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Haircut, Book Fair, Dad, And A Glass Shard,

Ho hum, I feel mean. I haven’t posted in a long time. I’ve been neglecting my blog, and now I have a pile of things to report…

Soo… Saturday, my mom forces me up early, (at freaking 8 am!! I’ve been sleeping till 11, and she wakes me at 8!!!), and takes me to the Lima Book Fair in Jockey, which I greatly enjoyed. I first helped my mom find the organization she was working with to deliver some dvds that her NGO had sent, which took us half an hour, because they were underneath a different name than the one given to us. In the end, she told me to look out for a particular big Atlas that her NGO had published, and I found the place. Whew! After that, we spent some time wandering around and looking for particular books. We stumbled on a guy dressed as Captain Underpants, this character from a half storybook, half comic for kids that my brother used to read (and me, because if I get my hands on a book, I read it) when he was little. We rushed to the store representative stand there, and saw the collection of Captain Underpants books. My mom and I laughed so much- it used to be the only thing my brother would read. We ended up buying a book for him out of pure nostalgia. My brother actually liked it!

I saw a book with photos from Tambopata, and because I loved my jungle trip so much, I asked mom to buy it. She did. (Oops, I haven’t made a Tambopata post…) After that, I saw this stand for the Centro de Flora Tristan, which is for women’s issues, so I bought a book about the history of feminism in Latin America. I have yet to read it. ^^;

After that and lunch, (and a delicious icecream from the store Lartiza’s, I highly recommend the chocolate de trufa flavour,) we went to my mom’s hairdresser, where we both got a haircut. So now my hair is pretty short again, but the styling was really good, I like my hair even when I don’t do anything to it as it dries. Since dying hair is such a hassle, I decided not to get the red tips (well, more of my mom made it clear she was very reluctant and I agreed that it would be hassle and would damage my hair), I’ll probably make myself some hair wraps tomorrow. Jajaja, that will be funny, walk into school with hair wraps.

That night, dad arrived from his long trip to Boston, on crutches like he left. He was very tired so we all fussed around like usual. Bonuses: he brought me a good hairbrush. The old one was dying and didn’t work very well. Also, my dad bought Super Smash Bros Brawl. Omigash. I love that game so much. And playing as Pit is so much fun! (However, why the hell did they call him Pit? Seriously!) Hmm, the nice thing was that he wasn’t grumpy from the trip back, and the family is pretty relaxed (with some thorns on my brother’s side, he’s too much the typical boy teen -_-), and happy. So that just makes me happier.

I had been getting obsessed with WoW, so I quit it for a week and let my brother have free reign. He really likes the game. He is also at a higher level then me. Meh, I’ll stay with my Draenei Shaman, even if she is a level 23. If I have fun while playing, I don’t care about leveling. Though I want to go to the Battlegrounds. However, I’m back to it. I must say, murlocs are frustrating. I got mobbed by about 7 of them, and they were only a level 19- and I died. That was embarassing.

I also made a headway in my homework. 6 out of 14. Now, tomorrow, I need to do at least 6 more during the day. Actually, after I finish this post, I’ll go back to work and then go to sleep. Plus, I’m kind of hungry. My mom made a delicious nut sauce pasta, and I’m going to learn the recipe. That way, when I’m in college, I can impress people with my l337 cooking skills. Jaja, I can dream. But I seriously need to get around to learning how to cook. Why, this Friday… I become a Senior. Aaaaaaah! I can’t believe it. I’m too young to die an IB Senior death! *hides*

Ah… now my last issue. Now, I know I mentioned that lately, my foot has been bothering me and I can’t walk normally. So today I had a doctor’s appointment, which, unfortunately, included a 1 hour 40 minutes wait for the freaking doctor. When we finally got to him and told him my sad tale of woe, he prodded my foot (and discovered the spot that bothered me), and told me to get an xray and an ecography. Now, we go to the Department of Images, only to be told that they aren’t taking Ecographies for today (not surprising considering that my appointment had been at 6pm, and it was now 8pm), and that they couldn’t schedule an ecography because, well, the ecography people had already left. However, I managed to get the xray after a 30 minute wait, and after the images had been formed, as they were being delivered to the doctor, the technician told me and my dad that indeed, I have a glass shard in my foot. I still have to get the ecography tommorow, and see the doctor again after that. Uh huh. But anyways…

I have a freaking glass shard in my foot. A glass shard that has apparently been cutting the inside of my foot, and that explains the pain. My parents are relieved that that it apparently hasn’t cut a nerve or something. But right now I’m kind of pissed, (Ok, read “majorly” here,) that the doctor I went to after my cut (two days after…) didn’t apparently clean my wound well enough, even if it hurt, and that now my parents are having a guilt trip over not having taken better care of me. You see, I’m pissed at that doctor because…


And to get it out, the doctor is probably going to have to cut a small slit, take it out, sew it up, and let it heal as I wobble around in school in crutches again.





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  1. * StephHo says:

    OK… so, a lot happened today but I have no strength to post about that. 😀
    so i ended up here, and I HAVE TWO MORE RESPONSES!
    also…err, did you really post this this MORNING? O.o

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 7 months ago

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