Lemon Water


I designed a poster for the upcoming Kermesse in school. Edited it a lot today because my art teacher told me to. And it’s now being submitted for review to the PTA or something to see if they chose it. I like it.

I ended up using Chaska´s photos from last year’s photos. I asked her for permission, though, so that’s fine. I’m a bit worried about the font, since I’m not sure if I’m allowed to use it as advertisement, so I might change it. Later.

The people who appear on the photos are going to kill me.


Oh, yes, I found my calculator, underneath some papers at my desk. I hope I find my pencil case this week.

Also, both my parents are traveling. It’s weird knowing I’m not going to hear mom or dad arrive from work today. And lonely.

Guess I have to act responsible and get my brother and I to eat tonight.

Back to my math homework now.


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