Lemon Water



I must say, I am completely spent.

It’s funny how things ended up being in the “hostal”, where I guess, you put up with a setting you are not used to. Funny how Steph says that it was “away from technology” and I feel like laughing, but, go on a road trip in the Altiplano, away from cities so you can stay in a tin roof room with noodle soup for dinner and only enough electricity for the lights, and you might see more of what is really away from technology.

Still, they could have done something about the water. Or the clogging toilet. Helen, Grietje and I ended up going in the conference room or in somebody else’s bathroom. And showering isn’t easy when you can’t get your foot-wound wet. They could also have done without so many stairs- going up and down all the time with crutches is no joking matter. I’m spent physically, apart from mentally and emotionally. I did get two piggy back rides, but it was kind of embarrassing. Still, thank you!

As it is, there was no time for anything but PGC. No homework. At all. And I have so much work to do, and it’s becoming difficult because I got far more tired than I expected from my foot surgery. I mean, come on, it’s only a foot! Now I know why my parents were so worried about me not getting enough rest. I’m seriously hobbling past the days.

The PGC Retreat was amazing- great fun, interesting activities and talks, and a very nice opportunity to get to know each other. I loved how close the group grew in the space of three days- it is something I would not have considered really possible before. To be honest, I didn’t think much of the PGC Retreat- I thought of it more as training. There was that, but there was more, too.

PGC was beyond anything I could have expected.

It was amazing to see the transformation of the people around me; to see the depth on what had been superficial, uni-lateral cartoons that I passed by on my life. I saw their personalities, worries, and found I had far more in common with them than I expected. I saw that “common positive quality” in each one that I can like, and treasure- I heard so much. I learned so much. Thank you so much for opening yourselves to me. Sorry I didn’t reveal everything, but I’ve had some issues regarding trust since a friend stabbed me in the back in Honduras. But really, thank you for baring yourselves to everybody, for baring your soul. I don’t know what to say. To talk about this trivializes it. You needed to be there to feel how different everything was.

I think I’m going to keep this in my memory forever. I don’t want to lose such a rare experience.

Thank you guys. Thank you Steph, for being a good friend while we did this. Thank you Helen and Grietje for being such awesome roommates. Thank you everybody who helped me get around while in crutches and didn’t mind if every so often I asked favors because I couldn’t do it myself. Thank you everybody in the circle for opening up. Thank you Chris, for becoming my partner and taking this seriously and with responsibility, in what I hope will become an inspiring and great PGC group.

I’ve never really felt a leader till now. My family, friends, teachers in the past have said I could do that, but I have always felt cowed, not taken enough risks. I’m glad I took this one.

To give closure, I’m going to say what we shared at the end of all our discussions.

No, wait, I’ll let you imagine it. : 3


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