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He Needs Our Help!

Sorry, I just thought it was funny when my English teacher Mr. Pruzinsky asked for help with the writer’s workshop, as he expected a lot of freshmen kids looking for help. He was right. But meh.

Steph had a bunch of stuff to do, like three meetings this lunch, so I had to stand in for her in the Eco Club meeting, because our vice president, Lucille, didn’t show up. And Earth Day is coming up. hm, we need to think of something for Kermesse to see if we do something in Kermesse.

I forgot to finish an art sketch for this lunch because of those two events, so I’ll be doing that right now and hope we don’t die. : (

Extended essay… guuuuuh, I actually did check webmail yesterday to see if there was any EE homework, only there was no mail so I was like, “w00t”, but apparently I have to write 2000 words now. Gosh.

Bio was kind of funny, because Mr Buck is back from Basketball, plus, we’re studying the reproductive system. Lol.

Four people from our teams got hurt seriously, though, and we came fourth out of five. Sucks. Both boys and girls.

Hmm… I talked to Ms. Bangs this break about my frustrations at myself into getting myself to work. So, as to actually do my work, I’m going to leave the computer now and do math, art, brainstorm for TOK, work on my biology notes.

My transitions suck today, between sentences and subjects. Baaaaaaaaaah.

I’m sick -_- *sniff*


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  1. * StephHo says:

    yes, im the crazy president who somehow found her time managing skills to backfire on her
    …and fyi NO KERMESSE this year.
    last year was a DESASTRE…
    yuck yuck yuck.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 11 months ago
  2. * raire says:

    Ok, so no Kermesse. That kind of sucks actually : / We could raise quite a bit of money if we did it right.

    And considering all the things you are involved in… no surprise that management backfired! For one day!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 11 months ago

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