Lemon Water

Cause The Hardest Part Of This Is Leaving You

My Chemical Romance was playing on tv today, and my brother decided to be nice and let me see it while he went downstairs and got some stuff. So he comes back, and cuts me halfway through a song I had not heard from them, called Cancer.

So I search it on YouYube, and watch the video.

That is one of the most touching videos I have ever seen. Please excuse me while I go wipe my face.

Please take a look around you, and be thankful, and love what you have, who you have, and take as much chance as you can to really live.

Because what we have is beautiful. Life is beautiful. Despite all the problems, and the heartaches.

And loving everybody is worth it, even when we die and suffer, and if we dissapear, and fade, and the people we love too.

Because we existed, and mattered, and still matter and will matter, and just that existance and the mattering of that existance is worth it, dammit, even if death comes and takes us apart. Because we loved.

And I don’t think that disappears.

And I think those moments matter, because they existed… even if they are past, they still were. They are.

Goddamit everybody. I love you.

And I’m going to fight for every fucking thing that matters. Even if I will die in time, and my family, and everybody that has influenced or mattered to me.

Because they did. They will.

And I everybody, I want you to know I love you. I want to make sure you know you matter, you mattered to me. I don’t want to lose the chance to let the people that leave, leave without knowing this, I never let my grandmother know. So what if she didn’t remember me? That moment would have mattered. To both of us. I never let my great uncle know. He died, also of cancer.

The hardest part will be leaving people behind.

And moving has made me do that too much without letting people know how much they matter.


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  1. * Wendy says:

    Beautiful words. Thank you for sharing them… you really touched me. And Cancer by MCR is an incredibly amazing song.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 7 months ago

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