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Argh, I Don’t Have The Images!!

Argh! After talking to my art teacher about my extended essay, she told me to start using some images about sexualized death, since I had mentioned it. Or sexualized violence/rape of women in comics. However, it has to be Marvel comics, not DC, and the only example I know really well is Stephanie Brown’s death, and she is a DC character! I have like no resources. And I can’t find that blog post that had several examples! I like comics, I just could never keep up/read them since I don’t exactly live in a place where I can buy them to follow and tharjei2hr923

*moment of stress*

If anybody sees this blog,
and reads a lot of comics and knows what I’m talking about, can you give me a hand? If you have a scanned image, or know where to get one, and the issue number and name, I’ll be incredibly grateful to you.

Sorry for breaking out in a terrible stress whine that goes for a desperate request, but there you go. I can’t find the images.

*goes back to hunting*

Edit: I am so screwed.


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