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Writing Gives You Power: AtLA’s Cast, And What You Can Do

In a continuation from my last two posts, I’m going create a more specific directory in the spirit of glockgal’s livejournal post about the same. This time, it’s not about the reactions or the issues at stake, but rather, focusing on what you can do to change the whitewashing of the cast.

First, you have to write. Yes. Write a letter (polite please) to as many people as you think can make a difference. To the Big People over there, to the Media People, to your felow-avatar-fan-that-isn’t-clued-in, or to that friend-who-you-think-would-write-too. Spread the word to the people who would support you in this venture, and prepare your pens, sharpen your quills, or stretch your fingers for some epic typing, because it’s time to work for that diverse cast that AtLA deserves.

First step: Saving the World With Postage.

This group is the first step in making your difference. They tell you how to write your letter, to whom to send it, tips on the letter writing as well as an example letter, and what to do after sending the letter! Snail mail, by the way, as when people bother to send physical letters it tends to matter to people more than a bunch of emails. Tell The Big People that are in charge of this movie what you think about it.

  1. Kathleen Kennedy (StWWP)
  2. Frank Marshall(StWWP)
  3. Brad Grey (Chairman and CEO of Paramount Pictures)
  4. Adam Goodman (President of Production who “oversees development” of Paramount)
  5. Brad Weston (President of Production)
  6. Blinding Edge Pictures – Shyamalan’s company (Address for your use here)
  7. Nickelodeon/Nick Movies (Address for your use here)

Ok, so now you have written your letter, maybe are printing it off, or took your photograph with it, already sent it off in the mail. You’re feeling pretty satisfied, happy with yourself, you made a difference, got off your butt and told Paramount Pictures why whitewashing their cast is wrong. That’s enough, right?


Second Step: The News (online)

Glockgal has given a GLORIOUS list of emails to follow here, and people to wake up to what is happening. The more people that email about it, the more chance they will write about it, the more chance The Big People over there in that Paramount Pictures Place will take notice, realize their stupidity epic failure mistake, and fix it. So make it big, make it a problem, make them own up. There are over 15 emails there that should help you. Give it a go!

Third Step: More Media.

You can try out FAIR’s (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting) Media Contacts. FAIR is specifically interested in this type of problems in the media, so we are writing about what they want to concentrate on. Come on, peeps, let’s do this. You could try MANAA (Media Action Network for Asian Americans), which seems to me to be linked pretty damn closely to what we are doing.

Fourth Step: Keep At It!

Stay in touch with the community, which is constantly updating on people to write on, ways to make your presence felt, what we have manged. There are many ways we can work on this, you just have to find it. For example, if you have a Facebook, join the Facebook group protesting the cast here. Additionally, if you want to make your icons or avatars match your ideas, you can go here and here.

Come on guys, so far the response has been amazing, so let’s continue our work!


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