Lemon Water

New Thermos + Hot Tea + Clumsy Me = Robot Bandage

So, yesterday, tea worked against me.

My mom had just bought me a new thermos (Orange by the way, which actually looks nice on the thermos O-o), and yesterday morning I boiled some water for my tea, and unfortunately didn’t give it enough time to cool by the time I had put the lid on the now really-hot-tea. So then, I get on the bus, and decide that I ought to take my first sip from the thermos. Now, I had not checked it before fully, so I uncap it, look at it, and press the center circle where it says “open”. Now, I assumed that the center circle is where the liquid came from, because honestly, that is where common sense dictates it will come from. So I lift the thermos to my lips, tip it… and get a lot of hot water down my chin from the outer circle.

The tea was a lot hotter then I expected. Had I actually put it in my mouth, I still would gotten burnt. Just in a different place. So basically, after giving a small yelp that apparently nobody in the bus noticed (I have gotten better at containing pain… go me!), I quickly of course, put the thermos away, tried to get off any extra hot water, and went on to stare outside the window as my chin painfully ardio. It burned yes, all the time.

I get to school, tuck my chin underneath the zipped up collar of my red school vest, dropped my bag at the lockers, and go to the nurse.

Who exclaim in surprise, and put my chin in cold running water for ten minutes, which was very soothing. After that, they take me out, check, and when they notice I’m getting blisters, put a special gauze. Now, the gauze had been in this jar filled with this weird yellow liquid, that is apparently great on burns. Meh. After they put the strips on my chin, and a normal gauze on top which they taped, I looked like a robot. Followed by the call to my parents, go to my bio class, hahaha, everybody asks what happened, ouch, you mean it was this morning? ok, you look weird, oooow. I told them that the bus jolted me because it is easier to explain. For the second period math, I got a notice from the office that my dad is here to take me to the doctor.

We go to the clinica, to which I go way too much (I am cripple girl for a reason… *sigh*), where the doctor simply puts on a cream and puts on another of the yellow gauzes on.

State of my chin and part of my lower lip: Mostly a first degree burn, with a few “focos” or centers of second degree, which is where the bubbles/blisters formed. I am to put a special cream once a day, keep it covered, and not get the bandage wet, so that I can avoid infection.

My dad just changed my bandage and I put on the cream, but before I got a look at my chin.

It’s shiny. XD And it’s slightly raised too… but it doesn’t look to bad. But my dad hissed when he saw it, so I’m assuming it must be a bad burn after all. It still bothers me a bit, in that it irritates me.

Jajajajajaja. It’s actually funny.

Don’t drink from the thermos, kids. Pour into the cap, it works as a cup.

*pours self a cup of tea*


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