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Eight Graders And A Roundabout Way To Grades

Today my day started hectically.

I woke up at around 4 am to look at my cellphone (which I have now been able to charge as I finally found my charger!) and groan “What, how did I wake up at this hour? Meh, the alarm will wake me, meanwhile I will try to get two more hours of sleep.” And so I promptly did so. When I next opened my eyes, puzzled because it felt wrong, and I looked at my cellphone, it was around 6:47 am. My bus picks me up at 7:00 am. Hence the panicked shower and dress up without breakfast, in which I fumbled and left without my keys. No bus until 7:10, get mom to open, ask her for money for taxi, and proceed to ask the guard to accompany while I get a taxi, as taxis aren’t safe, and the driver will see somebody looked and wrote down the license plate. But, voila! and lo, the bus appears, and I get on, feeling saved. I then notice that it’s a different driver, and he’s talking on the nextel to the normal driver on the route.

Hence began my stress filled journey trying to guide the driver for kids that have probably given up on being picked up through a bus route I barely remember or only in parts as I normally lie down and try to sleep in the bus. By the time he finally gave up on picking up kids, and taking us to school, it was three minutes to eight, and all I could think was “OMFG I’M LATE FOR THE EIGHT GRADE ORIENTATION” and wondering how much of an example and leader I was.

There was absolutely no problem. I got guided from the guidance office, to the middle school music room, to the health room where I met my fellow PGC leaders, back to the middle school music room for the powerpoint for the kids, and then to Hendershot’s room for the first group of middle schoolers.

Although why I am giving you so many details is moot. Uh, let me rephrase that- I don’t understand why I am giving you so many details when they are moot to you.

But basically, the three sessions with the kids:

I start the “Hi, we’re going to be your PGC leaders, my name is…” introduction around, Shirley talks about what PGC is, and Pamela tells them about how it is not a formal class thing, we aren’t teachers, we’re friends. And so on, we added on, details, what seemed to wrok.

Although the guys added very little.

It got slightly awkward, and among the questions:

Were we being forced to do this? (No, we’re volunteers, we applied, only 17 were chosen from 30). What is the IB ? (… too complicated to answer here.) What if they didn’t like the leader (Uh… well, they should obviously try to trust the leader, or else it won’t work, but you can’t change leaders, but anybody of the other leaders can also help you and would love to).

But I think it went fine. It was less awkward than I thought it would be. I think I’ll enjoy working with these kids.

What was great today of PGC also, though, was seeing Cody. God, I love that kid – he’s sweet and great fun. I hopehopehopehopehope he is in my group. I’d like to have Sam too though- she’s nice. From what we’ve talked. But mostly, I’m hoping on Cody- he’s very fun, plus, it would be easier to get to know the rest of the group. He has a magnetic personality.

After PGC ended, I met Patrick and discovered I had forgotten to return one of the ITGS textbooks (oops…) and so couldn’t get my report card. I accompany Patrick to his home as he has the same problem, he returns the textbook, takes me home, I get the book, we get our report cards, and then he comes over, so we play Wii and New England Monopoly. He ended up beating me and buying my childhood memories of New England. ;_; *wobbly eyes*

Well, on the grade basis, I am proud to talk about an average attainment level of 6.00



: D

Happiness abounds.


Theory of Knowledge: 6 (To be honest, Ifeel like I deserve a 7. I got 7 on my Final Essay, on my External Assessment Presentation, and the great majority of the assignments. I ROCKED TOK. How did I get a 6? ;_; Oh well. ITS STILL A SIX! Maybe it’s one of those works that ended up being out of control without realizing, and that I never turned in.)

Art: 6 (Much better than before. I’d entered a slump and everything sucked. End of story. Now, I’m improving in my workbook entries and my artwork is in time and I spend proper time on it, not depressed and unable to do anything.)

ITGS: 7 (WOOOOOOO. I got a 7 on the test, and apparently it raised me from a 6. Honestly, I’m surprised, as I forgot to do a lot of the catch up work from Tambopata… oops. IN my defense, I’d like to say I was dying.)

Spanish: 5 (I’m pretty happy with it. My mom is pissed. I don’t know. Sometimes I just don’t care for Spanish class- it’s hard when your class is… well… not the best. I mean, if I make no effort in that class and she tells my mom I’m her best student, it speaks volumes to how bad the class is. I mean, if I was with Steph, you can imagine I’d look more normal in comparison.)

English: 6 (HAPPINESS ABOUNDS!!! I’ve improved! No complaints! Lets aim for a 7 next semester!)

Biology: 6 (HEHEHE- wait. I got either 6s or 7s on the tests, and a 7 on the final! Whuuut? Oh right. Lab report writeups. They are always 5s. GAAAAAAAAH! Note to self: Goal for next semester is to rock lab write ups- the rest in Bio is easy.)

Math: 6 (OMGO#”#$Y)T”)&)=&)#I”#”Q!”#$!&°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°!”°!|1″!°3{fdnaj#DAesewf°!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 A FREAKING SIX IN MATH? Sure, it isn’t HL *knocks on wood*, but still, I felt I was dying in it! AAAAAAH IM SO HAPPY I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!! AAAAH)

I’m much happier than I thought I would be.

In the words of Rock Lee:



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