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[The Wrock Project] Installment I

Hallo blog! I realize I have been neglecting you lately, but now, due to the fact that my twitter was getting flooded, I bring the Wrock Project to this blog post!

What is Wrock? Why, WIZARD ROCK (as if I wasn’t enough of a geek/nerd/dork). It’s inspired by, of course, Harry Potter. And since I’m a geek through my Quidditch Team I might as well start listening to some and see which ones I like. I’m going through them alphabetically. Now, since I was flooding my poor twitter with my comments, I’m passing them over here and the proceeding to write more!

  1. Starting to listen to Wrock as I do my homework. I am such a geek. 7:04 PM Mar 28th
  2. It’s official, Project Wrock has started: for the next few days I’m going to listen to Wrock bands and link to the ones I like/amuse me
  3. “I’m On a Broom” by The 8th Horcrux http://www.myspace.com/the8thhorcrux really cracked me up!
  4. Liking the clap/chorus part of “Dumbledore” by ABCDEFG! Otherwise, kinda meh for me
  5. EVERYTHING from Aberforth Dumbledore and the Nannies CRACKS ME UP, but “Goats” in particular is hilarious http://bit.ly/bGTAYD
  6. Accio Hagrid! has a cool name, but all the singing does is make me think of Alvin & the Chipmunks and laugh http://bit.ly/bFiS59 XD
  7. Both love and hate “Hufflepuff is For Weirdos” by The Acid Pops. I feel it’fs too mean but otherwise it’s fun http://bit.ly/decEZD
  8. The Canadian group The Acid Pops, however, didn’t gain a favourable comment from me http://www.myspace.com/theacidpopswizrock
  9. On the other hand, it’s pretentious of me to say that considering I’m not musical or a good music critic, but tis my humble opinion
  10. Loved every single of Alas Earwax!’s songs, so fun for an HPnerd!!!! http://www.myspace.com/earwaxrock
  11. The Albeus Humbledores had a cool name but I can’t listen to their music, to be honest… #wrock
  12. Albus and Dumbledore was a meh artist. #Wrock #WrockProject
  13. However, I do like “Elder Wand” by Albus and the Dumbledores, even if it is a short guitar riff http://bit.ly/9p4FJ0 #Wrock
  14. “Teddy’s Man Points” by Albus and the Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledores is hilarious though short! #Wrock

And that is as far as I tweeted before deciding my followers were probably suffering. On to the next part!

  • The lyrics for “Buy You a Drink [Wrock the Yule Ball]” by The Albus Severi are hilarious and the song is better than I expected. Fun = )
  • I LOVE love LOVE the Demo Track that The Albus Severus Potters has on the site. Is there more coming out?!?!?! When?!?!
  • All Abroad the Knight Bus is pretty funky, although their songs do get monotone. For me it’s more of a “listen to the lyrics and laugh” thing, unlike The Albus Severus Potters where I seriously want to listen to the actual music that the demo hinted at. “Cursed” is pretty funny, following Harry’s adventures as a night-time rule breaker and what seems to be his constant bad luck and trouble magnetism, and I quite like the base music. However, “Detention Sucks” annoys me. A lot. “A Pensieve Full of Memories” was surprisingly restful and really helped me chill out and do my work. I also actually liked “Quidditch Games” more than I usually would a song of this style. Unfortunately, their demo for “A Day in Hogsmeade” really bored me. Mixed reviews for these guys, but they actually have a variety of songs which gives them a plus in my book (blog). Besides, they have a pretty cool name.
  • The Amazing Merlin is good – as only a slight metalhead (I haven’t stopped to listen to The Sword or Walls of Jericho in a long time, damn), I found I could sit and enjoy this and every so often get the urge to headbang a bit (which I refrained from because I’m supposed to be doing homewor and headbanging would distract me even more). “The Dragon” is probably my favourite of their tracks, and I prefer the vocals version of “Storm of the Wizard”. A bit more toned down than I expected, but fine.
  • Amortentia stuck a blank for me. I suppose the guitar melody/harmony/whatever (I suck at music, shush, I just know there is a basic guitar sound there) was ok, but otherwise. Bleh. At least the idea for their song “Draco’s Gay” is fun.
  • My my, look at that, another band named Amortentia. This one definitely is better than the other Amortentia, and “Argus Loves” in particular is interesting, as it is written from Argus Filch’s viewpoint.
  • Anapnea. This solo singer seems to me to be doing Covers (I’m not sure about Full Moon and Between the Bars), and he has nice vocalization. Perhaps he should collaborate with somebody for more creative work?
  • Angelina and the Chasers is a rather good find so far – I like the harmonics (I sound like I know what I’m talking about!), and the song themes. Some parts of the lyrics could be more creative, but I can definitely sit and enjoy them. “The Frozen Smile” in particular really puts me in a sad, contemplative mood, but then it deals with one of the twin’s death…

And that was the first installment! Wait with bated breath for the next one! (Or shake your heads and chuckle, if you prefer).


¡Bolivia, Corazon!

Amor, amor, tierra de paisajes escarpados, de un cielo que hala tu alma a la eternidad, de aire puro, de espacio cristalino, de formaciones de rocas que han sobrevivido siglos y se alargan y retorcen ante la mirada que le ofrecemos… es musica para mis ojos, arte para mis oidos, es…

es tierra y alma, es alma de tierra, y esta tierra es mi alma.

Perhaps those few lines were overtly corny, but nothing ever really captures how I feel about visiting Home and Family. Visiting La Paz is like entering a fantastic dream, and little details or a spare sound or smell can bring tears to my eyes. It is finally resting; it is putting my heavy bags down and realizing that I am home, that the people here love me, and that I belong. It makes my heart beat stronger, not just from the altitude, but from the pure joy. Why else am I always near tears when I first see the city spread out before me? It is all the more powerful because my home is beautiful.

What else can you say about the Illimani when the clouds part and let you gaze on the spirit that guards the city? Illimani is the mountain God, the Apu that looks after La Paz. It is at his faldas that we make our home. Can you deny the beauty of that bright sky? It is wide, wide and open, a wheeling expanse that is brighter, clearer, more pure than in any other city I have visited. The red earth, red earth, tierra patria, the colour and the shapes of the sierra behind the city are just… it’s magical to me. Nourishing.

Bolivia es mi corazon, oh no?

The Highest Compliment You Can Get

I dissapeared for a while. Sorry about that. At least, sorry for leaving you hanging.

I’m happy.

My dad keeps repeating to me that I’ve been paid the highest compliment I could have received. My mom tells me it is better than getting an award at school. And I am feeling so intensely lucky.

Thank you world.

Of the colleges that I applied to the following accepted me:

  • Bard
  • Bennington
  • Bowdoin
  • Middlebury
  • Mt Holyoke
  • Smith
  • Vassar
  • Williams

I was waitlisted at

  • Swarthmore

My top three choices were

  • Bard
  • Vassar
  • Mt Holyoke

And I visited

  • Bard
  • Vassar
  • Mt Holyoke
  • Williams
  • Bowdoin

I took off Bowdoin because… it was so USAmerican. So typical. I could already feel myself constrained in it. Lovely college, good academic level, but… I want a more international, global place, where I can STRETCH. I took of Williams because it felt too… not conservative, but structured? I liked the free feeling of others. Mt Holyoke was lovely, but a bit WASPy to me, women’s only (and at times that is good, at times that is bad, but I decided that I wanted to flourish in a place with a fuller spectrum of gender), and didn’t give as much financial aid. The final choice between Vassar and Bard… was really hard. I still look at it and feel a bit unsettled at how hard it was.

I chose Vassar because I felt I could thrive there more. I loved Bard’s eccentricities, the “fringe” quality of it… but I also realized I would have a harder time fitting in, settling in. And I’m tired of having to work to do that, considering how my life has all been “survive and adapt” with each move. I will still do that, of course, but Vassar will let me be myself… without an expectation of going farther into the fringe, to be more wacky. While visiting Bard, I felt a bit like… there would be judgement on how mainstream you are. And that you would find people trying their best to reject everything that is accepted in “main”. Posing. In a sense. That is easily outweighed by the incredible people, the creative, the wacky, the crazy, the unique, the truly-honest-really-themselves-and-no-one-else-people, but…  I’m not so crazy. I love people who are crazy creative, crazy original. But I know, that in comparison, Vassar will help me more. I will spend less energy adapting, more energy in thriving. In creating. In learning.

Vassar is space. Vassar is opportunity. It’s top level education, it’s got amazing classmates, it has the beautiful campus, amazing facilities. It has the atmosphere of enjoyment, of freedom, of learning. It has the sense of a community. It feels… it feels like it could be home. It feels like I can live and be happy, learn and enjoy, study and grow. I feel that it will give me space to explore who I am, what I want to do, but be there next to me in case I start teteering at an edge. I feel it will let me choose my path, but will give me maps and guidelines, and give me the stones and help to build my own trace.

There is a reason why my favorite quote is “caminante, no ha camino, se hace camino al andar”… or “traveller, there is no path; you make your path as you walk.”

I’m happy with my choice. I’ve been talking to amazing people, to creative people, to the people that are going to be my friends and classmates and who will define the next four years of my life.

Estoy feliz. Orgullosa. Decidida.

Y puedo tocar el cielo

..::I Can Touch The Sky::..

Gmail Chat with Anon, on Sunday Mar 22


1:51 PM I’m disgustingly cheerful
1:52 PM So
1:53 PM -sings “We Are The Champions” by Queen-
1:58 PM anonxeidrii: >D
me: CU>
1:59 PM omg
anonxeidrii: G’GUYTYSEYH
anonxeidrii: xD all the crap pays off?!
Not only was I accepted to Mt Holyoke, but they gave me an amazing scholarship (Twenty First Century Modern Scholars Scholarship, and it’s renewable every year!), they invited me to a Diversity Worskhop where they were GOING TO PAY MY TRIP AND BACK (I won’t be able to attend even if I get accepted though, it’s in the beginning of April and we are dying with exams and more over here), and in the Science Scholars program, which would take in July and I would travel and get research facilities aaaaaaaaaaaaand… = D
Oh my God. I’m so happy. Bennington, Smith, Mount Holyoke…
And today?
I got accepted to my top choice. Bard. With it’s 25% admittance rate (at least 2008).
My twitter:
  2. Universe, are you TRYING to make me extremely happy? Because it’s working.
  3. I love you! I promise I’ll work my arse off to take advantage of all these opportunities! I’ll get started on my homework right now! = D ❤
  4. Ok, so I danced first, which half the time consisted of jumping up and down in time with the beat. But still!! JAJA

Ajajajaja I’m so happy = ´D      ;w;     TwT

Dad and Books!

My dad came back from his business trip to Boston, which makes me a very, very happy kid. Additionally, he talked to a trustee of Mount Holyoke, who reassured him and through him me, that I’m probably going to have a good time getting into colleges. I certainly hope so.

My dad is baaaack *sings* I really missed him, especially since soon I’m going to have to go away to college, and well, I’m going to miss my family. He also got me some two shirts even though I didn’t ask him for any – I specified books, and maybe a pashmina, jajaja! He’s been amazing so far, no fights etc, and I’m just… overjoyed his back.

THE CRUX of this post, however, is the list of books my dad got on his trip! Here they are! I can’t wait to read them!

My Requests

He wasn’t able to get all of my requests, obviously, but he did amazingly well. I gave him two authors, a few specific recommendations from Mr. Pruzinksy, my English Teacher, and requested some books about Third Culture Kids. My dad was really impressed with Mr. P’s recommendations, as well as my request for Earth Democrac. He plans on reading them as well, so I guess these are going to become family books.

  • Earth Democracy – Vandana Shiva
  • What is the What – Dave Eggers
  • Drown – Junot Diaz
  • Terrier – Tamora Pierce
  • Unrooted Childhoods; Memoirs of Growing Up Global – Anthology
  • Third Culture Kids: The Experience of Growing Up Among Worlds – David C. Pollock and Ruth E. Van Reken
  • A Gift of Dragons – Anne McCaffrey


  • Dreams from My Father – Barrack Obama [Everybody is going to be reading this…]
  • The River of Doubt – Candice Millard [He got this for my brother but really recommends it to me as well]
  • 2009 State of the World: into a warming world – the Worldwatch Institute [We are getting a lot of books and reading regarding this subject in my family. My dad says this was an amazing book.]

Of course, he brought magazines and a few candies as well, but it’s the books that I like the most. Besides, I’m glad I can hug my dad again, and I’m all the more aware how I’m going to miss my family.

Gods above and below, I am grateful for my family and life.

Something Good This Way Comes

Things are looking up a lot since my last post – and for a while now. I just couldn’t bring myself to write about it, since I needed to  let the wave of happiness take its course without redirecting it by writing the blog post.

I probably just confused everybody there.

But a number of good things have been going on since, and quite a few are college related. Life is becoming happier and I feel much better, not as much stress. I feel I can actually tackle my school work and come out winning now that the family issue is not so threatening.

First off, I had two college interviews by phone. Well, one wasn’t so much an interview, but rather sounded more like they were trying to convince me to go to Mt Holyoke. That was rather nice and flattering actually, especially when the trustee said that the office of admissions had called me “Hot Property”.  While I think that “property” is a very wonky term (I’m person! Not an object! I am not owned!) I’m just going to go ahead and take that as a compliment and a good sign for the future.

The second interview was Bennington, and I really enjoyed talking to the woman, even if we kept getting some Skype glitches. I learned some very interesting things about Bennington, especially its Environmentally friendly policies (YAY!) and other details. Suffice to say, I was really happy, I think the woman was happy, and I think that it gave a good impression.

Oh… additionally, talking about Bennington… yesterday I received an email notification that I HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED! MY FIRST ACCEPTANCE TO A COLLEGE! =’ ) I feel very, very happy, and it’s like I reached my first milestone. The two college interviews themselves were enough to get me into a “music high” when I had them (I think I scared a few friends over MSN because I was typing really fast, in capslock at times, and very, very hyper as I blasted music and ocassionally dissapeared to dance to my music.)

I think there was more I wanted to say, but I am extremely happy right now, and I’ll just go do my homework. (My family situation, btw, is better, but still has its problems. I’m hoping it won’t explode again and we’ll be able to fix this.)

PS: To those who were here for the Avatar Casting Fracas, I’ll start updating again – I’m sorry I zoned out of it, but I had a lot to deal with : ( But I shall! *determination*

Sending Off My Hopes + Steph’s Bday + Insun and Her Prom Dreams

I know I haven’t been blogging a lot about my personal life (like Steph complained), and I decided that today’s achievement is enough to write a post about.

First though, I’m going to recount the last two friend-things I did.

First, I went out with my friend Insun a few days ago to one of the malls near where I live. We were originally going to watch a movie, but we ended just walking around and catching up, before she brought up the Prom up, when we saw some dresses. That led to a discussion of what type of dress would fit our respective bodies, why, what colours, etc… etc… To be honest, she got me kind of excited about choosing a dress, even if I’m not exactly the “Dress! Make up! GET READY FOR TEH PROM!” type of girl. (Actually, I’m pretty sure you can’t really give me a “type” or label, so that works just fine for me.) Unfortunately, then she went on to talk about dates and the rest, which didn’t make me too happy. At least we figured out we could manage to make a gals-only table, since the boyfriend for my friend Mabe won’t be here at the time, and we could perhaps organize it with our mutual friends. I’d rather not start worrying about the whole issue, oh… I don’t know, four months early? It became a pretty funny conversation though. After buying ourselves an ice cream, we walked to my place, where we played Wii DDR, and had loads of fun with that thing. Honestly, I’m using it to workout in the mornings now! XD Oh Nusni…

Second, I went out yesterday for Steph’s birthday with her, (obviously), Mari, Kate, and a new girl whose name I have no idea how to spell, at Jockey. Eating, talking, and following Mari take photos was pretty damn fun, and I think it’s rather interesting how we ended up seating when we ate. See, to my left was B-day gal and Kate, to my right was Mari and… the girl. The two on my right were the randomer, rather perverse people of the group, to the left were the more sensible and withdrawn (that doesn’t make them less awesome) gals, and I was in the middle. > D I guess I was living up to being a Libra or something similar. The only sad thing is that when I arrived home I couldn’t find my wallet, and I called TGI Friday’s in case they had found it, but nope. I don’t believe I lost it, for once, and my mom agrees that it was probably stolen. I’m glad they didn’t get my cellphone… I JUST got it.

Finally, my supposedly real reason for this blog post (It kind of is)… I finished submitting ALL my college stuff. Finally! Today, I sent off all the last forms needed for my Financial Aid Applications at all my colleges, so I don’t have to worry anymore! I just have to wait for the letters, and trust me, I will NOT do a countdown. At least not until there is like a month left. Next on my list of things to worry about: Homework and IB Exams! Oh, and driving!

So yes…


*dances a small jig*

Open Skies, Restful Mind, and a Joyful Spirit: Bolivia

It’s really hard for me to explain how much visiting my family means to me, and how much it affects me. It’s hard to put to words how the landscape itself means peace to me, how deeply ingrained it is that the beautiful red, purple tints in the earth, the rock formations, mean my roots and my spiritual haven. Anytime I come, I actually think or feel spiritual. To me, La Paz is… La Paz is… it’s home.

Partly it is because of my family. Correction: it is the most essential part of the whole experience, actually. But it is strange to think of how tied in the landscape is, the way I literally stare at my city like I’m trying to drink it with my eyes. I am parched. My soul becomes parched, my mind, my heart, everything is suddenly filled with what I don’t always realize I need. It’s liberating. It’s vital to me. Can you imagine how I felt after two years?

It was going home.

Watching the immigrations official look at our passports, feeling the chilly air spinning around me at around two in the morning, the light headed feeling I get from the oxygen deprival in that altitude… felt so unreal. I could hardly believe I was home. It only really started hitting me when we walked outside the airport, and I was almost hit by the fresh, clean, cold air. The tang of Eucalyptus, the way the air felt so much more… alive. Clear. It even tasted of home! It was such a strange difference to the musty, oppresive air in Lima I had become so used to…

Silently watching the taxi driver my aunt had hired to pick us up, Poli, load our suitcases up, drives us down, down from El Alto to La Paz, wondering at how open the sky was, how clear… how free…

The sky in La Paz could almost literally pull my soul up.

I don’t know how to tell you what it feels like when for the first time in two years you drive down the steep winding road to see your home unfolding itself. To see the walls, the mountain, the spires, lit under the street lamps and feel something squeeze you inside and reassure you that this was real, that it… that this place belongs to you. La Paz is a gorgeous place; the spires, the mountains, the colours, the… the… I’m tearing up just remembering the ride.

Of course, I was somewhat grounded when Poli started discussing with my mom about the way that the crime rate had started increasing. La Paz has also been a pretty calm place, as far as I remember. I always boast (yes, boast) of how much safer it is than the other countries I’ve lived in (although, honestly, a lot of places are a lot safer than Honduras, and Peru isn’t exactly clean, either). I guess I really am more of the Air element, but that I lose my head in the clouds isn’t news; my father always says I’m in “la luna de Paita” (The moon of Paita: an expression).

Getting “home”, or really, my aunt’s home, was extremely calming too. While it was pretty damn early, my aunt and one of my cousins received us and helped us climb the flight of stairs with our bags. (Note to altitude newbs: If you are at around 3000 meters above sea level, don’t carry anything heavy for the first few days, or you will suffer from Sorojchi, altitude sickness. Trust me, you don’t want it. It comes from your body not getting enough oxygen from the thinner air. After a few days, your body has produced more red blood cells so you absorb more oxygen from the less condensed amount there. Oddly enough, it has been noted that returning to sea level by airplane after being in altitude results in swollen feet.)

My cousins are lovely people.

The youngest, who was there, is a very talented, interesting young man (I feel weird calling him that… but he is. Or is it man by now? o-o;). He actually does graphic design, although I have seen him in my mind as a healer for a long time now. (Don’t ask… well, Steph can, I guess : D Oh Gtalk.) He is a pretty damn talented photographer, uses photoshop very creatively, and actually gets paid for it (although that has it’s share of troubles…). I only wish he would put his art online, because I’m pretty sure he could sell prints that way, and I like keeping track of things of that. You only have to see the number of artists I watch on deviantArt!).  I sometimes find it very hard to communicate with him, but I think sometimes just listening to him is enough. My cousins are very refreshing people. *nods*

The oldest, who came three (or two?) days later, a very spiritual woman. I love my cousin Diani, and I’m very happy to say that we (and a few others!) travelled together away from parents to Koroico. (More on that later.) She’s had a long journey to finding what she wants to do (education) but I’m happy my cousin is such a mature woman… I liked sharing with her a lot, and I’m glad my brother got very close to her too. It’s surprising how easily we all reconnect despite the long separations. I also deeply admire her, and hope to someday be as happy as she is… to be honest, mosto f my family seems really happy. Diani is a really sweet cousin too ❤ so it was easier to hug her and feel at peace. (I also discovered that I’m not very good at expressing love through words this vacation, but I think my hugs took care of the whole thing.)

The middle child, who I unfortunately saw for a really short time, as he arrived days before we left, is studying cinematography in Buenos Aires. He is doing very well from what I hear, and while I didn’t really get to talk to him a lot (I ended up writing a note saying that even though we hadn’t talked much, I had missed him a lot and was glad he was there, so that he could find it on returning one late night), he is also somebody I’m proud to be related to. Honestly, it’s hard to say how much I love my cousins, and I really think my mom’s side of the family has something I see little in other families… it is a lot more united than my dad’s side, although I would say that side is uniquely temperamental.

My aunt is a very special woman who has supported these three children very well, from my impression, and is actually my godmother. Seeing as how she is the one that always welcomes us, it makes sense that I would love her. Oh dammit, I love my whole family, all of them, and my mind is going mushy from thinking about them, which might be why my descriptions of them are slowly deterioating. I also don’t want to give too much information away. Let me say that I love her very much, that special little witch (don’t worry, it’s her nickname), and her warmth and support, the way she always considers what we want when we get home after a long time (such as a very big box of Salteñas so we can delight in the taste) is special. Honestly, my aunt gives a lot of her to all of us.

After arriving, we spent most of the time acclimatizing, watching movies (By the way, Wall-e is adorable), and my doing the sundry task of homework. (I read and took notes of 17 chapters in my big book on computers for my ITGS class, so I’d say I did pretty well). Unfortunately, my mom got sick, and said it was probably becasue she “was waiting for a safe place to collapse and be sick in” as she “had been on the edge of being sick for a long time now”. We also went to the Tennis Club we belong to (well, my brother and I went) and met a good (old) friend. While we actually didn’t really do anything after seeing each other in the club, it was nice to see him. I actually wanted to go out with my closer friend, his older sister, who is currently studying in Germany, but she wasn’t there. The same, too, with his older brother, who is hilarious and can get along with anybody, but he was also away, studying in France. It’s funny, because my mom commented that she would have liked me to date a guy like that. (Honestly, mom, when did you become a matchmaker? Although I do approve of the choice, I did think of him as a friend first than a love interest.) But that is a different subject.

My brother was also a lot nice, and sweeter, throughout the whole stay. I’m pretty happy about that, and hopefully it will last a while now we’re back in Lima.

I also want to stop a moment and say two magical words: Salteña. Chairo. Those two dishes I missed dearly! Hmmm, the taste of good old Bolivian food… Lima might be the culinary capital of Latin America, but I seriously missed my heritage in the form of food. (I am aware that Salteñas can be found in Lima, and we buy them every so often from a Bolivian lady who lives here, but honestly, the ones in La Paz are better. Hmmmmm *lost in daydreams*)

I mentioned that I travelled with my cousin, didn’t I?

Well, we went to Coroico, and had a great time. We went with another cousin, (more of my cousin’s cousin, but…), her cousin’s maid’s daughter (who is like a sister to her), and a friend of theirs, (who was great, too!). We stayed at somebody’s friend’s house, which was somewhat away from the town so we would end up hiking carefully so we don’t slip in the mud for about 30 minutes to get back to where we were staying. I am pretty happy to report that I am reasonable at cooking in a team (though it was pretty easy cooking), and that we all got along lovely. I’m pretty glad I made new friends, and Laura (my cousin’s cousin’s sister in all but blood) and I shared a lot of tastes; namely, Harry Potter and reading. On the bus ride to Coroico, we spent hours discussing it and the characters, what happened, and how good the books where (and what the bad parts were). I loved talking to her, partly because she was the closes to my age at 16, while the others are… what? Nearly 30? (I suck at ages). Mati, (cousin’s cousin) was also a very fun person to have and talk to, although she did contribute the least to the kitchen. Mari (friend) also guided me through some questions I had (wooo, holistic practices! *shot*). Diani, (cousin) was just plain charming and a love to have all around.

While we were there, we went to some beautiful cascades, and swam there. While the only negative thing in the whole trip happened there, (Laura’s glasses and my sunglasses were stolen), I must say, they were beautiful, and wading to stand underneath the first cascade that felt like hail on our skin was incredibly invigorating. There really is something beautiful in nature, and we all thanked the cascade. The second one we went to was almost like a public pool, although it was pretty fun to swim there. The odd and funny thing was that when we arrived, a group of guys asked to have a photo taken of them with us. (They probably ended up showing them off and saying “see the gringa I hanged out with?” Or perhaps they said we were gauchas, but the truth is very few people realize we are Paceñas.) On the way back we bought some deliciously juicy mangos. We also went to some pools, one in a really nice hotel, Hotel Gloria, so I would recommend it for the view and the architecture, as the place used to be the prefecture or something like that.

We also went dancing for three nights at the discos. We ended up prefering one over the others (Tropical? Paraiso? Dammit, I forgot it’s name!) because it had a far more diverse selection of music, and a lot of more space to dance at. I can honestly say that Laura and I outdanced everybody. We felt like Queens of the dancefloor, and the three older girls kept commenting that we made “bolsa” (literally, “bags”) out of them. The owner was so pleased we livened up his place so much he actually ended up giving us a free round of delicious drinks (something “Yungeño” I believe, I think it was maracuya with Singani? Disclaimer: I did not get drunk. Although I did drink. ) While most of the time we spent the time with beer, we kept burning the alcohol with the dancing. I love this part of latin american culture: the habit of going out dancing. I’m not too fond of the guys who keep approaching you even when you say “no” many times, (Gods, one of those guys was particularly insistent all night with ALL of us!), but we deal. I also got another of those guys who asked to have a photo of him with me – hilarious! I actually told him I was Paceña, so he was very surprised (to my hilarity). We had a lot of fun, and met a friend of Mati’s, and her mother, with whom I’m very impressed due to her ability to dance, dance, dance, and have fun. (Laura and I are still Queens though, jajajaja!)

The after-effect of all that dancing is that the last two nights were spent in peace because we were simply too tired. Our legs were killing us too.. it literally hurt the soles of my feet to walk the fourth day. But we had our fun.

Overall, it was a very good trip, and I am extremely happy I had it. In college, I definitely need to make a group of “backpacker” friends, although that requires a special type of people… (and not so much rich Limean kids who are used to everything. You should have heard how the girls kept complaining in the Tambopata trip!) Although when we returned, we did all fall sick from spending so much time walking around in wet clothes. (Hey, the cascades and pools, with no towels, meant walking around wet till we dried out in the sun!)

When I returned, my cousin Eto had returned from his trip to Chile! This cousin is on my dad’s side, and my uncle and my dad are actually… not on good terms, but it was really good to see him and my uncle. My father’s side of my family is pretty unique if I may say, as in food loving, temperamental and world jogging people go. (I think that it seems almost like they can’t live in the same city, because seeing each other so much would result in fighting, but oh well. I love my family and we do our best to get past stuff like this.)

This is a very sweet cousin, and although he has gotten shyer than the last time, we has a great time once we got back on track, which didn’t take too long. I got to meet one of his friends too, and slept over at his house twice, (once at his mom’s place, another at his dad’s).  He also had the amazing game that is Okami, and I have decided that is one game I need to buy and pass before I move away (if I move to University…). Eto was also pretty fun to talk to, and I’m really glad we had the sleepovers. My brother and I also went with him to a grill at my uncle’s girlfriend’s house (wait… does “girlfriend” apply at that age?) It was funny, because I kept flip flopping between the younger generation (brother and cousin) and the adults there. There were these two adorable Brazilian kids there, and while at times I found it hard to understand them, we got along just fine. I ate… and ate… and ate… and was happy all around. Definitely characteristic of my dad’s side of the family, to be honest.

I also had my two uncles (mom’s side of the family) there. The youngest is my lovely sweet uncle, with an adorable chatty and imaginative son of 5 (Adorableadorabletalkslikearadiokidwhosaysthemostamazingthingsforakid), with whom it is great to be with and and… I’m already melting in the happiness of remembering. It’s really hard to describe him though, so I think I will move on <-<; sorry people, but I also think this post is getting exceedingly large.

My other uncle, my mom’s oldest brother, is a very spiritual genius who is very, very unique. I love him too, and have to say that has the most interesting topics and works. He once wrote a book based on his friendship with an Andean shaman, and knows a lot about Andean cloths and the meaning of the patterns and weaves.

Gah, I really can’t explain my family. Let me mention that I didn’t see two members (my aunt and my other cousin…) but I was thinking about them. I love you Lauri and Mane!

Let me finish with my family’s last big dinner. My cousin, who has studied well, culinary studies, made a Paella for the whole family, and brought his son. For the first time, I saw my nephew… yes. I am a tia. My cousin has a gorgeous three month old boy who will “talk” at you for a long time, as if really talking to your or trying to talk to you, and the most charming smile, a sweet face and eyes, the cutest hands and… yes, I am smitten, from only seeing him once. I was excited to see him, (and his father), because I had been unable to see them before. I had been waiting for a long time to see my nephew, and well…

When I was holding him, I started to cry in happiness.

I love my family. I love La Paz. I love Bolivia.

It’s been one of the happiest 18 daysof my life.

Bringing In Our Year With Grand Style, and Lists

First, I want you to listen to this song:

Has the video loaded? Will it play while you read this? Good. We’re starting this blog post with cheerful, dynamic energy.

My new years was a very pleasant day. Finished editing my art portfolio site for college, which is now added to my links list on this blog. Look to the left! I also added a “new” theme – “new” because I have used it before. When I get back from my trip home to Bolivia, I’ll edit the headers and perhaps use a different theme, but I wanted a fresher and paler theme than my last one, which felt too formal.

Returning to my last day in lil’ ole ’08, after the last edits in the portfolio, I underwent a massive cleaning/organizing spree. My desk is now nearly empty (I have a few things that will vacate this space once I regain my room), which feels a bit odd. I don’t want clutter, but I definitely feel like something is missing, so I added a few sketches and arts-in-progress so that my desk feels more productive. I am pelased to say that most of my stuff is a lot more organized, and that I plan on keeping it that way!

Because I was busy organizing until around 10 pm yesterday, my mom was left alone in the kitchen (usually my dad loves helping and ordering and taking over there… but he was rebooting my brother’s computer, as he lost all of his files), but she still put out a delicious dinner for the whole family – which this time, included my uncle, his wife, and my five year old cousin. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find my yellow underwear (Yes, I am talking about my underwear. See, Latin America has a tradition where if you wear underwear of a particular colour, the next year will be better in a particular way. Yellow can be money, luck, love, depending on the country. Green is sometimes for money, red for love… it really varies from place to place to place. You get the idea. I wear yellow for overall Good Fortune In All And Everything.) We had delicious soft salmon, some odd pasta which tasted much better than I expected and still want, asparagus, camote puree, and a dessert of apple crumble and ice cream. My uncle and aunt (I’m still getting used to her as an aunt) helped her in the making, mostly in the slicing of the food.

Then, of course, it was midnight, where my brother opened a bottle of the champagne, and we all had a glass (well, some of us had two), as we went to our little balcony to watch the fireworks. Soon, we ended up putting our music set, and placed The Red Army Choir to play grandly as we talked and enjoyed ourselves. All in all, a very nice and peaceful end of the year.

I don’t know how to tell how psyched I am right now, as I feel a lot more free and energetic. 2008 was definitely a quite good year, despite college and school stress; I managed. I’d like to thank 2008 for not inflicting me with crushes or infatuations in school, excessive friend drama, no sudden dips in my grades, and a relatively accident-free time. 2008 is also the year that Obama was elected President, so I’ll take that as a good sign of what is to come. As it is, 2008 had its share of dissapointments, the biggest of which is in myself… so!

New Years Resolutions!

Blog wise:

  • Change my theme and personalize it a lot more
  • Finish adding and editing my Blogroll and Links
  • Catch up on on those overdue posts (Creamfields, Tambopata, Analysis ala Sociological Images, etc..)
  • Edit my categories, and categorize each post
  • Add a page of the webcomics I read

Additionally, I want to thank everybody who takes their time to read this blog, and including those who came with the influx of the Avatar Cast Movie posts – I hope you found those useful, and I thank you for taking the time to get informed and writing to make a difference!

More Ok Go goodness, but their songs make me really happy!

School and work wise:

  • Make notes for all my IB classes so I am ready for the IB exams that are looming nearer. Two year’s material!
  • Not allow stress to get to me
  • Organize my assignments, my materials, my locker, to avoid the mess that 2008 has had
  • Do all my financial aid forms and required materials AHEAD of time.
  • Finish the big ITGS project

Health and Habits wise:

  • Organize my room once it is vacated, and keep it that way throughout the year (Includes closet and clothes, art’s drawer, hygiene drawer, jewelry drawer)
  • Enter a workout schedule weekly or daily so I get in shape (10 minutes exercise in the morning, every other day 30 minute jog with dog)
  • Stop eating cheese and cracker snacks each afternoon! Eat fruit and drink water instead!
  • Fix my sleeping habits and schedule, it is insane.
  • Fix my work habits.


  • Draw more! I feel I have been leaving my art to the side to finish my schoolwork, and I want to develop it and improve!
  • Work on my personal graphic novel story… actually set the story in paper and design my characters.
  • Stay in contact with everybody I love (work got in the way…)
  • Stay as happy as I have been, despite everything.

I hope everybody else has a wonderful year too, and I hope we get past any troubles we run into. I also want to stop right now and thank for my parnets (though they are unaware of the existance of this blog). Mom, thank you for helping and understanding me all this year, for your invaluable advice. Dad, thank you for your input, and for learning a bit more how to hold your temper in check… though part of it is because my brother and I are getting better at dismissing you when you get out of hand. (Seriously dad..). Juanga, dear brother… thank you for… the sweet moments, when they come up. It’s really odd to think it’s my last year of high school, that 2009… that it really is the time for S09. Wow.

To Steph: thanks for reading my rants, joining my rants, and telling me when I am messing up with your subtle tactics… Thank you for being there for me, and for confiding in me, and for helping me in my messy chaos. You are and admirable appear-everywhere-do-everything-friend, and honestly, this year would not have been the same without you. We need to get out more together, grab some Starbucks, and then get you at my house so we can play some lovely wii and laugh at… well, everything.

To Patrick: I know I haven’t been online on msn lately, so we won’t get to talk until I get back from Bolivia, probably. Sorry about that, so hopefully you’ll remember this blog exists and read this little message. Thanks for staying despite the huge workload you have (Btw, Mr. 7-in-chem-and-physics, how the hell do you do it?!), and despite the difficulty in communication with you (lets face it, talking is sometimes confusing and hard, and you love making me so frustrated I can’t articulate anything in debates, but then, you ARE in the debate team), and for being my friend. You need to come again so you can beat me at Brawl some more.

To Insun: I know you won’t be reading this, because I haven’t linked you here, but the sentiment remains.  I know sometimes you are volatile and irritable (… all the time), but I love being the other half of the Dynamic Duo! with you, and we share a great many times and fun. (Just, please stop with the idea of “let’s tell the guys who ask us to dance at clubs we are lesbians so they leave us alone” because it seems to me they get turned on…) It’s like we are meant to be balancing each other, and I’m glad that you want me to stay in your life. I hope you always know I’ll be there for you! Let’s walk together in the Graduation and remember all the sparking good times : D

To Mabel: Mabeeee, I love talking to you, and sharing with you. It seems to me each of my friend receives a particular facet of me more than others, and with you my geekyness just leaps bounds and bounds. Your attitude in life is refreshing, and sometimes I feel like you are the oldest of all my friends – lighthearted, but ready to face life. In a sense, you remind me of my cousin, in that maturity and humour go hand in hand. I’m just going to end this part with one word: ORUUGAAAS!

To Izzy: I don’t know if you have the time to read my blog, Isa, but hopefully you do and though we don’t talk a lot lately it is a form of communication. I jsut want to let you know that I miss you dearly, and hope that we talk again soon. Please answer my email queries, becasue since I’ll be going to college in the US (very likely, at least), I want to know if we can meet! Dear soul sister, I hope you have a wonderful time with Charles and your family, and please remember how much I love you.

To Paul: Dude, it’s been forever. I am sorry I’ve been so lacking in the contact department, apart from occasional Gmail comments and some tweets, but I miss you hun.  I’m glad that so far from what I see, you seem a more confident person (nearly wrote seme there… but maybe that’s my subconscious saying something ; D) It’s kind of weird because you’ve gotten more serious regarding school, and what I remember of our afternoons at your place involves squabbling over who’s fault it was that your Fable character was being chased with a bounty, or something,  you Franco! Regardless, I miss you, and all the awesome moments. Let’s recap red bar.

That’s it for now. There are more people I want to talk to, but I have to pack my bags now. 18 days in Bolivia and seeing family! Wish me the best, I’ll be wishing it for you guys ❤

On that note, I leave you with Vampire Weekend and their cheerful music:


In what is like, one of my few bright points this Senior Semester, I got my SAT I Scores today. : D : D : D

Let’s start with the worst!

In my math score, I actually decreased by 10 points, from 610 to 600. The funny thing? This time I actually had a math SAT tutour and everything. Oh well. It’s in the 600s, so I guess it’s ok.

In my writing score, I improved by 40 points. Thats decent. I wanted to get to the 700s in this one, but I’ll be ok with this one. From 620 to 660.

Finally… my critical reading score?


FROM 680 TO 780




*collapses in a screaming fit of hilarity, joy, tears and relief*