Lemon Water

Coca Cola To Ease My Ills

Ah, the sharp smell of a glass when you are sick and need to stay awake.

I have a pounding headache, and after finishing the paragraph about female talent in Marvel in my Extended Essay I just felt so bad I could have toppled. I hate being sick. I’m tried to being physically run through the mill. First the damn surgery, then losing sleep and time to PGC and the leadership retreats… and I had to go and catch my brother’s cold. Oh well. I can’t afford to not go tommorrow – I have to hand in that thrice damnéd (yes, I accented the -e on purpose to be like Shakespeare) commentary on which I am still stuck on, and it will be my first PGC meeting. Perhaps I will collapse after that meeting, and I only halfway jest. On top of that, I have my Biology Photosynthesis lab (I need to review the Light-Independent Reaction, but otherwise I’m perfect to go), but otherwise, the day will not hold any more responsabilities.

Hmm, I have 2,495 words so far in my essay, (counting the headings, which probably shouldn’t be counted), and I have to write a total of about 3,000. The bad part is that my next post is on Marvel Comic’s history, and I don’t really know it. Perhaps I should skip it and go on to the visual analysis. I’m not sure, but I’ll go see if I can make anything out of the book “Our Gods Wear Spandex” that my dad bought for me. From what I’ve read, it all seems to say that comic superheroes are expressions of religious beliefs or contain elements, including some paganism and some occult cults. I stopped reading a while after he bought it for me (it was boring).

After this I still going to have to write a minimum of 700 words for my English Commentary. But first, I will get off the computer and do my outline.

Graaah my throat hurts. *Drinks coca cola to stay awake* Well, today was also pretty interesting in that I ended going to the Club Fair and representing Eco Club with Minghee. Well, she had to switch often because she is the President of KCC, but it was fine. As it is, Ethan and Mikael approached me. Ethan just because he wants to join Eco Club (A really pleasant surprise! YAY! Especially since he doesn’t believe in Global Warming, but at least he still cares about the environment.), and Mikael more of “I-need-hours”. I’m shocked; he hasn’t done any action hours at all so far! They could stop him from graduating if he doesn’t finish his hours! (Which reminds me I need to fill in my proposals.) Well, I told him he could get service from the Eco Garden, and when he asked how it worked I nearly panicked, as we are still developing it. But I told him the basic “it’s still under work but…” starting line and came up with the idea of shifts after school or in weekends working on the garden to gain service. So it went pretty well.

I’m going back to my extended essay. Perhaps three paragraphs are enough to reach the lofty goal of 3000 words my supervisor wants right now. For tomorrow.


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  1. * StephHo says:

    Coke…tends to make swollen throats worse…
    drink more water?
    I know that sounds really hypocritical since I am the ultimate Coke drinker…but that’s what my mom tells me all the time..and she’s usually right. 🙂

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 6 months ago
  2. * raire says:

    Yeah, I know. But I need the coke to stay awake. XD

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 6 months ago

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