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..::I Can Touch The Sky::..

Gmail Chat with Anon, on Sunday Mar 22


1:51 PM I’m disgustingly cheerful
1:52 PM So
1:53 PM -sings “We Are The Champions” by Queen-
1:58 PM anonxeidrii: >D
me: CU>
1:59 PM omg
anonxeidrii: G’GUYTYSEYH
anonxeidrii: xD all the crap pays off?!
Not only was I accepted to Mt Holyoke, but they gave me an amazing scholarship (Twenty First Century Modern Scholars Scholarship, and it’s renewable every year!), they invited me to a Diversity Worskhop where they were GOING TO PAY MY TRIP AND BACK (I won’t be able to attend even if I get accepted though, it’s in the beginning of April and we are dying with exams and more over here), and in the Science Scholars program, which would take in July and I would travel and get research facilities aaaaaaaaaaaaand… = D
Oh my God. I’m so happy. Bennington, Smith, Mount Holyoke…
And today?
I got accepted to my top choice. Bard. With it’s 25% admittance rate (at least 2008).
My twitter:
  2. Universe, are you TRYING to make me extremely happy? Because it’s working.
  3. I love you! I promise I’ll work my arse off to take advantage of all these opportunities! I’ll get started on my homework right now! = D ❤
  4. Ok, so I danced first, which half the time consisted of jumping up and down in time with the beat. But still!! JAJA

Ajajajaja I’m so happy = ´D      ;w;     TwT


Partially Freed


I have had a nice weekend so far, gotten free from the great majority of my homeworks, hence, the partial freedom. Let us see what I have left.

1- Art

  • Presentation report (FORGOT TO DO THIS OMFG)

2- English

  • Read/log 3.3 in Othello for Monday


  • Read Gift of Fire Chap. 3, and write responses
  • Vocabulary Quiz on-D Terms
  • Read Chapter 9 Computer Confluence
  • PROJECT THINGY OMIGASH THINKTHINK (This one is stressing me out…)

4- Fit for Life

  • Get a journal

5- Spanish

  • Read till page 208 in Un Mundo para Julius
  • Read the comparison packet and make the outline

6- Math

  • Exercises 15G (MSN help for these…)

7- Biology

  • Lab report due Thursday 28
  • Photosynthesis Exam

So, a lot less then before.

I’ve had an overall nice weekend, actually. I went to Marite’s birthday thing this Friday, which was nice. The unfortunate part was when Insun and I got accosted by two creepy guys. I got better at saying “no” but I still need to work on it. I had to go back and get Insun though, she had this -_- face all the time and it was like “I shouldn’t leave her…” so I was fine in the end. Grgggg creepy guys. At some point, as we were dancing, the guy started grunting. That was when I stepped away and decided that enough was enough. Greh. Anyways.

Yesterday I slept till one, then spent the rest of the time reading Eldest by Christopher Paolini. Rereading, since I want the third book to come out. It was my relaxation day. The book is not the best, but I like fantasy fiction, so get on with the next book Paolini! (I also admire him… this story is from when he was 15 years old, and that is like.. and unfulfilled dream of mine, to publish one of MY stories, a fantasy magic one on top of it.) Then, at around 6, I sat down to start my homework, only to get invited by Chris M to go out with him and some friends around Barranco. I did go, and I had fun. Getting out after so much hell is nice =w= We ended going to this bar concert for free. It wasn’t very good though, but it was nice to get in. XD I also played Guitar Hero for the first time. It actually is pretty fun, jajaja.

Ahhh, I’m home now, and I need to start doing my homework. Also, my parents are going to have a college talk with me today, and I am NOT looking forwards to it. They were nice and di a college search for me of good Bio colleges… but… they viewed art as secondary…

I don’t know. I never doubted myself in studying art, viewed really only as a matter of what I felt like, until my mom told me she doubted me doing well in art. That was a really big blow.

Now… it’s almost like I’m just doing Bio because my parents expect me to do it. They are wonderful, they make amazing choices, and I love them, but…

I feel depressed about the direction this is going…

And I feel depressed because my parents don’t believe I should do art…

I’m just going to do English now…

Leadership Is Trying To Kill Me!

Now we know the truth in the words that with power come great responsibility. The thing is that with me, responsibility = no sleep + too much work —-> stress

I am SO glad that we don’t have more retreats. Maybe now I can get a routine out of my life and start going to sleep. I first need to work off the backlog I have, because it is KILLING me! I have like 13 homeworks! Ok, like three of them are of the quiz/test kind, but yes. The most important for me is to finish my art free topic. I don’t see it happening, but the further along I get… hopefully the nicer Ms. Sarria will be. I finally did my presentation on la Escuela Academica today, which was for like, two weeks ago, but between my surgery, the retreats, and Ms. Sarria herself having to go to the hospital for a family member, I hadn’t presented. Whew! That is out of the way now!

Here is my list of HWs:

1- Art

  • Free topic work due tommorow/Thursday
  • Research Workbook due Thursday
  • Presentation report (FORGOT TO DO THIS OMFG)

2- English

  • Read/log 3.3 in Othello for Monday (I did the three other homeworks today in my Fit for Life class since I can’t swim. Yay! DONE)


  • Read Gift of Fire Chap. 3, and write responses
  • Vocabulary Quiz on -C terms on Friday
  • Read Chapter 9 Computer Confluence

4- Fit for Life

  • Exam this Thursday/Friday on swimming survival stuff

5- Spanish

  • Read till page 208 in Un Mundo para Julius
  • Read the comparison packet (I HATE COMPARISONS) and scribble/note/underline stuff

6- Math

  • No clue. I’ll ask her for the work tommorrow in class

7- Biology

  • Photosynthesis Assignment for Friday 22
  • Lab report due Thursday 28
  • Photosynthesis Exam

… K, I’ll do the art free topic first.

Aaaaaaaaah. I’m still so… frustrated over the Eight Grade retreat. It was… agh… I feel I failed. Like, I wasn’t good enough to get the kids to work or something. But geeze, they were so mean to each other! That was the thing that really bugged me, how vindictive and insulting they were to their own classmates, all the time. I can stand the “I’m too cool to care” guys and the hyperactive kids, even the cheating kid was ok. But how mean they were to each other? No wonder they didn’t do well! No teamwork! Because I couldn’t run for the last activity, where everybody has to run past a swinging jump rope (obviously not all of us could go through at once…) I saw the huge mess it was. They never managed it. You know how quickly the High School leadership group did it? In like four tries. (The supervisors were stumped. One said “You aren’t supposed to do it so quickly!”) Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I hope the ninth graders are better. I hope I get Cody. I’ll find out tomorrow in the PGC meeting. *crosses fingers* At least I think we’ll find out.

As it is, not all of it was bad. I didn’t mind when a few of us stood up in front to talk to them of “the journey of high school” according to the yeti. I felt guilty when he said it like that, because I don’t have a very good memory. I’ve noticed everything blurs far more easily for me than it does to others, and my brother has that a bit too. I think it’s my way of surviving moving around so much.

Anyways, we talked about getting into new activities, finding out what you liked, the independence that comes with HS,  getting yourself organized, and not being afraid to make mistakes. Then we seperated into small groups to talk to them more closely. I talked to a nice kid in my group who wanted to know about art (he likes game design, so I told him to get into ITGS and to start making projects and practicing from.. NOW!) He told me he is getting a team to make a game design, and I told him he was on the right path. Chris and Diego talked about music, and we all learned about Diego’s decisions regarding College. I’m impressed. He really is a Senior. I’m not. I’m not ready for the independence, the responsibility, the possibility of my fuck ups. But it was nice talking to him. It was nice to feel like I might be able to take decisions like that soon, and be mature enough.

Enough moping about that. I need to set my ass off in a work path now.

I’m also avoiding talking about college. At least I admit it.


Eight Graders And A Roundabout Way To Grades

Today my day started hectically.

I woke up at around 4 am to look at my cellphone (which I have now been able to charge as I finally found my charger!) and groan “What, how did I wake up at this hour? Meh, the alarm will wake me, meanwhile I will try to get two more hours of sleep.” And so I promptly did so. When I next opened my eyes, puzzled because it felt wrong, and I looked at my cellphone, it was around 6:47 am. My bus picks me up at 7:00 am. Hence the panicked shower and dress up without breakfast, in which I fumbled and left without my keys. No bus until 7:10, get mom to open, ask her for money for taxi, and proceed to ask the guard to accompany while I get a taxi, as taxis aren’t safe, and the driver will see somebody looked and wrote down the license plate. But, voila! and lo, the bus appears, and I get on, feeling saved. I then notice that it’s a different driver, and he’s talking on the nextel to the normal driver on the route.

Hence began my stress filled journey trying to guide the driver for kids that have probably given up on being picked up through a bus route I barely remember or only in parts as I normally lie down and try to sleep in the bus. By the time he finally gave up on picking up kids, and taking us to school, it was three minutes to eight, and all I could think was “OMFG I’M LATE FOR THE EIGHT GRADE ORIENTATION” and wondering how much of an example and leader I was.

There was absolutely no problem. I got guided from the guidance office, to the middle school music room, to the health room where I met my fellow PGC leaders, back to the middle school music room for the powerpoint for the kids, and then to Hendershot’s room for the first group of middle schoolers.

Although why I am giving you so many details is moot. Uh, let me rephrase that- I don’t understand why I am giving you so many details when they are moot to you.

But basically, the three sessions with the kids:

I start the “Hi, we’re going to be your PGC leaders, my name is…” introduction around, Shirley talks about what PGC is, and Pamela tells them about how it is not a formal class thing, we aren’t teachers, we’re friends. And so on, we added on, details, what seemed to wrok.

Although the guys added very little.

It got slightly awkward, and among the questions:

Were we being forced to do this? (No, we’re volunteers, we applied, only 17 were chosen from 30). What is the IB ? (… too complicated to answer here.) What if they didn’t like the leader (Uh… well, they should obviously try to trust the leader, or else it won’t work, but you can’t change leaders, but anybody of the other leaders can also help you and would love to).

But I think it went fine. It was less awkward than I thought it would be. I think I’ll enjoy working with these kids.

What was great today of PGC also, though, was seeing Cody. God, I love that kid – he’s sweet and great fun. I hopehopehopehopehope he is in my group. I’d like to have Sam too though- she’s nice. From what we’ve talked. But mostly, I’m hoping on Cody- he’s very fun, plus, it would be easier to get to know the rest of the group. He has a magnetic personality.

After PGC ended, I met Patrick and discovered I had forgotten to return one of the ITGS textbooks (oops…) and so couldn’t get my report card. I accompany Patrick to his home as he has the same problem, he returns the textbook, takes me home, I get the book, we get our report cards, and then he comes over, so we play Wii and New England Monopoly. He ended up beating me and buying my childhood memories of New England. ;_; *wobbly eyes*

Well, on the grade basis, I am proud to talk about an average attainment level of 6.00



: D

Happiness abounds.


Theory of Knowledge: 6 (To be honest, Ifeel like I deserve a 7. I got 7 on my Final Essay, on my External Assessment Presentation, and the great majority of the assignments. I ROCKED TOK. How did I get a 6? ;_; Oh well. ITS STILL A SIX! Maybe it’s one of those works that ended up being out of control without realizing, and that I never turned in.)

Art: 6 (Much better than before. I’d entered a slump and everything sucked. End of story. Now, I’m improving in my workbook entries and my artwork is in time and I spend proper time on it, not depressed and unable to do anything.)

ITGS: 7 (WOOOOOOO. I got a 7 on the test, and apparently it raised me from a 6. Honestly, I’m surprised, as I forgot to do a lot of the catch up work from Tambopata… oops. IN my defense, I’d like to say I was dying.)

Spanish: 5 (I’m pretty happy with it. My mom is pissed. I don’t know. Sometimes I just don’t care for Spanish class- it’s hard when your class is… well… not the best. I mean, if I make no effort in that class and she tells my mom I’m her best student, it speaks volumes to how bad the class is. I mean, if I was with Steph, you can imagine I’d look more normal in comparison.)

English: 6 (HAPPINESS ABOUNDS!!! I’ve improved! No complaints! Lets aim for a 7 next semester!)

Biology: 6 (HEHEHE- wait. I got either 6s or 7s on the tests, and a 7 on the final! Whuuut? Oh right. Lab report writeups. They are always 5s. GAAAAAAAAH! Note to self: Goal for next semester is to rock lab write ups- the rest in Bio is easy.)

Math: 6 (OMGO#”#$Y)T”)&)=&)#I”#”Q!”#$!&°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°!”°!|1″!°3{fdnaj#DAesewf°!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 A FREAKING SIX IN MATH? Sure, it isn’t HL *knocks on wood*, but still, I felt I was dying in it! AAAAAAH IM SO HAPPY I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!! AAAAH)

I’m much happier than I thought I would be.

In the words of Rock Lee:


On Potato Fumes And Plastics – Group Four Project

I should probably make an IB tag or category for this. It’s only fair.

Anyways. Today, I had my last exam. ITGS. I’m too tired to say more than I left early and I probably got a bunch of easy things wrong. Cuz I didn’t study well.


I find it very hard to muster any emotions on this. I am just too fucking tired.

Since I left the test room as soon as I could, as I was simply going over the questions I had answered, I got out at around 10. Thus began a moment of stress, and worry, and anger.

For my group had not come.

I searched high, and I searched low, but nowhere I found where my group did go. Where where they when we had to set up? I’d brought the pan, I’d thought we could go. After all, they would set up while I did my test, afterall? Whattawasteoftime!

Well. No.

Since I didn’t have my cellphone, (no batteries, and I can’t find my charger for a week now), I couldn’t call them. I assumed that, like quite a few people, they had the mistaken notion that Group Four began at 10:30. Uh. No. It began at 8. But oh well, I had to wait until Insun, Patrick and Mikael came, and had to calm myself down so as to not try to screw some necks off.

Thankfully, they are pretty nice people who I appreciate (in not so many words: friends) and I knew it was a simple mistake (FUCKING MISTAKE), and they all pitched in quickly to work, so it was ok. Although it speaks greatly of how frustrated I was that even in my current state of utter exhaustion, I still can relive anger. Ok, it’s spent now. Back to our narrative.

Group Four is… basically, a lab experiment that joins at least two of the sciences (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics), with four members from said sciences.

It was nice that I had a good group. People who actually worked and didn’t do the “lets leave the work to somebody else” trick. So we did pretty well.

We made potato plastic.

What? Yes. In the theme of Sustainable Development. We basically had to remove the starch from the potatoes, and then mix it with glycerol, vinegar, water and baking powder. Here, check the Instructables page.

Insun and I were the expert starch removers. It was pretty damn gross, as we had to squeeze the filters to get the water out. And then, the dry starch looked like weird crumbly soap.

I wouldn’t want to wash with that though.

Now, by now, the whole classroom smelt of the potatoes. The smell lasted all day. And we didn’t take a lunch break, until like 2 pm, as we had to finish as much as possible. We used five different types of potatoes, and for each plastic made from one type, we color coded it. It was pretty neat.

Ok, I think I’m going to skip the rest, as I’m feeling very nauseous remembering. However, we have a killer project. A cool one. Everybody was like “dude, you guys have a cool lab!”. So I’m happy. Maybe we can get a 6? I daren’t hope for a 7. I’m not that optimistic right now.

I got home at around 4, and decided to have a nap.

Only I couldn’t, as my brother and dog kept bothering me and disturbing the process of falling asleep.

Tommorow we have to go back, and test the strength. And I apparently have to get a shot that helps girls not develop uterine cancer.

Both the shot, and the idea of uterine cancer is scary.

Friday is the eight grade orientation! I already told Cody, and he keeps asking me if he’s in my group. They haven’t told us yet though. I’d love to have him though. Oh well, Narutard. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

Chao. I need sleep.

School is hell.

Final Deathmatch! Current Status: Incapacitated

My brain feels dead.

After today’s final exams, it is as if I had been pummeled back and forth, and my brain is the one that suffered the most. I can still feel it shaking inside my head. Bong-bong-bong. Splish-splat-slewsh.

I think I gave you enough imagery of my brain. But trust me, finishing Finals on math is not fun.

Although technically, I haven’t finished Finals yet. ITGS is on Tuesday.
So, while I listen to My Chemical Romance in the first time in forever, I’ll let you know that today was pretty hellish.

How has my Finals been so far? Lets see:


Match 1: English A1 HL

Status: A fair and decisive fight. Audience remains interested. Final Score to be released.

Match 2: Biology HL

Status: DOUBLE KO! And she wins all around folks, the lady has gotten a 7!! *screaming and clapping sounds off as she lifts her arms in a signal of triumph* “YES! YES!” *retreats as flowers are thrown at her and gifts from admirers are passed to her and the crowd bellows “BIO QUEEN! BIO QUEEN! BIO QUEEN!”*


Match 3: Math SL Paper 1, No Calculator

Status: Aaaaaand it is a surprising fast win! The crowd goes crazy- everybody knows this is her weak spot! Bated waiting and held breath for the final score.


Match 4: Spanish A2 SL

Status: A slow fight, but she finishes in time! The victory was done neatly and with style, but she still needs training. Final Score pending.

Match 5: Math SL Paper 2, Calculator

Status: Ooooooooooooh that hurt! Ladies and gentlemen, she’s down, she’s down I repeat! But wait! She stands up! And she gives it a last shot, and passes, but she has been quite incapacitated. The audience is quiet, hoping for the best in this fight. The Final Score… is the decisive one.

So limping grimly here, I declare that today is a Art and Rest day. I will spend this afternoon drawing on my tablet, chatting, and gathering strength. Already, humor is returning a sense of stability. Now if my pounding headache would cease… The middle schoolers shouting (or talking loudly, it is the same with them.) and squirting their drinks at the other didn’t help me.

Next up… the ITGS Match, Group Four project, and PGC duties on Friday to guide and introduce the soon-to-be-freshmen around High School.

He Needs Our Help!

Sorry, I just thought it was funny when my English teacher Mr. Pruzinsky asked for help with the writer’s workshop, as he expected a lot of freshmen kids looking for help. He was right. But meh.

Steph had a bunch of stuff to do, like three meetings this lunch, so I had to stand in for her in the Eco Club meeting, because our vice president, Lucille, didn’t show up. And Earth Day is coming up. hm, we need to think of something for Kermesse to see if we do something in Kermesse.

I forgot to finish an art sketch for this lunch because of those two events, so I’ll be doing that right now and hope we don’t die. : (

Extended essay… guuuuuh, I actually did check webmail yesterday to see if there was any EE homework, only there was no mail so I was like, “w00t”, but apparently I have to write 2000 words now. Gosh.

Bio was kind of funny, because Mr Buck is back from Basketball, plus, we’re studying the reproductive system. Lol.

Four people from our teams got hurt seriously, though, and we came fourth out of five. Sucks. Both boys and girls.

Hmm… I talked to Ms. Bangs this break about my frustrations at myself into getting myself to work. So, as to actually do my work, I’m going to leave the computer now and do math, art, brainstorm for TOK, work on my biology notes.

My transitions suck today, between sentences and subjects. Baaaaaaaaaah.

I’m sick -_- *sniff*

Reproductive Labs

Today, at Biology class, while we worked on the human reproductive system.

Insun: Do we have any labs for this topic? ?_?

Risa: I don’t think so. ._.

Camila: Yeah, what would you test? ?_?

Insun: Yeah, what type of labs would we have? ?_?

*silence as we all connect “Reproduction” with “Experiment” in our heads*

*everybody starts smiling* : D : D : D


Insun: We’d have lab partners : D


*We all crack up*