Lemon Water

Old Family Friends

I really like talking to my parent’s friends. Usually they are very interesting people in fascinating jobs, and conversations are easy with them. Sometimes easier then with some of my classmates. Of course, first you have to break the ice, but I’m so used to being introduced to my dad’s workmates and friends, (the former usually becoming the latter and getting invited home) that we usually do so with little problem.

Today, at my dad’s friend’s house, who used to be a coworker, they were having a reunion for Plan workers. Plan is an NGO my dad worked in for many years, and still remains in contact with. As such he went there, and met many old friends. Since the friend lives about three blocks away, I walked there an met them.

I find it fun to be able to talk about matters I don’t with my classmates. I feel grown up. But then I remember I am just sixteen, afraid of driving and college, and it brings me down a few pegs. But it’s a nice feeling when you can joke with them, more easily the with the majority of my classmates.

I would have liked to stay for longer, but I have to work on Trigonometry.


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