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Ok, Now That’s Just Being Cruel

I mean seriously.

Sunday, I was looking at my scar from the operation, when I noticed this black dot from what two weeks ago I had thought was a blood clot. Looking carefully, I scratched lightly with my finger. Somehow, the black thing elongated, or stretched. Worried, I got some pinzas, (tongs? pluckers?) [Edit: tweezers], and pulled at it.

I pulled a freaking string from my flesh.

Well, not really pulled out. Part of it was stuck in, and it hurt, so I didn’t dare pull it more. Instead, I went to my parents, who then took me to a window full of light, and proceeded to try and yank out the string.

It only hurt. They didn’t get it out. So we got a doctor’s appointment for today, and as soon as I got home today after staying after school, my dad took me there. The doctor who operated me wasn’t even there, he was at Miami for a conference. So a different doctor saw me, lay me down, cleaned my foot, and then… yanked the string out.


Now I am not allowed to do any exercise that will harm my foot, and this involves swimming or running of any type, until the weekend. This means more catch up work in PE. This means I won’t swim tomorrow to continue catching up on what I lost thanks to the operation because I was too sick to catch up earlier. This… this…

This is just cruel.


I forgot to mention what the string was!

Basically, I had two sets of stitches after my operation: internal and outer ones. The internal ones disintegrate and are absorbed harmlessly into the body after a few months, while the external ones must be cut and pulled out. Now, this string was one of these inner stitches, and my body began to reject it, to try and to push it outside. This is why the string got near the surface of my foot and I managed to see and pull at it.

No more strings should appear, but I’ll keep a close watch over my foot.

[Edit 2]

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