Lemon Water

Scheduling Fascism and Friends Part Too Often

My parents have become fascists. (Well, not really)

They have scheduled my time! Like Steph. Only not so extreme. But the last few days, they say me down, and forced me to work. So far, I’ve made little progress on my Extended Essay, as due to a massive bookmark wipe someday, I lost all the links I had. So I have a pretty big chunk of them back now. Finished all the Karen Healy ones at least. Now… to do Ragnell, Willow, Kalinara, Kali and all the other bloggers I follow XD

Though I enjoyed myself on Friday. Insun, Marite and I went out to Patrick’s First Gig! (Yes, with Capital Letters.) Unfortunately, although the music was good (to my newb/n00b ears), there weren’t a lot of people at the time, as his was the opening act, and electronica (or something among those lines…) is just not as popular as the… other music. After he finished playing, Mari, Insun and I left for this a different place, more like a clubish atmosphere than a party, with AMAZING music. I danced. And danced. Who needs alcohol or smoking? Not me! I enjoyed myself, and was glad to see Insun enjoy herself without those two. It’s weird, I don’t particularly like drinking- we act enough as fools. But I’ll discuss the ethics of drinking later.

The weird thing was when the 30 year old dude hit on me. I need to get better at saying no. Even if I feel mean. No, nothing happened. Just talked. Don’t worry.

Hmmmgggggggggh… Halim is leaving tommorow… I won’t have the gift in time, and I won’t see him again before he goes! NOOOOOOOO!!! Dammit. I’ll scan it when I finish and send it to him.

I hate it when friends leave. Halim was also one of my first friends here… those who welcomed me to Peru and made the transition so much easier. I’m going to miss you Hali- I have to share this blog with you. We need to keep in touch! I hate losing track- I’ve done that quite a bit with Rodrigo, of the same group, and quite a few others from different times and places.

I love you guys.


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