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iPad Painting – Not Creative, per Say, Just a Tool

First, watch this video.

via My Modern Metropolis

Done? Maybe you skipped ahead a bit to see the final product. Amazing, right? Such skill! What words come to your mind when you see this? Talented, innovative, creative…

Wait, what was that last word? Creative? See, when I read the blog post at the MMM that first led me to this video, a particular line caught my eye:

“David Jon Kassan started thinking of creative ways to use the iPad”

See… painting on the iPad isn’t creative. It isn’t a creative way of using it. It was expected and everybody has been hoping for it… so Mr. Kassan’s work is certainly talented and innovative in that it is at top technology and using a newly repurposed tool, but the idea of using the iPad itself isn’t creative. Creative means original, that few or none have thought of it, that it makes you look at the world or a subject in a completely new manner. Creative uses of the iPad have, for example, something like the iHollaback app, which deals with sexual harassment, empowerment, and helping protect women and track how and when sexual harassment usually takes place. Now that app is creative!

And the idea of using creative for a simple byword for “art” or “drawing” annoys me. Let’s give proper praise where it is due: to Mr. David Kassan for being innovative and training himself in a marvelous new and useful tool as part of the artistic process, and to the many innovative, creative app makers who are stretching the lines of what we can do.


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