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CD In, Upload To Itunes Library, CD Out

I took the opportunity today to pass some of my favorite “oldie” music to my itunes, and borrowed some of my dad’s cds So far, I havea mishmash of The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Peter Paul and Mary, Donovan, Don McLean, and many more. I am pretty happy- despite the fact that I had to type up the names and Artists of a few songs (few- faaaaaaah!). I’m going to get Queen next up.

Also, I give up on using Itunes to purchase my music. I have an allowance of 10 dollars per month- an album per month. I am downloading limewire. So much for my ideals, but I think I’m the only one in my freaking school that does that.

Meh. I am only writing about the music to avoid a topic. Mostly in my family. Maybe later. I am just so tired.

Let me put a list of the work I still have to do for school.

*TOK. Start brainstorming for Essay.
*Art. Finish ink drawing illustrating a song with character and landscape. Go to an art gallery and work on the Art Critique.
*ITGS. Work on the keyterms I forgot to finish.
*English. Pastiches of Solzenitzhyn’s style.
*Spanish. Typed up Biography on Julio Ramón Ribeyro, with a description of the characteristics of his works and similar.
*Biology. Work on the notes.
*Math. Finish both handouts and revise for math test on Tuesday.
*Ext. Essay – Write more letters for help, reorganize Table of Contents for Supervisor, and work more on the outline.
*College Search – I don’t know what to do in this aspect, actually.

I actually finished some other three homeworks, which is unusual for me. I’d usually be working on all of them right now. Maybe I’m improving. Anyways, I’ll try and do ITGS, Spanish and Art today. I actually, had Spanish nearly finished, but I lost the work I’d done. Meh.

Oh yeah. In the RPG I’ve recently gotten obsessed with, DragonFable, I FINALLY managed to beat a particular monster. It’s called the Doomcat. Its so ridiculously strong for such a ridiculously cute creature. It’s attacks are kind of morbid too. I didn’t get the weapon I was questing for to beat it though- I got tired of doing the same quest over and over in the hopes of getting it and went at the cat anyways. I managed it this time.

Meh. It’s been a sucky Easter.