Lemon Water

Settling In

I arrived yesterday at around 4 pm, and met, coincidentally, just outside of the car, the President of my Dorm (I think he is a sophomore). He immediately called the House Team, consisting of the student fellows, which are the guys and gals that are in charge of a floor and the freshmen in it, and they helped me take all my stuff up. I think I took too much, but I’ll decide later on what to send back with my dad when he returns in late September. In five minutes, all my bags and boxes where in my floor, in teh common room, as I still didn’t have my key. Then, my student fellow gave me a quick tour of the facilities (pool table area, laundry room, kitchen, etc), before having to hurry off, as the Student Fellows and all sundry are having training. I feel like I’m looking at College’s equivalent of PGC, however, so I totally understand. (EEeh, I’m a freshgal again!) The Prez was a bit irritated that the International Services Group hadn’t told him that the Int’nl students where arriving yesterday and today, as it was scheduled exactly in their training period, so they can’t help us move in. It was very short at them, and he seems like a pretty awesome person, cool, calm, etc.

We then went to the main entrance to get my key, and they gave a bag with a few snacks that became my breakfast today: an apple and a granola bar with apple taste (it was really sweet, though). I went up to my dorm again, entered my room, and started taking photos of all the details of damage that they might charge me for at the end of the year (a tip an International gal gave me). Made my bed, set up my stereo, etc, etc, took a break to check my dad in, had dinner, settled in. It was really hard to go to sleep, it is so hot here. I have a fan, but even that isn’t enough, aaaaaaargh. Heat. Heat. Sweat. Sweltering. I even took a shower to go to sleep, but it didn’t help me so much.

Unfortunately, I discovered that one of my suitcases was desintegrating on the inside, so it’s lining was falling apart on my clothes ,so now they have this weird gunk on them. I’m going to do laundry today, get them clean, and while they wash, finish setting my room up. Fuuun. I am angry with the bag, which goes out to the trash, but now that I’ve had breakfast I should probably go shower and get dressed, it’s 10:30 am and I took a long time getting up. (Hard to sleep in the heat, hard to get up once you get to sleep.) I kicked off my sheet, too.

All in all, pretty good. I hopefully get to meet Austin later on, and other Int’nl students. Ciao!

[Edit] I can’t pay for the laundry yet with my card, but now my room is pretty clean, excluding a bit of am ess with my clothes (I put the ones that need to be washed in the hamper, though). I don’t know what to do of myself, now!


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  1. * Steph says:

    thanks for the updateeee
    sorry for the heat
    i will be sharing it soon?
    oh and what phone did you get in the end?

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 11 months ago

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