Lemon Water

Music Overload

Hey! I just filled my ipod’s music capacity! I’m still in shock- I am so used to have little music, that I never thought I could fill its memory. So now I have to choose what to take with me. So I am currently taking out some individual songs, or trimming the bands I don’t like as much, such as Good Charlotte.

Actually, I am going to just download limewire right now- and let it download and all that as I do my spanish homework. I want to try to get some sleep tonight- I haven’t been playing DragonFable!!!

On the music news horizon, Chepi and I listened a bit on the bus, which was fun. One of the Radiohead songs nearly resulted in what I call a “music high”during the bus. But not the excited, movement high- a drifting off high. I know, it’s a bad comparison, to drugs, but I suppose it’s a similar feeling. I’m not going to ask the people who take drugs.

Also on the music news horizon, Audrey and Madsen both have new albums. I am going to have to listen to those.

*starts singing to lostprophets*


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