Lemon Water

“The Meta-Artwork Of The Meta-Critique Of The Meta-Artwork”

Today, after finishing a rather hectic PGC meeting in a pretty nice day, I went to an art gallery with my mom.

Well, more happened, but I don’t feel like talking about it.

So, we went to Galeria Revolver in Miraflores, to prepare for an art critique assignment for my Art class. Ms. Sarria had really recommended it. When we arrived at the street, we first couldn’t find it as there was no sign and the house seemed to be going renovation inside in the open door. Turned out it was, when I looked at the address and the number of the house.

We went in, and found an interesting exposition. Not the mind blowing one I expected, but still, interesting. Pretty violent rendition, (though I don’t mean blood an gore, though the heads were certainly off-putting, and there were a few maimed ones.) But yes, I started writing some notes on the piece I was going to anaylze, when this guy goes in and my mom and I turn around to look at him…

and get blown away by his… his.. good looking-ness. He wasn’t hot, he wasn’t cute, or beautiful, or handsome, but daaaaaaaaaaamn he was churro. Yes. I blinked, and teteered in my mind on the edge of “Wow” as I tried to get myself back on track. Jaja. Unfortunately, I missed his few words.

My mom didn’t, proceeded to make pleasant conversation, and we drifted back to the paintings. Going “ouch” from the… wowness. after a while, I decided that it would probably be smart to photograph the painting so I can, you know, analyze it better at home. So I borrowed my mom’s cellphone with its very loud camera, which made me wince. After a while, he comes in, and asks if I want the images. I say, yes, please, and he says he can give me his card, or he could email it, and the text/statements to me. I, happy, followed him to his office which had some artworks from the previous exhibition (they were far better than the current one, so I guess I came too late for the Art Critique), and stared in wonder, got him to email me the stuff. Wonderful stuff. He then engages me (an my mom more, I was pretty quiet) in a conversation about the art pieces that were in this room, how they were made, and showed us a few more. I was astounded, as they were these really cool melted wax things from a really cool idea from before (warning: will use the word “cool” a lot), the previous exhibition. There was also this cool typography style works. You see, using a type machine, the artist had kind of layered the words of an art critique of an actual artwork to make a cool version of the actual artwork critiqued. Like my mom says, “the meta-artwork of the meta-critique of the meta-artwork”. The guy looked quite uncomfortable.

Then, he told us of a future exhibition opening, and that he could email the invites to us through my email. I happily said yes, I would love to.

Now I’m back. And oddly cheerful as I do my homework. (Though the guy is too old, I had a happy long look. And a reason to look at him directly in the eyes. Hmmm)

Yes, typical “girly girly!” post, but you know what? This guy warrants it.


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