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I Gave Up – Basketball And My Time

I’m sorry I haven’t written in so long. I’m extremely busy. I shouldn’t be here even, right now, but I guess I can take some time from my Genetics questions.

Basically, the past few weeks have been straight from IB Hell, with me ending so sick from exhaustion that on Friday I couldn’t even lift my head off my pillow without feeling a great wave of nausea. I literally couldn’t get out of bed. Missed school too. = /

And between all that mayhem that is the first semester of IB Senior year, what with the Internal Assessments, College Applications and Essays, the Extended Essay, Activities (CAS is such a prick; prickslap!), and just the average (average, for whom?) IB schoolwork load… let’s just say I am overloaded.

And Basketball season just started.

I’m going to be very honest. I love Basketball. I love playing. I’ve been playing since my eight grade, and always managed to make it to the team. Unfortunately, last year, because of the Glass Shard Incident, I wasn’t able to travel with the team. Well, I should have, because I healed in time to join quite a few practices, but the coach told me straight off when I went to see her that since I hadn’t gone to the practices, I couldn’t go. Uh. Yeah. Person with crutches at practice. Great. Such a good management of my time right? Nevermind my homework… I got nuttin better to do than hang around there uselessly.

But I can’t join Basketball this year.

It frustrates me so much, but I was close to breaking down yesterday, and ended up sobbing some time to my mother later in the day, and I know I can’t afford it. I don’t have the time. I don’t have the energy. Nevermind that this is my last year, or that my last year got messed up, or that its the one sport I really want to do. I can’t.

And I feel really bad about it myself, because in things like these, I never give up. Ever. It feels… like I’m letting myself down. My team down. My body down. I’ve been slugging it these past few years to be able to do Basketball apart from my studies. I’d have done Pilates or Yoga otherwise, and avoided a lot of injury (broken fingers, stretched tendons, strained wrists, scratches, bruises, scrapes…) like that. But I had dedicated myself to it, and if there is one thing I have ever prided myself in, it is my dedication, to the point that I would not sleep just to make a project as perfect as I could (Well, that was also partly because of procrastination, but you know my mindset).

And now I gave up.

It goes against my grain.

It’s not like Basketball is a very big part of my identity. It’s just that the dedication and determination that I put into it, is something that I have always seen as important to my identity.

I know I’m doing the right thing, but another part of me is screaming that I’m a sucky idiot and have to play, because I had promised to myself I would.

I’m going back to Genetics.


He Needs Our Help!

Sorry, I just thought it was funny when my English teacher Mr. Pruzinsky asked for help with the writer’s workshop, as he expected a lot of freshmen kids looking for help. He was right. But meh.

Steph had a bunch of stuff to do, like three meetings this lunch, so I had to stand in for her in the Eco Club meeting, because our vice president, Lucille, didn’t show up. And Earth Day is coming up. hm, we need to think of something for Kermesse to see if we do something in Kermesse.

I forgot to finish an art sketch for this lunch because of those two events, so I’ll be doing that right now and hope we don’t die. : (

Extended essay… guuuuuh, I actually did check webmail yesterday to see if there was any EE homework, only there was no mail so I was like, “w00t”, but apparently I have to write 2000 words now. Gosh.

Bio was kind of funny, because Mr Buck is back from Basketball, plus, we’re studying the reproductive system. Lol.

Four people from our teams got hurt seriously, though, and we came fourth out of five. Sucks. Both boys and girls.

Hmm… I talked to Ms. Bangs this break about my frustrations at myself into getting myself to work. So, as to actually do my work, I’m going to leave the computer now and do math, art, brainstorm for TOK, work on my biology notes.

My transitions suck today, between sentences and subjects. Baaaaaaaaaah.

I’m sick -_- *sniff*

Foot Photos!

I bring to you, randomly, photos of my foot when it was still pretty recently cut and I was not allowed to walk : D!

Click on the photos for real view.


Isn’t that ridiculous? That thing hurt like hell to walk, kept bleeding, as is testified by the bandage on the left photo, would not let me walk for five days, and got me booted off the basketball team.

Yes, I’m bitter.

The team is in Chile right now.


This foot problem later ended up causing a lot of problems. Behold, the archives of the terrible Glass Shard Incident!

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“Hi! We Already Met!”

Today was alright.

In math, I found out I had lost my worksheets, and that nobody had finished them, so we had more time to work on them. Started the exercises all over again. Oddly enough, one moment in the class, Little Nick, who sits behind me with Esteve, called my name. When I turned, I saw Esteve hiding his head in his arms (Of course, he could have just been resting, but it didn’t really look like it.) while Nick just grinned at me and said nevermind.

I hope I am not reading into things too much, but do you also… ?

I took the ITGS quiz, which was surprisingly easy. No, honest. It was incredibly easy. After that, English, which was alright- I love our Book Club. It’s a really nice thing to read in class for ten minutes. At Lunch however, it was International Food day, so I bought a drink from Patrick since he was in charge of the Virgin drinks (Virgin mojitos, sex on the beach, you get it) and ate the Italian Pasta and some chocolate pudding for desert. Nice. Oh yeah, I had sushi in break.

Sushi. *o*

NHS was hosting the food day. I really want to join NHS- I belonged to NJHS. I should ask Patrick (I must have told myself this 109 times already) what the requirements are now. I think they were modifying them a bit.

I also joined the guy’s section today- somebody wasn’t there so I felt comfortable enough. I got to talk to the new guy, Ethan, a bit too. He seems nice enough, really. I had also forgotten how fun being with the guys is- and with them I can hit them with empty bottles and take part in equally silly activities. However, I also worked on a little paper that Lisa gave me- Dong Kyun, a somewhat-friend, was in a car accident and a comma. He’s awake now, and all around the school we are signing a get well card and writing in these little papers. Of course, decorated and drew on it- I hope that cheers him up.

We had a Basketball game after school. It was much better then the last one- we still lost, but the final score was among the lines of 24 -40, not 16-76 like the last one. And I do feel I am better now. I’m getting back into the swing of things now. And Pepe, Insun’s brother, surprised me after. He told me he’d been watching me play in the game, and he was impressed (Which is cute and flattering- I think we both know I didn’t do exactly well.) and he bought me a Gatorade out of nowhere. Such a sweet guy! I gave him a hug, and then had to run off so as to not miss the bus.

I now have to get on with homework. I still can’t find my lab notebook, so I am getting stressed. I know I am going to stay up late just for that. Guh. I need to give Lisa and Andre results first though. Then I will finish the Spanish part, and then just work on the lab lab lab. Maybe I’ll just do the math in the bus and before school in the morning- it would work.


>>Art- Art Critique due Friday.

>>English- “Snakecharmer” poem commentary of 1000 words, due Thursday.

>> English- Pastiche on Solzhenitsyn’s style.

>> Spanish – “Palabra del mudo” section of Julio Ramon Ribeyro work

>> Biology- Lab on Cow Liver Catalase Activity in Temperature, due tomorrow.

>> Math – Worksheet Matrices, due tomorrow.

Matrices test tomorrow

Binomial Theorem Worksheet due… ?