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“Winter Cleaning” and Updating

Well, firstly, I sorted out my categories out quite a bit. I think that works quite well. And I finished my “About” page, so if you want to look into that, you can, although it isn’t much. This is the winter cleaning- since this is the Limean winter right now.

Huugh, I don’t feel I have been very productive this vacation so far. I should have made a schedule like Steph, time is ticking away! I’ve spent my days reading through feminist comic blogs, lurking, for my Extended Essay, but apart from having a ton of bookmarks to reference, I haven’t done anything. Plus, I’m sick now.

Also! I’m travelling this Sunday, with my family, to get to know Tacna and Arequipa. We won’t be back till Saturday. Somehow though, I can’t manage to gather any enthusiasm to two day long car rides. Hopefully there will be interesting things that will make the journey worth it.

Meh, I’ll take some paper to draw some pages to the manga Steph and I had planned (and have decided I will draw, even if not slick and polished, because I need to get started on this) and brainstorm on my comic idea. I’ll also take my English homework and do it during the car ride. And perhaps a book. It needs to be either one of those on the list, or one of the Extended Essay research books, which are eyeing me expectantly from their position at my bookshelf above and to the right of me. *eyes the books back*

Guh, when I get back, I totally need to go and meet my friends. Being sick the last few days means I really feel like getting out. My mom is right, I stay way too much at home.

Ciao. Wish me luck!


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  1. * StephHo says:

    hello…try REAL winter cleaning sometime! believe me, all that dust.. really not pleasant.
    web winter cleaning – i did that the first day after school let out, and yeah..
    time IS ticking, most of mine is now spent tutoring the kids and playing some crash bandicoot racing with them.
    if you are here next thursday, please tell me and come with me to this icc jacket meeting!
    i am not looking forward to going all the way to la planicie, and then staying only for an hour for jackets. gah!
    oh wait. you won’t be back til sat.
    never mind then…

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago
  2. * Karen Healey says:

    Good luck!

    I’m not sure what the topic of your essay is, other than feminist comics blogs, but did you know Girl-Wonder.org accepts paper submissions for archiving? If you’re interested, you could submit it to us after completion.

    Karen Healey.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago
  3. * raire says:

    Steph- Well, it was more of a metaphorical winter cleaning. And I do know winter cleanings- from my year at London. We were not very happy, my mother and brother and I, those afternoons in the attic.Yes, it is dusty.
    Time is ticking way too much! I have so much to do! GAH! I blame my road trip! *scrambles to work* At least I did some Keat analysis while I was away… now I just need to write it neatly on my English Only notebook…
    Those jackets- I swear, I have no ideas! I doodled some stuff, but I can’t get anything -_- What type of magic anyways? Is it like, woo “fantasty!” magic or magical stage tricks magic? And what is our theme- like the words. Like, “Abriendo Caminos” was last year? I really tried, but honestly, I can’t get anything. Maybe now in the before-school-starts-rush I’ll get something. Dunno. I’m really annoyed at myself.

    Karen- Hi! I love reading your blog! Well, my essay is not actually about feminist comics blogs, but what they blog about- visual representations of women and/or girls that are sexist. It’s basically what the feminist comic bloggers have been saying, (apart from stereotypical traits, tropes and the roles and deaths that women generally have in comics) but also taking into account artistic elements such as line, composition, color, basically, the artistic elements that are taken into account and differ in the representation of men and women. I don’t know how seriously people will take a 16 year old, but I’ll think about submitting it – and see if I’m allowed to do so.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago
  4. * StephHo says:

    OK, so far Alvaro has met with our “contact”, and we have ideas for the shirt and the jacket. The jacket will be big and poofy (yay), similar to the class of 07 I think..only in white and green. White will be dominant, green details. the shirt will have green stripes on the sides – Alvaro is pretty confident that it will both look good and fly well with other people. Some are still annoyed that it’s green and white, and at first I was as well, but the majority did vote for this combination..bleeh.
    if you have ideas for the catch phrase though… 😀
    yea, “Abriendo Caminos” was last years.
    This year, magic in general so…yeah.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago

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