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On Potato Fumes And Plastics – Group Four Project

I should probably make an IB tag or category for this. It’s only fair.

Anyways. Today, I had my last exam. ITGS. I’m too tired to say more than I left early and I probably got a bunch of easy things wrong. Cuz I didn’t study well.


I find it very hard to muster any emotions on this. I am just too fucking tired.

Since I left the test room as soon as I could, as I was simply going over the questions I had answered, I got out at around 10. Thus began a moment of stress, and worry, and anger.

For my group had not come.

I searched high, and I searched low, but nowhere I found where my group did go. Where where they when we had to set up? I’d brought the pan, I’d thought we could go. After all, they would set up while I did my test, afterall? Whattawasteoftime!

Well. No.

Since I didn’t have my cellphone, (no batteries, and I can’t find my charger for a week now), I couldn’t call them. I assumed that, like quite a few people, they had the mistaken notion that Group Four began at 10:30. Uh. No. It began at 8. But oh well, I had to wait until Insun, Patrick and Mikael came, and had to calm myself down so as to not try to screw some necks off.

Thankfully, they are pretty nice people who I appreciate (in not so many words: friends) and I knew it was a simple mistake (FUCKING MISTAKE), and they all pitched in quickly to work, so it was ok. Although it speaks greatly of how frustrated I was that even in my current state of utter exhaustion, I still can relive anger. Ok, it’s spent now. Back to our narrative.

Group Four is… basically, a lab experiment that joins at least two of the sciences (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics), with four members from said sciences.

It was nice that I had a good group. People who actually worked and didn’t do the “lets leave the work to somebody else” trick. So we did pretty well.

We made potato plastic.

What? Yes. In the theme of Sustainable Development. We basically had to remove the starch from the potatoes, and then mix it with glycerol, vinegar, water and baking powder. Here, check the Instructables page.

Insun and I were the expert starch removers. It was pretty damn gross, as we had to squeeze the filters to get the water out. And then, the dry starch looked like weird crumbly soap.

I wouldn’t want to wash with that though.

Now, by now, the whole classroom smelt of the potatoes. The smell lasted all day. And we didn’t take a lunch break, until like 2 pm, as we had to finish as much as possible. We used five different types of potatoes, and for each plastic made from one type, we color coded it. It was pretty neat.

Ok, I think I’m going to skip the rest, as I’m feeling very nauseous remembering. However, we have a killer project. A cool one. Everybody was like “dude, you guys have a cool lab!”. So I’m happy. Maybe we can get a 6? I daren’t hope for a 7. I’m not that optimistic right now.

I got home at around 4, and decided to have a nap.

Only I couldn’t, as my brother and dog kept bothering me and disturbing the process of falling asleep.

Tommorow we have to go back, and test the strength. And I apparently have to get a shot that helps girls not develop uterine cancer.

Both the shot, and the idea of uterine cancer is scary.

Friday is the eight grade orientation! I already told Cody, and he keeps asking me if he’s in my group. They haven’t told us yet though. I’d love to have him though. Oh well, Narutard. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

Chao. I need sleep.

School is hell.


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