Lemon Water

Overloading (Recap)

The last two weeks were almost like a new version of slow torture of the brain.

But let me talk first about my happy moments at Kim’s bday! We went to eat Chifa, after which we went to Barranco (a huge group of us piled into two taxis), wandered around trying to find a good club, wandered around some more, wandered AGAIN, entered a place, had a drink, danced (It is sad to say that Kim and I were the best dancers), met Marite, who took us to ANOTHER place, more dancing. Then, suddenly, some dude with a microphone pulls me over with four other girls, and puts us in a dance contest.

Thank Goodness I lost. Those who moved on to the next round had to POLE DANCE.

Anyways, other than that, hilarious. Just keep in mind that if you ever get pulled like that in Lima, especially in Rustica at Barranco at night, DON’T!

Hm… the week started, and so much work work work work gah stress stress stress no sleep what am I doing, omg-I-haven’t-done-my-college-searches-and-I-need-to-study-for-the-SAT.

Then, I survived and we had PGC Activity day, but that deserves a whole post on its own.

And ICC week, which also deserves a post of its own.

On the other hand, tomorrow is my birthday! I turn 17!!! YAAAAAY

Obligatory update finished. I have to go do homework now. Chao.


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