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The Dark Knight With Steph

Hey, this Tuesday Steph and I went to see The Dark Knight. It was all good fun! It was funny, since at the beginning of the movie she was talking to me about what happens and how interesting it is (she’s right) before saying “Maybe I should just let you watch it.” XD Oh Steph. The next time I see this movie I’m totally going to ramble on to whoever is watching it with me like you did.

It was great fun, especially noticing the details! For example, when the fire-fighter’s engine was on fire; that was a delicious touch of irony. And I think Ledger really did pull it off, although for some reason I expected The Joker to be more spontaneous. How? I don’t know. It’s really weird. I think he did amazing, but my image of the Joker in my head probably has something to do with old cartoons. But then, this one was a lot scarier.

I want to watch it again with a notebook to write down all the things we could analyze. Steph and I could write a paper together, analyzing the symbols, the plot and the characters, and all the literary devices. Ahhh, we’re such IB kids.

On another note, I was kind of annoyed at Rachel. Her role was pretty much the “love interest”, “damsel in distress”, and the “catastrophic death that hurts our hero(heroes in this case)”. But meh. I didn’t expect anything else from the movie really, except to make her feel more alive and important. Though the focus of course wasn’t her. It’s just kind of sad, since before, she was such an important character also because of her abilities and morals. Rachel’s strength and importance lies in her more idealistic nature, her morals, her adherence to them- she wanted to make a difference, be good, even in ravaged and crime ridden Gotham. Now that Gotham is getting better, her personality attracts the “White Knight”, Harvey. But somehow, I feel a bit lackluster about her. Still, I liked this story a lot, overall. When Steph buys the dvd, I’m going to sneak chances to see it.

Hmm… I should be analyzing Keats now… But my attention keeps going in the side of the thread Steph mentioned, since the comments are so sexist. Guh. -_-


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  1. * StephHo says:

    I KNOW!
    yes – a screening of le DVD shall be arranged.
    IF it ever arrives 😀
    anyway i went nitpicky on the nexus guy. check my latest post.
    i’m not in IB for nothing!
    oh … KEATS!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago
  2. * raire says:

    Go Steph! TOK him! (Nobody else will get that… oh well)

    I’m pretty happy with the other guy who joined the conversation, KalMart, too.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago
  3. * StephHo says:

    OK, so he PM’d me and we sorta got everything straightened out, fill you in later.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 7 months ago

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