Lemon Water

Strange Last FM Recommendations

Sometimes they are just messed up. Something I dislike intensely, and far away from the genres I tend to listen.

Of course, I do have a very wide taste in music. Let’s use shuffle to tell you a bit of what I listen to.

>>Synthetic- Spineshank

>>Woman del Callao- Juan Luis Guerra

>>Wherever I May Roam- Apocalyptica

>>Protége Moi- Placebo

>>Reset-Mute Math

>>Changes IV- Cat Stevens

>>Come Back Liza- Harry Belafonte

>>Trem Azul- Antônio Carlos Johm

>>Left Behind Full- Slipknot

>>Bruise Pristine- Placebo

>>Algo Personal- Joan Manuel Serray

>>Michelle- The Beatles

>>Beloved- The Working Title

>>Weight of the World- Evanescence

>>The Wind- Cat Stevens

>>Drown- Three Days Grace

>>Get Comfortable- The Junior Varsity

>>Cantares- Joan Manuel Serrat

>>Explode- Nelly Furtado (Note that I have only liked her album Folklore)

>>La Bayamesa- Buena Vista Social Club

>>Nightswimming- Dashboard Confessional

I wonder how anybody would interpret my taste with this list.


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