Lemon Water

Colds and Gripes

The funny thing is that, lately, my family has been getting sick. alright. I was the last to fall to any type of sickness. And when it came, it never fully came. It was a slow spiral into the sickness, lasting three days in which I felt horrible and took measures to fight the oncoming flood. Unfortunately, no matter that I made sure to take the acid vitamin c pill that tends to burn my tongue or that horribly smelling garlic pill that boosts your defense system (It really does. Let me make a point that usually, garlic smell does not bother me, but in fact, increases my appetite. However, the garlic pill is horrible.), I am now sick. By yesterday night, I was swaying from exhaustion and sickness, which included the use of kleenex, unfortunately on a night during which my parents had guests.

I stayed at home today, slept till eleven, did some of my homework at four, and am feeling marginally better. Good enough to go to school tomorrow, just not good enough to be… good. Fine. Marginally better. That means I will be able to survive a school day.

Except for the realization that while doing some Biology notes, I had forgotten about the English commentary due tomorrow. And now I have to do it.

Pardon me, as I go shuffle in horror to see if I actually get something half decent done in time for me to sleep well, and hopefully improve a bit. Maybe my headache will go away.

PS: When you read gripes in the title, it means cold in Spanish.


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  1. * StephHo says:

    heyy just a reminder
    you’re bringing a blazer, giant pair (if you have) sunglasses, two dried roses, your part..
    and i don’t remember what else
    but the point is..
    please bring your things for our presentation tomorrow!
    filled with dread already,

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 11 months ago

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