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Why I Hate Group Work

Often, in school, you get assigned to groups to do an assignment. I hate that, because you get graded on the whole group’s performance, and while you might have done your part well, the others might not. One forgot, or one didn’t do the work, or they just didn’t feel like it, or they just plain really suck (mostly by not trying). Unfortunately, you get dragged down too, so you fall with them and you get a low grade.

Sadly, for me, I got landed with my brother on taking care of our dog.

Most of the fights we’ve had are over who’s turn it is to walk the dog. Otherwise, we remind each other for food and water, though it isn’t fool proof. My dad is the one who gets pissed when stuff doesn’t happen. He’s right, but like in all in life, he overreacts.

Because of my idiotic brother, we get into a lot of trouble. He almost never takes the dog out, but he makes the fuss over who is taking him out, he always claims that I’m shirking my responsibility, and he is always lying, blatantly, so fucking blatantly it makes me want to tear his face off. And all of us know. He knows we know. But he has this delusion that if he keeps lying, we’ll believe him, and his quiet sister will do everything for him. It doesn’t help that he tries to order me around the house. Fucker. Tard. Prick.

Yesterday, despite me bugging him to hell, he didn’t take Pistacho for his walk, even though he said he would. He then lies to my parents that he did take him out. When today I refuse to take Pistacho out because, for God’s sake, he didn’t take it out, it hasn’t passed to my turn, he insists that “the turn is the turn” and no getting out. Hypocrite. Then why didn’t you take your turn? Stop manipulating the situation to get away with it. Stop it. My dad got pissed, majorly, and shouted at my brother to walk the dog, and has proceeded to spend the rest of the evening insulting us in plural, and talking about giving Pistacho away.

Now, apart from being majorly ticked off that I’m also being referred to in his complaining diatribe of how useless we are, especially since I do take the most responsibility, almost all the time (honestly, if you average it out, my brother will probably do max 2 nights out of 7 for the walk, where I spend most of our time giving him food and water and washing his plates), what really blew me off is that thanks to my idiot brother, I might lose Pistacho.

Fuck that. From now on, I take full responsibility of MY dog, every single fucking day (nevermind that I have enough to worry about in school, work, and college), and he better not fucking get near Pistacho. He’s lost the rights. I’m not going to run the risk of losing him because my brother is a fucking lazy manipulative prick with an egoistical mind and an entitlement obsession.


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  1. * StephHo says:

    that does suck.
    being the elder sibling means a lot of responsibility, i have heard that litany ever since sammy dearest was born.
    lucky for me, sam is pretty fair and pretty good at being the younger sibling.
    have you tried talking to your brother? i mean, i’m sure in many ways you have but…i hate giving this kind of advice…try talking to him rationally?
    i hate giving that piece because i hear it every single time i am annoyed at sam.
    anyway, if you ever need to, call me and rant. i’ll just listen.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago
  2. * Coopy says:

    Well the taking responsability thing works for you but, as you said, it will get complicated once you start school again and can’t take your dog out for a walk each day. My suggestion: make it foolproof. Make a schedule so that way he knows exactly the days he is supposed to take Pistacho out and your father does too. As long as you fulfill your days your dad will see that YOU care about the dog, you will save time and Pistacho will remain there to bite me whenever I come around.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago

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