Lemon Water


I hate it when my dad acts like the world is ending over the stupidest of things. I hate that he always looks for reasons to criticize, always looks for something to go wrong, and then complains that we “try to make him angry” when he is the one that unreasonably sparks out. It makes life pesada. I am not complaining that he wants me to participate more in housework- I understand the need, and the anger behind that one. I am not complaining about how he moans about my ability to lose anything- again, I understand the why, and he’s right. Right now, I am angry because he has always been insufferable in many cases, and he has made life for me, my brother and my mother hard with his moods and trigger moments.

Yesterday, I used his computer, with his permission, to use his Skype account, because it has money and can call lines in the USA. I used it to call my best friend Isabella. Unfortunately, she was out with her friends and couldn’t talk, and we agreed on trying today. After the call, a bit disappointed, I played with a jigsaw/portrait my dad has on his desk. I took it out and started arming it again. However, my parents called me to dinner, so I had to leave it half done and promptly forgot it. My dad goes back, sees the jigsaw puzzle still undone on his desk, and ends up shouting at me to come down the stairs as if I had used his computer without his permission about how I mess up everything, and I was to not go near anything that is his ever again, especially computers. He had already sparked at my mom and brother for the most ridiculous reasons, as he tends to do, but despite my bad feelings I shut up and did as told.

However, I just tried asking him if I could call Izzy, and he replied with the same “You will NOT go near ANYTHING that is mine.” Never mind that he knows I have no other way to call her, nevermind that he knows that I rarely get to talk to her, that I have not seen Izzy in six years, or how much this means to me. Because I played with his jigsaw puzzle, I can’t call her.

I don’t normally get angry. Or at least, I didn’t use to.

Now, I get fucking pissed everyday.


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