Lemon Water

Snapshot To Changes?

Today I had a complete over self indulgence day.

That is to say, I fell asleep until lunch, showered and dressed after it, and then spent the whole day reading “The Life of Pi”, and finished it. Although I only got it yesterday.

I feel… better in a sense. But I still feel stuck. And I had a lot of time to think. About how I want to change. I came up with about 15 different blog posts I want to make, and about 30 things I want to change in my life. I am always thinking of things – and I always think “I should blog this, I think it’s important” but the moment passes, or I forget, or life eats me. And I’ve been overrun too easily by Junior life…

I don’t know…

I’d like to start to change.

It’s just that I feel like I’m wallowing in thick mud, and I just want to sleep.

But sleep in excess like today only leads to more sleep…

I’m getting an early night, both because my mom is kicking me out and I want to have a good start for what is the last day of school. And I need to work.

On so many things…

It’s funny, only after school ends can I get the energy and resources to change. Let’s celebrate with a new theme, that describes how I feel.

Here’s to an awesome start that doesn’t die.


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