Lemon Water

The Glass Shards

Four, to be exact.

Hmm, the day after my post, my dad took me to the clinic at nine in the morning, where my doctor’s secretary scheduled an Ecography and sent me there. You know those screens that show you a baby while it is still inside? Same thing. Only in my foot. The technician was this fat man, who was actually rather nice as my dad and he talked. Carefully pressing and moving at the base of my foot, at the scar, he found what seemed at first one big splinter in the middle of an empty space in my flesh. Uh, that’s the wound it caused. Joy. Closer inspection showed that it was actually two pieces, one big one, one smaller one, together in that hollow.

The worst part? The longest piece is about one centimeter long, and the two pieces are embedded in deep, about 2 or 3 centimeters in, in my tendon area of my foot. In the Ecograph, when I flexed my toes, I could see lines in the screen that pulled tight and moved. My tendons.

Yes, overusing the bold, but honestly, I’m slightly scared.

The other two pieces are mercifully really small, and shallow-about three millimeters in. The doctor believes my body will end up releasing it on its own- slowly the pieces will move and be pushed out in a callus, until it reaches my sole. Then, I’ll probably see something shiny and scratch it off. At least that is what he said.

The funny thing is that one piece travelled, “camino” really far away from the original wound. Imagine your foot, the sole. Now, pretty much in the center, place a small thin line. Now move your finger towards your small toe, the fifth one, and stop before you actually reach it. That’s where it traveled. Isn’t that a hoot?

So, the doctor said he has to remove the big one and the small one next to it, the one in my tendon area. My dad arranged an operation on Tuesday after school. Only, I then had to get pre-operation tests for my operation profile. Which ended up being today at nine, again, in the clinic.

So, today my mom takes me, without eating breakfast because it was required, and in the lab, while my mom left to make some inquiries about a vaccine my brother needs, the nurse calls me, and takes my blood out. I don’t look whenever they prick through the skin, but I forced myself to look after, as they take the blood out. Yes, it was surreal. And I actually felt my arm… really, my veins flattening. Perhaps it was just a fancy. The blood will go to get tested for my glucose levels, whether I have HIV, Hepatitis B, my “creatinina” levels, and some other tests that I do not remember.

I was very surprised, however, when the nurse told me she would make a small cut in my ear to see how long it would take for it to stop bleeding. I expected a small nick. It felt much more painful than I expected, (though really, it didn’t hurt much…) and waiting for it to stop bleeding was annoying. I have a red line in my ear now, and I feel like cattle that has been branded with an ear tag.

By the time I had finished, it was nearly twelve, and my mom took me to her office, where she called a cab. Since it would take about an hour for the cab to arrive and take me to school, she decided it wasn’t worth it and sent me home. There, I curled up and played WoW and had fun.

I’m still scared of an operation, small as it is, though.


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