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Let’s Talk About Music

Today, I will explain a bit of my personal tastes about music, and about what I don’t like in msuic, both in the style, the subject and content, and the stereotype. And I’ll develop a series of posts later going more indepth about this in individual songs, artists, or even a genre. And I will try to stay open minded, but I will also tell you, straight up, what I dislike. Or maybe, hate.

I love music. I can’t live without music. I have a 4 GB ipod thats a bit broken and scuffed, taht I tak everyday to school despite the fact that my dad told me I was not to, I listen to it when I can, I hum randomly, get songs stuck in my head, you know the usual.

I mostly listen to Rock, Emo, Alternative. That side of the spectrum. Don’t ask me to differentiate very well in that side, because I honestly don’t care, I just usually say Rock. I love it. I tend to only listen to the well known bands because, well, I don’t know other bands, or how to search them. Sometimes, last fm gives me some good bands that I still don’t buy to support because I have $10 in itunes a month, and I tend to use it for one $9.99 album. And I, sadly, don’t write the band’s name down, and it is lost to me… forever and for some time. That is why a few days I gave up and started using limewire.

The genres I “hate” are hip hop, rap, and reggaeton. I say hate with quotation marks, not because I really hate them, but because I hate many aspects that seem to reappear in the music genre, and to me, end up personifying it. If I don’t like it stylishly, I won’t give it much crap- its my opinion, but that style is not necessarily wrong. I respect that other people like the music style. I might disagree, but I won’t bother you about it, unless its teasing.

Unless that music genre that goes with that style has things I find unacceptable.

The most obvious, and really, repetitive, problem I have with these genres, is Sexism. Sexism with a captial S. Sexism in the discrimination against women, of opression.

Because I believe that this music is opressing women and girls, who consciously and subconsciously get these messages, and if young and impressible, will end up believing that the best thing she lives for is to wear skimpy bikinis and dance titillingly for men. Or, like me, who have already formed an opinion about sexism, about women and girl’s place in society and about the opression we go through, howl in our minds that the obscene lyrics and videos are widely accepted.

So. Rap, Hip Hop, and Reggaeton.

I know that not all the songs in these genres are hollow, sexist, demeaning, etc, in these genres. But the great majority are, and by association, I tend to step away from any song from that genre. The possibility that I will hear a guy singing rawdily that he “wants to dance closely and then make love” is much too big that I will risk it for an okay song, even a great song. Stylistically, I also dislike these genres- the beats are the same in Reggaeton and rap, the range of subjects the same, the music too similar.  Actually, maybe I should be a bit more specific with each genre.

Hip Hop

I always think of rap and hip hop as related, no matter what. I tend to like hop hop a lot more stylistically- I have heard some pretty nice ones that I still won’t touch because of the subject- so that in that sense, I wouldn’t bother you. The dancing is fun- at least, the guy’s is. The girls… oh dear. You know what I see in hip hop videos? Men who are so obsessed with sexy women it’s like they are horny teenagers. And I see the women they are obsessed over, and what they want them to do. All I can see in the videos is “SEXUAL OBJECTIFICATION SEXUAL OBJECTIFICATION SEXUAL OBJECTIFICATION”  repeatedly. If you can’t see what is wrong about that, go away. No, seriously, go away. If you think women are meant to be sexual objects, or service objects, you don’t deserve any attention, you aren’t worth my time, or that of any self-respecting person.

Hip hop has sprouted a big following Up North, but I would hate to meet it. It would seem this following goes in gangs, wears the same style of clothes, and is generally black. I don’t believe that black people generally are violent, sex obsessed idiots. I think that maybe there are too many like that because of culture, and that black people are getting bad aspersions on this basis. I do know I would be wary of somebody of a black person wearing hip hop clothing- in a way I would not be of a black person wearing any other type of clothing (Unless you would put something like bondage or normal clothes spattered with clothes, but you get the ideas.) The Black Eyed Peas’ “Where is the love?” is one of the few hip hop songs I listen to. The others are in German thanks to Blacklime, and sound pretty cool in my opinion, and since I have no idea what they are saying, I’m generally happy all around.


Rap is… to me it is boring. As far as I understand,  rap is spoken in time to the beat of backgrounds music. I do know that there is more to it then this, but my experience with it makes me push it far far away. If you want to know my impression of rap, it is pretty much the same as that of hip hop, only that stylistically I don’t like it. Most of the time.  But a song or two that I have enjoyed, by Eminem- whom I incidentally generally hate, but damn, these songs touched me- are Stan, Toy Soldiers, and Mockingbird. This shows me a side I can respect- not the same side as the one of “I’m gonna fa****ng cum” or whatever it’s name is. (Incidentally, if you ever want me to hit you, just sing that. I WILL hit you, unless you are BlackLime or my brother.) But the other songs- if you want something that touches you so much it’s almost like you have been hit, that’s it.


I am getting slightly tired, so I’ll try to make this quick. Basically, I only like reggaeton when I dance. So far, to me, it is only good for that. I hate the music stylistically, it always has the same beat, very similar music, same. Fucking. Content. All they talk about is getting laid, sexy women, money, violence, anger, sexy women, drugs, sexy women, money, dancing with sexy women, getting laid. Did I mention how much sexual objectification there is? Go watch a video. I have pretty much the same problems as with all the above, but reggaeton hits closer because I live in Latin America.

I dance to reggaeton when I go out with my friends, and then it is even fun to shout the horrible lyrics. I usually dislike dancing so closely and… suggestively (Suggestively?  I don’t think the word understatement even covers this) to guys I generally don’t know, and even to those I know. But it can be fun, if you do so a bit farther away, or dancing without close contact in a group of girls. No, wait, it rocks. I love those nights.

But I hate the fucking music. Hatehatehatehatehate. Ye Gods, and here I hold my head and moan, why, oh why God, did you give us three versions of the same hateful thing?

Then I remember it was humans who gave it to us, and it makes sense.


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