Lemon Water

The Trappings Of Coughs and Colds

I cannot believe I have already missed so many days of school. Today again. It’s the damn coughing cold. It was getting better, but last night, when we went to eat out for my parent’s 20th Anniversary, I just kept coughing. And coughing.

By the way, last night was wonderful. It didn’t get ruined by fights. My parents were all lovey dovey and we had great food, had nice jokes. We returned home with my brother and I telling them our earliest memories and reminiscing on the nice things of the past. It was not at all like the failed and fight fraught attempts on mother’s and father’s day. It was beautifully nice.

Nevermind the cold I have. I got home and ignored all the homework I told myself I would do, and just went to sleep, upstairs with my dog because I wanted comfort from the coughing. This morning, I didn’t wake to my alarm, my mom woke me up at 7, and I told her I was staying because I felt too sick. Then I slept till 11:30, when the maid came in with the medicine my mom told her to give to me. Thank you Isaura. Then, I rested and read, had my lunch, slept…

Guh. Today was the math test. Tomorrow I miss my math class for PGC. When will I take the test? Will Ms. Sostak get angry? Will she believe me?

I’m going to go do my homework now. I don’t want the internet.

I’m going to finish the reediting of the damn Bio Lab, then the ITGS stuff. Shit. Forgot to talk to that teacher. Dammit. I’ll talk to her and the fourth graders next week. Then I’ll do the English chunking. Uh, then maybe study some more math. Should I take it at lunch? But I’ll be late to PGC and I have to get the room ready. I’ll ask Chris to do so. Perhaps afterschool?

I want something to eat. Preferably some tortilla chips with spicy sauce. And my muscles are killing me from my Fit for Life Class. Grggggrh *incoherent rambling*

I have to… I have to… talk to the swimming people. I need to sign up. Is there vocal ensemble this year? I also need to concentrate on university. Does this mean I can’t go to Insun’s this weekend? Hmm, she said there would be Chinese food though she is Korean. I want spring rolls. And a soup. Maybe some of those lovely shrimps we have at the Chifa my family loves going to. I want to read a book. Preferably Garth Nix’s Sabriel. I just read his book Abhorsen.

Ok, enough rambling.

I really want those lifesavers my dad bought. Where did he hide them?

*goes to English Lab*

*pardon, I mean Biology Lab*


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  1. * StephHo says:

    wow, lots of questions.
    get well soon!
    ms. sostak is usually very understanding, but just tell her when you’re gonna take it…after school during a math lab or even tomorrow sounds plausible? lunch…don’t think so. it was kinda hard but i …gave up basically.
    i think there is vocal ensemble this year, it just hasn’t started yet. ask chapman for specifics!
    um…*scrolling up*
    chifa sounds good, but i think you should stay away from spicy stuff while you have your cold. it might clear your sinuses but it tends to get worse….trust me on this : )
    spanish was entertaining today! : (
    see you tomorrow?

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 6 months ago

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