biology Lab due… I don’t know… Either tomorrow or Friday.

>Math test on matrices tommorow.

In green, are the ones I’m doing tonight.

In orange, the ones on the bus.


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