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Surviving The First Senior Semester

Well, breaking off from the trend with my last three posts regarding Avatar, I finished my first semester of Senior year yesterday.

Wow, I cannot believe I managed it.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with how my grades are, although I decreased from my last semester’s average by .2. I’m really furstarted, as I wanted to increase my average this time. I’m trying to keep the dissapointment down by reminding myself that very few Full IB Diploma students were forced to have a P.E. class when they usually receive a study hall period, but it’s not working.

Stupid Fit for Life class. Even if I got a 6 in it.

The final scores?

English: 7 in my finals, 6 average

Art: 6 in my finals, 6 average

ITGS: 5 in my finals, 5 average

Fit for Life: No finals, 6 average

Spanish: 6 in my finals, 5 average

Math: 6 in my finals, 6 average

Biology: 7 in my finals, 7 average

Average attainment grade: 5.857

Gaaah I wanted 6.0 minimum! Otherwise, I’m fine. I’m pretty happy with hanging out with my nearly-30-year-old-cousin and his three year girlfriend, and my little 5 year old cousin with his mother and my uncle will come tommorrow. I decorated the christmas tree with my mom today too!!

I’m going to have a nice tea and help decorate the house some more. We aren’t religious, but we like the tradition of Christmas – having a time for family and making things pretty.

Besides, a 5 year old kid is gonna need his Christmas. I’m looking forwards to that, actually.

See you guys


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  1. * Steph says:

    “furstarted”? indeed, the frustration is showing.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 3 months ago

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