Lemon Water

Catalyst And Petered Out Running

Well, I’m on a reading roll. Books have that habit on me. Or I have the habit on books.

Ever feel like books control you and don’t let you put them down?

Before yesterday, I got The Life of Pi and finished it in time to return it to Mr. Pruzkinsky today. I got two new books, shiny teenage ones that are serious but more toned down after the two more serious books I had recently read. (The Life of Pi and The Glass Palace). However, I just finished Catalyst by Laurie Halse Anderson, one of my favorite authors ever since I read her book Speak, and well, let’s say I’m brushing off salt from my cheeks. Wow. My worries seem insignificant now. But more real.

But besides that, I don’t have much to add about the book, except her style.

I love how she narrates. How she mixes the equations and scientific thinking of the protagonist. I love how she makes this thinking so real, and so vivid. I don’t know enough to explain it even more, as I am currently trying to bloc The Simpsons that my brother is watching.

I don’t know how to say exactly what attracts me about her style here, how she builds up Kate´s narrative, and so personally- I literally feel in her head. No, I feel I’m reading her brain. This is how she thinks, this is ho wit goes ,and her impressions are so linked up by Anderson’s style that it is easy to fall into the story and feel I am running, non-stop, into the story and in the story with Kate’s life.

I think another reason why it affects me so much though, is because a lot of it deals with stress, the feeling of incompetence, school, work, college, homework ,good grades, the whole load I’m going through.

Differently of course.

But close enough to strike a particular chord- alright, several, many chords. I can feel what Kate feels about MIT, her disappointment, no, heart-break at not being accepted, the frantic feeling that it is all-or-nothing, and the loss of control, going, going down the track the slippery mud thats frantically sucking.

This is becoming too much of a metaphor on my life. At least it has given me another look at it in a sense. Though Kate’s story is much worse.

But dammit, if the style doesn’t just work perfectly.


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