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The Highest Compliment You Can Get

I dissapeared for a while. Sorry about that. At least, sorry for leaving you hanging.

I’m happy.

My dad keeps repeating to me that I’ve been paid the highest compliment I could have received. My mom tells me it is better than getting an award at school. And I am feeling so intensely lucky.

Thank you world.

Of the colleges that I applied to the following accepted me:

  • Bard
  • Bennington
  • Bowdoin
  • Middlebury
  • Mt Holyoke
  • Smith
  • Vassar
  • Williams

I was waitlisted at

  • Swarthmore

My top three choices were

  • Bard
  • Vassar
  • Mt Holyoke

And I visited

  • Bard
  • Vassar
  • Mt Holyoke
  • Williams
  • Bowdoin

I took off Bowdoin because… it was so USAmerican. So typical. I could already feel myself constrained in it. Lovely college, good academic level, but… I want a more international, global place, where I can STRETCH. I took of Williams because it felt too… not conservative, but structured? I liked the free feeling of others. Mt Holyoke was lovely, but a bit WASPy to me, women’s only (and at times that is good, at times that is bad, but I decided that I wanted to flourish in a place with a fuller spectrum of gender), and didn’t give as much financial aid. The final choice between Vassar and Bard… was really hard. I still look at it and feel a bit unsettled at how hard it was.

I chose Vassar because I felt I could thrive there more. I loved Bard’s eccentricities, the “fringe” quality of it… but I also realized I would have a harder time fitting in, settling in. And I’m tired of having to work to do that, considering how my life has all been “survive and adapt” with each move. I will still do that, of course, but Vassar will let me be myself… without an expectation of going farther into the fringe, to be more wacky. While visiting Bard, I felt a bit like… there would be judgement on how mainstream you are. And that you would find people trying their best to reject everything that is accepted in “main”. Posing. In a sense. That is easily outweighed by the incredible people, the creative, the wacky, the crazy, the unique, the truly-honest-really-themselves-and-no-one-else-people, but…  I’m not so crazy. I love people who are crazy creative, crazy original. But I know, that in comparison, Vassar will help me more. I will spend less energy adapting, more energy in thriving. In creating. In learning.

Vassar is space. Vassar is opportunity. It’s top level education, it’s got amazing classmates, it has the beautiful campus, amazing facilities. It has the atmosphere of enjoyment, of freedom, of learning. It has the sense of a community. It feels… it feels like it could be home. It feels like I can live and be happy, learn and enjoy, study and grow. I feel that it will give me space to explore who I am, what I want to do, but be there next to me in case I start teteering at an edge. I feel it will let me choose my path, but will give me maps and guidelines, and give me the stones and help to build my own trace.

There is a reason why my favorite quote is “caminante, no ha camino, se hace camino al andar”… or “traveller, there is no path; you make your path as you walk.”

I’m happy with my choice. I’ve been talking to amazing people, to creative people, to the people that are going to be my friends and classmates and who will define the next four years of my life.

Estoy feliz. Orgullosa. Decidida.

Y puedo tocar el cielo


..::I Can Touch The Sky::..

Gmail Chat with Anon, on Sunday Mar 22


1:51 PM I’m disgustingly cheerful
1:52 PM So
1:53 PM -sings “We Are The Champions” by Queen-
1:58 PM anonxeidrii: >D
me: CU>
1:59 PM omg
anonxeidrii: G’GUYTYSEYH
anonxeidrii: xD all the crap pays off?!
Not only was I accepted to Mt Holyoke, but they gave me an amazing scholarship (Twenty First Century Modern Scholars Scholarship, and it’s renewable every year!), they invited me to a Diversity Worskhop where they were GOING TO PAY MY TRIP AND BACK (I won’t be able to attend even if I get accepted though, it’s in the beginning of April and we are dying with exams and more over here), and in the Science Scholars program, which would take in July and I would travel and get research facilities aaaaaaaaaaaaand… = D
Oh my God. I’m so happy. Bennington, Smith, Mount Holyoke…
And today?
I got accepted to my top choice. Bard. With it’s 25% admittance rate (at least 2008).
My twitter:
  2. Universe, are you TRYING to make me extremely happy? Because it’s working.
  3. I love you! I promise I’ll work my arse off to take advantage of all these opportunities! I’ll get started on my homework right now! = D ❤
  4. Ok, so I danced first, which half the time consisted of jumping up and down in time with the beat. But still!! JAJA

Ajajajaja I’m so happy = ´D      ;w;     TwT

Smith Lightens My Horizon

Today, I was informed online that I had been accepted into Smith College. I learned that my friend -S- also got in.

I’m so happy. I’m so happy!! My dad was very proud! When I ran down to tell him, he made a funny motion with his fist and said “YES! I KNEW IT!” in Spanish.  He then just HAD to check all my other colleges, even if they won’t post the decision yet. ❤ I’m really happy! My mom was happy but I had to tell her through chat. I think I’m making them proud = D

My dad says we might travel together during Semana Santa to visit my top 3 choices when I find out about all of my colleges. I’m both looking forwards to and terrified by it.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Like -S- says, “2 down, 7 to go”.

Something Good This Way Comes

Things are looking up a lot since my last post – and for a while now. I just couldn’t bring myself to write about it, since I needed to  let the wave of happiness take its course without redirecting it by writing the blog post.

I probably just confused everybody there.

But a number of good things have been going on since, and quite a few are college related. Life is becoming happier and I feel much better, not as much stress. I feel I can actually tackle my school work and come out winning now that the family issue is not so threatening.

First off, I had two college interviews by phone. Well, one wasn’t so much an interview, but rather sounded more like they were trying to convince me to go to Mt Holyoke. That was rather nice and flattering actually, especially when the trustee said that the office of admissions had called me “Hot Property”.  While I think that “property” is a very wonky term (I’m person! Not an object! I am not owned!) I’m just going to go ahead and take that as a compliment and a good sign for the future.

The second interview was Bennington, and I really enjoyed talking to the woman, even if we kept getting some Skype glitches. I learned some very interesting things about Bennington, especially its Environmentally friendly policies (YAY!) and other details. Suffice to say, I was really happy, I think the woman was happy, and I think that it gave a good impression.

Oh… additionally, talking about Bennington… yesterday I received an email notification that I HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED! MY FIRST ACCEPTANCE TO A COLLEGE! =’ ) I feel very, very happy, and it’s like I reached my first milestone. The two college interviews themselves were enough to get me into a “music high” when I had them (I think I scared a few friends over MSN because I was typing really fast, in capslock at times, and very, very hyper as I blasted music and ocassionally dissapeared to dance to my music.)

I think there was more I wanted to say, but I am extremely happy right now, and I’ll just go do my homework. (My family situation, btw, is better, but still has its problems. I’m hoping it won’t explode again and we’ll be able to fix this.)

PS: To those who were here for the Avatar Casting Fracas, I’ll start updating again – I’m sorry I zoned out of it, but I had a lot to deal with : ( But I shall! *determination*

Sending Off My Hopes + Steph’s Bday + Insun and Her Prom Dreams

I know I haven’t been blogging a lot about my personal life (like Steph complained), and I decided that today’s achievement is enough to write a post about.

First though, I’m going to recount the last two friend-things I did.

First, I went out with my friend Insun a few days ago to one of the malls near where I live. We were originally going to watch a movie, but we ended just walking around and catching up, before she brought up the Prom up, when we saw some dresses. That led to a discussion of what type of dress would fit our respective bodies, why, what colours, etc… etc… To be honest, she got me kind of excited about choosing a dress, even if I’m not exactly the “Dress! Make up! GET READY FOR TEH PROM!” type of girl. (Actually, I’m pretty sure you can’t really give me a “type” or label, so that works just fine for me.) Unfortunately, then she went on to talk about dates and the rest, which didn’t make me too happy. At least we figured out we could manage to make a gals-only table, since the boyfriend for my friend Mabe won’t be here at the time, and we could perhaps organize it with our mutual friends. I’d rather not start worrying about the whole issue, oh… I don’t know, four months early? It became a pretty funny conversation though. After buying ourselves an ice cream, we walked to my place, where we played Wii DDR, and had loads of fun with that thing. Honestly, I’m using it to workout in the mornings now! XD Oh Nusni…

Second, I went out yesterday for Steph’s birthday with her, (obviously), Mari, Kate, and a new girl whose name I have no idea how to spell, at Jockey. Eating, talking, and following Mari take photos was pretty damn fun, and I think it’s rather interesting how we ended up seating when we ate. See, to my left was B-day gal and Kate, to my right was Mari and… the girl. The two on my right were the randomer, rather perverse people of the group, to the left were the more sensible and withdrawn (that doesn’t make them less awesome) gals, and I was in the middle. > D I guess I was living up to being a Libra or something similar. The only sad thing is that when I arrived home I couldn’t find my wallet, and I called TGI Friday’s in case they had found it, but nope. I don’t believe I lost it, for once, and my mom agrees that it was probably stolen. I’m glad they didn’t get my cellphone… I JUST got it.

Finally, my supposedly real reason for this blog post (It kind of is)… I finished submitting ALL my college stuff. Finally! Today, I sent off all the last forms needed for my Financial Aid Applications at all my colleges, so I don’t have to worry anymore! I just have to wait for the letters, and trust me, I will NOT do a countdown. At least not until there is like a month left. Next on my list of things to worry about: Homework and IB Exams! Oh, and driving!

So yes…


*dances a small jig*


In what is like, one of my few bright points this Senior Semester, I got my SAT I Scores today. : D : D : D

Let’s start with the worst!

In my math score, I actually decreased by 10 points, from 610 to 600. The funny thing? This time I actually had a math SAT tutour and everything. Oh well. It’s in the 600s, so I guess it’s ok.

In my writing score, I improved by 40 points. Thats decent. I wanted to get to the 700s in this one, but I’ll be ok with this one. From 620 to 660.

Finally… my critical reading score?


FROM 680 TO 780




*collapses in a screaming fit of hilarity, joy, tears and relief*



I must say, I am completely spent.

It’s funny how things ended up being in the “hostal”, where I guess, you put up with a setting you are not used to. Funny how Steph says that it was “away from technology” and I feel like laughing, but, go on a road trip in the Altiplano, away from cities so you can stay in a tin roof room with noodle soup for dinner and only enough electricity for the lights, and you might see more of what is really away from technology.

Still, they could have done something about the water. Or the clogging toilet. Helen, Grietje and I ended up going in the conference room or in somebody else’s bathroom. And showering isn’t easy when you can’t get your foot-wound wet. They could also have done without so many stairs- going up and down all the time with crutches is no joking matter. I’m spent physically, apart from mentally and emotionally. I did get two piggy back rides, but it was kind of embarrassing. Still, thank you!

As it is, there was no time for anything but PGC. No homework. At all. And I have so much work to do, and it’s becoming difficult because I got far more tired than I expected from my foot surgery. I mean, come on, it’s only a foot! Now I know why my parents were so worried about me not getting enough rest. I’m seriously hobbling past the days.

The PGC Retreat was amazing- great fun, interesting activities and talks, and a very nice opportunity to get to know each other. I loved how close the group grew in the space of three days- it is something I would not have considered really possible before. To be honest, I didn’t think much of the PGC Retreat- I thought of it more as training. There was that, but there was more, too.

PGC was beyond anything I could have expected.

It was amazing to see the transformation of the people around me; to see the depth on what had been superficial, uni-lateral cartoons that I passed by on my life. I saw their personalities, worries, and found I had far more in common with them than I expected. I saw that “common positive quality” in each one that I can like, and treasure- I heard so much. I learned so much. Thank you so much for opening yourselves to me. Sorry I didn’t reveal everything, but I’ve had some issues regarding trust since a friend stabbed me in the back in Honduras. But really, thank you for baring yourselves to everybody, for baring your soul. I don’t know what to say. To talk about this trivializes it. You needed to be there to feel how different everything was.

I think I’m going to keep this in my memory forever. I don’t want to lose such a rare experience.

Thank you guys. Thank you Steph, for being a good friend while we did this. Thank you Helen and Grietje for being such awesome roommates. Thank you everybody who helped me get around while in crutches and didn’t mind if every so often I asked favors because I couldn’t do it myself. Thank you everybody in the circle for opening up. Thank you Chris, for becoming my partner and taking this seriously and with responsibility, in what I hope will become an inspiring and great PGC group.

I’ve never really felt a leader till now. My family, friends, teachers in the past have said I could do that, but I have always felt cowed, not taken enough risks. I’m glad I took this one.

To give closure, I’m going to say what we shared at the end of all our discussions.

No, wait, I’ll let you imagine it. : 3

Eight Graders And A Roundabout Way To Grades

Today my day started hectically.

I woke up at around 4 am to look at my cellphone (which I have now been able to charge as I finally found my charger!) and groan “What, how did I wake up at this hour? Meh, the alarm will wake me, meanwhile I will try to get two more hours of sleep.” And so I promptly did so. When I next opened my eyes, puzzled because it felt wrong, and I looked at my cellphone, it was around 6:47 am. My bus picks me up at 7:00 am. Hence the panicked shower and dress up without breakfast, in which I fumbled and left without my keys. No bus until 7:10, get mom to open, ask her for money for taxi, and proceed to ask the guard to accompany while I get a taxi, as taxis aren’t safe, and the driver will see somebody looked and wrote down the license plate. But, voila! and lo, the bus appears, and I get on, feeling saved. I then notice that it’s a different driver, and he’s talking on the nextel to the normal driver on the route.

Hence began my stress filled journey trying to guide the driver for kids that have probably given up on being picked up through a bus route I barely remember or only in parts as I normally lie down and try to sleep in the bus. By the time he finally gave up on picking up kids, and taking us to school, it was three minutes to eight, and all I could think was “OMFG I’M LATE FOR THE EIGHT GRADE ORIENTATION” and wondering how much of an example and leader I was.

There was absolutely no problem. I got guided from the guidance office, to the middle school music room, to the health room where I met my fellow PGC leaders, back to the middle school music room for the powerpoint for the kids, and then to Hendershot’s room for the first group of middle schoolers.

Although why I am giving you so many details is moot. Uh, let me rephrase that- I don’t understand why I am giving you so many details when they are moot to you.

But basically, the three sessions with the kids:

I start the “Hi, we’re going to be your PGC leaders, my name is…” introduction around, Shirley talks about what PGC is, and Pamela tells them about how it is not a formal class thing, we aren’t teachers, we’re friends. And so on, we added on, details, what seemed to wrok.

Although the guys added very little.

It got slightly awkward, and among the questions:

Were we being forced to do this? (No, we’re volunteers, we applied, only 17 were chosen from 30). What is the IB ? (… too complicated to answer here.) What if they didn’t like the leader (Uh… well, they should obviously try to trust the leader, or else it won’t work, but you can’t change leaders, but anybody of the other leaders can also help you and would love to).

But I think it went fine. It was less awkward than I thought it would be. I think I’ll enjoy working with these kids.

What was great today of PGC also, though, was seeing Cody. God, I love that kid – he’s sweet and great fun. I hopehopehopehopehope he is in my group. I’d like to have Sam too though- she’s nice. From what we’ve talked. But mostly, I’m hoping on Cody- he’s very fun, plus, it would be easier to get to know the rest of the group. He has a magnetic personality.

After PGC ended, I met Patrick and discovered I had forgotten to return one of the ITGS textbooks (oops…) and so couldn’t get my report card. I accompany Patrick to his home as he has the same problem, he returns the textbook, takes me home, I get the book, we get our report cards, and then he comes over, so we play Wii and New England Monopoly. He ended up beating me and buying my childhood memories of New England. ;_; *wobbly eyes*

Well, on the grade basis, I am proud to talk about an average attainment level of 6.00



: D

Happiness abounds.


Theory of Knowledge: 6 (To be honest, Ifeel like I deserve a 7. I got 7 on my Final Essay, on my External Assessment Presentation, and the great majority of the assignments. I ROCKED TOK. How did I get a 6? ;_; Oh well. ITS STILL A SIX! Maybe it’s one of those works that ended up being out of control without realizing, and that I never turned in.)

Art: 6 (Much better than before. I’d entered a slump and everything sucked. End of story. Now, I’m improving in my workbook entries and my artwork is in time and I spend proper time on it, not depressed and unable to do anything.)

ITGS: 7 (WOOOOOOO. I got a 7 on the test, and apparently it raised me from a 6. Honestly, I’m surprised, as I forgot to do a lot of the catch up work from Tambopata… oops. IN my defense, I’d like to say I was dying.)

Spanish: 5 (I’m pretty happy with it. My mom is pissed. I don’t know. Sometimes I just don’t care for Spanish class- it’s hard when your class is… well… not the best. I mean, if I make no effort in that class and she tells my mom I’m her best student, it speaks volumes to how bad the class is. I mean, if I was with Steph, you can imagine I’d look more normal in comparison.)

English: 6 (HAPPINESS ABOUNDS!!! I’ve improved! No complaints! Lets aim for a 7 next semester!)

Biology: 6 (HEHEHE- wait. I got either 6s or 7s on the tests, and a 7 on the final! Whuuut? Oh right. Lab report writeups. They are always 5s. GAAAAAAAAH! Note to self: Goal for next semester is to rock lab write ups- the rest in Bio is easy.)

Math: 6 (OMGO#”#$Y)T”)&)=&)#I”#”Q!”#$!&°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°!”°!|1″!°3{fdnaj#DAesewf°!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 A FREAKING SIX IN MATH? Sure, it isn’t HL *knocks on wood*, but still, I felt I was dying in it! AAAAAAH IM SO HAPPY I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!! AAAAH)

I’m much happier than I thought I would be.

In the words of Rock Lee:


ULTIMO – A collaboration between Stan Lee and Hiryouki Takei

I just got word in deviantArt, from rzrdrgn, of an amazing collaboration.

The famous Stan Lee, and Hiryouki Takei (Who made a fascinating manga turned anime, Shaman King, for those of you that do not know of his prowess) are collaborating. On a manga.

They are making ULTIMO, which apparently features two robotic boys made 1000 years ago, one embodying pure evil, the other, pure good. They have shape changing gloves with which they fight.

Omfg, this is so going to rock.

Although I admit, that the bad guy has a cooler name. Vice vs Ultimo. Common, Vice pwns the name Ultimo a million times.

But anyways…