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[The Wrock Project] Installment IV [C]

Onwards, brave Wrockers! We will face the tumultuous waves of untuned instruments, the tempestuous winds of breathy, whiny voices, and the tortuous sounds of beats without rhythm all to find the Good Bands that make you stop, smile, and then belt out the lyrics at the top of your lungs!

I like being dramatic. Anyway, this is the installment of the Cs!

  • The Caradoc Dearborns. Hun, please take a few guitar lessons and leave the singing to somebody else. I like your harmonica, though.
  • Catchlove. The rewritten cover of “Kids of (is it “in” or “of?”) America” is pretty neat. It’s fairly good quality overall, really. Definitely worth a listen to see if you will be into their music. Or his music—I can’t tell.
  • Cedrella Black has only one song, “Bella’s Lament,” which is seems to be sung all right, but is a bit overdramatic for what I’m used to. I mean, I can see the song playing in a movie while the main character plays on the piano and pours out her heart after heartbreak of some sort or… jaja, yeah. Give it a try, though.
  • Cedric and the Gravestones is a pretty amateurish band. I also had a fit of giggles when they got to a part in their song “Dementors” that went “and they’ll suck, and they’ll suck, and they’ll suck your soul.” A fit of immaturity.
  • The Cedric Diggorys are a distinctly different band than the others; they have a far more grungy, rough sound. Punk. I had fun, although I did get a bit depressed.
  • Celestial Warmbottom was a real treat! She has a wonderful, powerful, and expressive voice. And you should listen to her saucy love songs = )
  • Celestina Moldubeck Wardbeck was rather cute and lighthearted. Too bad I don’t understand French, but it didn’t stop me from listening = )
  • Celestina Warbeck was fun, but at times the pitch really made me wince. Ow.
  • Chaos of Phoenix is creative, but I dislike the singing. I’m sorry; I do like the composition, but not the execution.
  • Charlie and the Dragon. I love their song “Nymphadora.” The other song didn’t do much for me (other than the fact that it was Twilight vs. HP and OF COURSE HP won, because Twilight doesn’t even begin to compare… This does not open this blog post to flamers.)
  • Chasing Quaffles. I can tell you guys had loads of fun and put some serious effort into this. Maybe in the future, but for right now, I’m just going to move along.
  • The Cheering Charms. Same as above. Meh.
  • Chi Chi Chang, you sound pretty cute, but I have no idea what you are saying.
  • I actually listen to Death Metal on occasion, but Children of Godrics Hollow is just pretty fucking terrible.
  • Chimaera Scamander: A Huffle Diary. I have no idea what is going on here.
  • The Chinese Chomping Cabbages is… eh. Just eh.
  • Chinese Fireball. Meh. Boring.
  • Chloe Nothing. Add one more to the boring streak. She’s just whiny.
  • Cho and the Changs. So far there is only a preview, so there isn’t much I can say or opine about (is opine a word?).
  • The Cho Chang Gang is all right, I suppose. I do have “Quidditch Tomorrow” stuck in my head, but I’m not too happy about that.
  • The Chocolate Frogs did better than the previous bands. I must admit that until I got to “Anyone Else But You” I was really put off by the monotone singing, but the instrumentals and lyrics are pretty decent. And I am impressed by the number of songs.
  • Chocolate in the Library. The rewritten lyrics were fun, but I just can’t listen. They also got an Usher song stuck in my head, urgh.
  • Clavenraw, I don’t understand a single word in your song and the repeated off-shadowy echo thing is really annoying.
  • Colin and the Creeveys were a bit whiny (which makes sense, it is Colin = ) ) but my main problem was the synthetic music.
  • Colours in the Cauldron was ok. Just ok.
  • Confusing Concoction wasn’t very melodic.
  • The Conjuring Cauldrons was just eh. I did like that there was a “Tribute to Trelawney”.
  • The Cornish Pixies. There is another band by that name, but their song wouldn’t play, so no review is forthcoming. This one was funny – it is definitely a good group of friends having fun, and I enjoyed their rewritten cover “Avada Kedavra,” but this is more of an amusement band than music I want to listen to.
  • A Couple of Harrys. I can honestly believe this is Harry singing to himself quietly inside the cupboard. There is a type of nostalgia and naivety to the songs in their simplicity. The music is very… country tuney? “Hagrid’s Legacy” was actually pretty interesting.
  • There is something appealing about Crabbe & Goyle‘s monotone songs and the guitar chords and how utterly ridiculously stupid the songs and lyrics are, duh, because Crabbe & Goyle are terrible people, and so… so smart. Anyways, worth a shot for the short laugh.
  • And then we have Crabbe and the Goyles. This is another beast entirely, as can be seen by their entirely innuendo-laden song “Basilisk”. I mean, if you have rap-ish song whose chorus goes among the likes of, “Take a look take a look at my Basilisk, isn’t it long, yeah, isn’t it thick”, well, you can draw your own conclusions. They’re damn catchy, unfortunately, because I cannot get that chorus out of my head. And if somebody ever tells me that they want to “open your chamber of secrets, girl”, I will punch them. And “just my snake, my girl, and me” is hilarious. Goddammit, against my better judgment I LIKE THIS BAND A LOT. Although “Ministry of Meh” is getting really repetitive – oh wait he’s doing this on purpose? Ok, I get it, please stop saying “repetitive songs” on and on please. PLEASE. And this is an incredibly superior parody of Cee Lo Green’s “Fuck You”. Ok, this band was great for the first two songs and now I am completely tired of it. (Yes, I do write these reviews as I listen to the bands.)
  • When I read the name Creevey Crisis, I was not expecting metalish rock music. There you go. They’re pretty decent, although they ended up being more background music to which I shook my head and muttered “Sword of Gryffindor!!” in time with the song while doing some homework. I like them enough to suggest checking them out however.
  • Crookshank, despite forgetting the “s,” is another cute band. I mean, one of its songs is dedicated to a chocolate frog’s lament.
  • The Crossovers is very varied in their attempts at harmony. Umm…. hmm…. eh.
  • Crucius was, as can be expected from the name, probably created to strike fear into the hearts of the enemies of the Dark Lord. In some ways, this is hard to do when people can’t understand what your grunting is. On the other hand, if that grunting comes from the mouth of a Giant, that would probably be frightening enough. And that is an approximation of the appeal of this music (zero).
  • The Cruciatus Curse, however, could kind of be trashy Wizardpop. We’ve got Ke$ha’s song dedicated to Slytherins (you know she would be that trashy Slytherin trying to be cool enough to hangout with the Malfoys by throwing parties and singing for them). That said, “Slytherock” is what I’m going to play at that Quidditch Dance Party I’ve been planning for a while. I’m not as impressed with the other songs, although “Squib” was properly adapted to the original “Creep” song. I do enjoy the mood created by “Tale of the Deathly Hallows.”
  • Crucio! at the Yule Ball sounded really cool based on their name. However, their cover of “I Will Survive,” , is a bit lackluster.
  • Crucio Crucio has a nice, single instrumental song, that if it were longer, I would use as a soothing track despite the fact that the track name alludes to Fenrir Greyback.
  • But ahoy, here come the The Crumple-Horned Snorkacks! Except there are only 31 seconds of a song there. And I like what I hear, but there is nothing else!
  • The Curse Breakers is genuinely good. As in, she decently sings, the instruments have decent melody, and the lyrics are interesting Definitely go through all her songs!

And that, my dear almost non-existent readers, is how the letter C of Wizard Rock Bands ends! I count 38 bands… and I’m only at C… Hmm… maybe somebody wants to help me out with the whole Wrock Project? Send an owl!


[The Wrock Project] Installment III [B]

From now on, each post will review all the bands listed on the Wizrocklopedia by letter. Today, I bring to you the letter B, brought to you by bloody banshee bands.

  • The Bandon Banshees is a somewhat monotone band. I like the instrumental sections more than the singing, but the bands has a pretty nice lineup of songs.
  • I do find the previous band better and more complex than The Band of Requirement. Their one song, “Just Harry”, is cute, but eh.
  • So, The Band who Lived also has only one song, which is amusing in that it is dedicated to a Troll… a demo of the I assume will-soon-be-completed “Troll Song” about love for a troll? Eh.
  • The Band-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is Evanescence inspired, and is, of course, a Dark Wizard band. I actually like them – they’re entertaining, have a relatively clear sound and more skill in instruments than other bands, and maybe I have a soft spot for songs written from Bellatrix’s POV. That, and “Hortcrux Baby” cracks me up.
  • Basilisk and the Kreachers. Um. Huh? Uhh…
  • The Basilisk in Your Pasta. I really, really like this band – it was fun, cute, and are a bit of a teasing band. I like the way they wove French into the song, and will definitely be listening to this band in the future. Thumbs up!
  • The Bat Bogey Hexes has one a’capella song called “Lullaby for Molly”, which has cute, sweet lyrics and could be pretty catchy if performed a bit more professionally.
  • The Beater Broke His Club is another, somewhat shaky a’capella band. The name is fun, though.
  • The Beedles. I must say, The Beedles are pretty fun and do for some light listening every so often if you don’t mind a few jarring moments. I do, however, have a weakness for their song “Quidditch Field”. Maybe I can get my team to learn this song so we can sing it at the next tournament… hmmm
  • Bella and le Strangers is goood. I am happy to say that there is harmony and melody and it works well and that the songs make me feel pretty happy. They have a kind of campy Donovan feeling to them (Ok, only to me, perhaps, I suck at reviewing and comparing music and bands), but I definitely recommend them! Also, I have a weakness for Bellatrix POV music, apparently.
  • Bella and the Death Eaters is pretty fun. Also, the rewriting of “Hallelujah” in “Bellatrix Lestrange” is pretty funny. But that’s about it. Hm.
  • Bella’s Love. Wow, the “B”s have a theme. It’s pretty rough and kinda just eh, well, its an attempt at singing. I think that the reasons are so scathing and mean is because they can’t stand the awkward attempt at being nice that I do…
  • The Bertie’s Bott Band. Um. Nuff said. Just. Ugh.
  • Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Band is cute sounding, but I kind of already forgot every part of their songs.
  • The Bezoar Project. It might just be me, but I find it really uncomfortable to hear about a schoolgirl fantasy with Snape, as she sings in “Slytherin Lovin”. Umm. Yes. Otherwise, its pretty decent singing and songwriting.
  • Big Whompy. Definitely not my type of music, but the song is amusing. So listen to it for fun! But its a very simple melody garageband thing.
  • The Black Sisters is hard to gauge in that I can barely hear anything in their recordings. But what I can hear is cute and pretty good harmony. I’d like to hear what they could do with better recording equipment.
  • Blast Ended Skrewts. I have to say, I really enjoyed the simple, purely instrumental song. I think I’ll keep this one bookmarked.
  • The Blast Ended Skrewts! have a lot of excitement with that name. That energy passes onto their music. I will, however, pass. They were doing better until somebody started singing.
  • I want to point out that Blibbering Humdinger is a wonderful name. I also want to point out that the sense of humour inherent in the name carries onto their music. The lyrics are pretty funny, from the explicit minded “Huffepuff Sandwhich”. The tunes do get repetitive, but I can easily get over that for the lyrics.
  • The Blood Traitors. Oh dear. Their one song is enjoyable, but pretty dull and lacking in the energy of the original song it is based off.
  • The Blood Pops. Eh.
  • The Bludger Kids. Ugh.
  • A Bludger to The Head. It is pretty cute, actually. There needs to be more Luna love among the wrock bands.
  • Bronze and Blue was kind of painfully boring.
  • Blue and Yellow Wand. I’m confused. Is she singing?
  • The Blue Eagles is very… one chord strum and the repetition of the word “felix”.
  • The Boggarts. Finally! This was some nice triumphal music. Liiiike.
  • Books and Cleverness. Move along.
  • The Bookworms is a cute setup. However, I am falling asleep to the music. Bland, really.
  • The Boy Who Wrocked is by no means a particularly good band. But I am still having fun listening. This time it really is purely subjective.
  • The Boyz Who Lived has good singing! Makes me think of that band Cartel. It’s cute. I will definitely listen to this more! Except, they have like, one song.
  • The Broom Closet Diaries. Bleh. (I’m getting pretty monosyllabic…)
  • The Brothers Black. Yes yes yes thank you, a good catchy band. Goes to my listening list! Especially their song “Don’t Wanna Be A DeathEater”!
  • Buckbeak and the Hippogriffs was cute, in a country sort of way. They can actually play music, its just not my type.
  • The Bulstrodes is definitely a pretty cute band. I don’t know why I use that term so much. Too bad the sound quality does not make me want to listen much.
  • Butterbeer Chuggers. Based on the name alone, I think they’d be great friends with the team. Until I listened to the song Veritaserum. Um.
  • The Butterbeer Experience. See, this name makes me think if somehow the singer got drunk on Butterbeer. That said, this is a pretty decent setup. The lyrics are nice, and she has a good voice. The more I listen to it, the more I like this.
  • The Buttermellows. I like the folksy thing going on, although it is a bit “whiny”, like my roommate commented. Problem: every song really just sounds like the other.
  • By The Great Beard of Hagrid is a GREAT name. I will use it in exclamations now. The song, however, is very…eh. But good name.

I FINISHED THE Bs! Oh dear Merlin, this is going to be long.

[The Wrock Project] Installment II [A]

Ahem. Shall we continue?

  • As I Lay Dobby is a young metal band, and is like all young metal bands. That’s basically it. I really like how they chose Dobby, though, and I like their lyrics.
  • The Auror Dawlish was actually pretty funny when I started paying attention to the lyrics of the song “The Leaky Cauldron”.
  • Avada Kedavra Killer is a cute band, and better in its cuteness than some that I’ve seen so far.
  • The Azkaban Breakout. Cool name. Moving on.
  • Azkabane was seriously entertaining and the “Ode to Harry Potter” pretty listenable.
  • The Azkaban Escapees are actually cute and a kind of chill, quiet lullaby band, as far as I can tell. Their sound is pretty messy, which can get very annoying, but I’m assuming that is their recording equipment.
  • The Azkaban Work-Release Program is definitely one of the better bands I have heard, in melody, band story, and lyrics. I would definitely recommend this group. They should definitely improve the quality of the recordings of songs other than “The Conscience of a Death Eater” though.

[The Wrock Project] Installment I

Hallo blog! I realize I have been neglecting you lately, but now, due to the fact that my twitter was getting flooded, I bring the Wrock Project to this blog post!

What is Wrock? Why, WIZARD ROCK (as if I wasn’t enough of a geek/nerd/dork). It’s inspired by, of course, Harry Potter. And since I’m a geek through my Quidditch Team I might as well start listening to some and see which ones I like. I’m going through them alphabetically. Now, since I was flooding my poor twitter with my comments, I’m passing them over here and the proceeding to write more!

  1. Starting to listen to Wrock as I do my homework. I am such a geek. 7:04 PM Mar 28th
  2. It’s official, Project Wrock has started: for the next few days I’m going to listen to Wrock bands and link to the ones I like/amuse me
  3. “I’m On a Broom” by The 8th Horcrux http://www.myspace.com/the8thhorcrux really cracked me up!
  4. Liking the clap/chorus part of “Dumbledore” by ABCDEFG! Otherwise, kinda meh for me
  5. EVERYTHING from Aberforth Dumbledore and the Nannies CRACKS ME UP, but “Goats” in particular is hilarious http://bit.ly/bGTAYD
  6. Accio Hagrid! has a cool name, but all the singing does is make me think of Alvin & the Chipmunks and laugh http://bit.ly/bFiS59 XD
  7. Both love and hate “Hufflepuff is For Weirdos” by The Acid Pops. I feel it’fs too mean but otherwise it’s fun http://bit.ly/decEZD
  8. The Canadian group The Acid Pops, however, didn’t gain a favourable comment from me http://www.myspace.com/theacidpopswizrock
  9. On the other hand, it’s pretentious of me to say that considering I’m not musical or a good music critic, but tis my humble opinion
  10. Loved every single of Alas Earwax!’s songs, so fun for an HPnerd!!!! http://www.myspace.com/earwaxrock
  11. The Albeus Humbledores had a cool name but I can’t listen to their music, to be honest… #wrock
  12. Albus and Dumbledore was a meh artist. #Wrock #WrockProject
  13. However, I do like “Elder Wand” by Albus and the Dumbledores, even if it is a short guitar riff http://bit.ly/9p4FJ0 #Wrock
  14. “Teddy’s Man Points” by Albus and the Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledores is hilarious though short! #Wrock

And that is as far as I tweeted before deciding my followers were probably suffering. On to the next part!

  • The lyrics for “Buy You a Drink [Wrock the Yule Ball]” by The Albus Severi are hilarious and the song is better than I expected. Fun = )
  • I LOVE love LOVE the Demo Track that The Albus Severus Potters has on the site. Is there more coming out?!?!?! When?!?!
  • All Abroad the Knight Bus is pretty funky, although their songs do get monotone. For me it’s more of a “listen to the lyrics and laugh” thing, unlike The Albus Severus Potters where I seriously want to listen to the actual music that the demo hinted at. “Cursed” is pretty funny, following Harry’s adventures as a night-time rule breaker and what seems to be his constant bad luck and trouble magnetism, and I quite like the base music. However, “Detention Sucks” annoys me. A lot. “A Pensieve Full of Memories” was surprisingly restful and really helped me chill out and do my work. I also actually liked “Quidditch Games” more than I usually would a song of this style. Unfortunately, their demo for “A Day in Hogsmeade” really bored me. Mixed reviews for these guys, but they actually have a variety of songs which gives them a plus in my book (blog). Besides, they have a pretty cool name.
  • The Amazing Merlin is good – as only a slight metalhead (I haven’t stopped to listen to The Sword or Walls of Jericho in a long time, damn), I found I could sit and enjoy this and every so often get the urge to headbang a bit (which I refrained from because I’m supposed to be doing homewor and headbanging would distract me even more). “The Dragon” is probably my favourite of their tracks, and I prefer the vocals version of “Storm of the Wizard”. A bit more toned down than I expected, but fine.
  • Amortentia stuck a blank for me. I suppose the guitar melody/harmony/whatever (I suck at music, shush, I just know there is a basic guitar sound there) was ok, but otherwise. Bleh. At least the idea for their song “Draco’s Gay” is fun.
  • My my, look at that, another band named Amortentia. This one definitely is better than the other Amortentia, and “Argus Loves” in particular is interesting, as it is written from Argus Filch’s viewpoint.
  • Anapnea. This solo singer seems to me to be doing Covers (I’m not sure about Full Moon and Between the Bars), and he has nice vocalization. Perhaps he should collaborate with somebody for more creative work?
  • Angelina and the Chasers is a rather good find so far – I like the harmonics (I sound like I know what I’m talking about!), and the song themes. Some parts of the lyrics could be more creative, but I can definitely sit and enjoy them. “The Frozen Smile” in particular really puts me in a sad, contemplative mood, but then it deals with one of the twin’s death…

And that was the first installment! Wait with bated breath for the next one! (Or shake your heads and chuckle, if you prefer).

Under The Iron Sea

I just bought Under The Iron Sea cd by Keane. I love it.

It’s really nice to do homework with it, and I ended up doing a lot of juggling with the music in my ipod so that it would fit. Sorry French Cafe CD, sorry quite a few Bob Marley Songs, but Keane pwns you.

*closes eyes and drifts off*

Don’t Wait…

Don’t wait, Don’t wait
The lights will flash and fade away
The days will pass you by
Don’t wait
To lay your armor down

-Don’t Wait, Dashboard Confessional

I love this band so freaking much.

Strange Last FM Recommendations

Sometimes they are just messed up. Something I dislike intensely, and far away from the genres I tend to listen.

Of course, I do have a very wide taste in music. Let’s use shuffle to tell you a bit of what I listen to.

>>Synthetic- Spineshank

>>Woman del Callao- Juan Luis Guerra

>>Wherever I May Roam- Apocalyptica

>>Protége Moi- Placebo

>>Reset-Mute Math

>>Changes IV- Cat Stevens

>>Come Back Liza- Harry Belafonte

>>Trem Azul- Antônio Carlos Johm

>>Left Behind Full- Slipknot

>>Bruise Pristine- Placebo

>>Algo Personal- Joan Manuel Serray

>>Michelle- The Beatles

>>Beloved- The Working Title

>>Weight of the World- Evanescence

>>The Wind- Cat Stevens

>>Drown- Three Days Grace

>>Get Comfortable- The Junior Varsity

>>Cantares- Joan Manuel Serrat

>>Explode- Nelly Furtado (Note that I have only liked her album Folklore)

>>La Bayamesa- Buena Vista Social Club

>>Nightswimming- Dashboard Confessional

I wonder how anybody would interpret my taste with this list.

Yonder Come Day

Day is a breaking… *singing*

I just returned from the High School Concert, where I… sang. Yes. I am indeed, in Vocal Ensemble. I think we did alright, but we have only had… what, five practices? Vocal Ensemble was started this semester, so we are the newest, and least experienced group of those that presented.

That being said, I loved the last song the Orchestra played. Stephanie said it is called “Arlington Sketches”.

I need to get that song. I loved it.

I also quite liked the Jazz Band.

Weird night. Busy day. Mom back from trip. Have to work.

Good bye.

Let’s Talk About Music

Today, I will explain a bit of my personal tastes about music, and about what I don’t like in msuic, both in the style, the subject and content, and the stereotype. And I’ll develop a series of posts later going more indepth about this in individual songs, artists, or even a genre. And I will try to stay open minded, but I will also tell you, straight up, what I dislike. Or maybe, hate.

I love music. I can’t live without music. I have a 4 GB ipod thats a bit broken and scuffed, taht I tak everyday to school despite the fact that my dad told me I was not to, I listen to it when I can, I hum randomly, get songs stuck in my head, you know the usual.

I mostly listen to Rock, Emo, Alternative. That side of the spectrum. Don’t ask me to differentiate very well in that side, because I honestly don’t care, I just usually say Rock. I love it. I tend to only listen to the well known bands because, well, I don’t know other bands, or how to search them. Sometimes, last fm gives me some good bands that I still don’t buy to support because I have $10 in itunes a month, and I tend to use it for one $9.99 album. And I, sadly, don’t write the band’s name down, and it is lost to me… forever and for some time. That is why a few days I gave up and started using limewire.

The genres I “hate” are hip hop, rap, and reggaeton. I say hate with quotation marks, not because I really hate them, but because I hate many aspects that seem to reappear in the music genre, and to me, end up personifying it. If I don’t like it stylishly, I won’t give it much crap- its my opinion, but that style is not necessarily wrong. I respect that other people like the music style. I might disagree, but I won’t bother you about it, unless its teasing.

Unless that music genre that goes with that style has things I find unacceptable.

The most obvious, and really, repetitive, problem I have with these genres, is Sexism. Sexism with a captial S. Sexism in the discrimination against women, of opression.

Because I believe that this music is opressing women and girls, who consciously and subconsciously get these messages, and if young and impressible, will end up believing that the best thing she lives for is to wear skimpy bikinis and dance titillingly for men. Or, like me, who have already formed an opinion about sexism, about women and girl’s place in society and about the opression we go through, howl in our minds that the obscene lyrics and videos are widely accepted.

So. Rap, Hip Hop, and Reggaeton.

I know that not all the songs in these genres are hollow, sexist, demeaning, etc, in these genres. But the great majority are, and by association, I tend to step away from any song from that genre. The possibility that I will hear a guy singing rawdily that he “wants to dance closely and then make love” is much too big that I will risk it for an okay song, even a great song. Stylistically, I also dislike these genres- the beats are the same in Reggaeton and rap, the range of subjects the same, the music too similar.  Actually, maybe I should be a bit more specific with each genre.

Hip Hop

I always think of rap and hip hop as related, no matter what. I tend to like hop hop a lot more stylistically- I have heard some pretty nice ones that I still won’t touch because of the subject- so that in that sense, I wouldn’t bother you. The dancing is fun- at least, the guy’s is. The girls… oh dear. You know what I see in hip hop videos? Men who are so obsessed with sexy women it’s like they are horny teenagers. And I see the women they are obsessed over, and what they want them to do. All I can see in the videos is “SEXUAL OBJECTIFICATION SEXUAL OBJECTIFICATION SEXUAL OBJECTIFICATION”  repeatedly. If you can’t see what is wrong about that, go away. No, seriously, go away. If you think women are meant to be sexual objects, or service objects, you don’t deserve any attention, you aren’t worth my time, or that of any self-respecting person.

Hip hop has sprouted a big following Up North, but I would hate to meet it. It would seem this following goes in gangs, wears the same style of clothes, and is generally black. I don’t believe that black people generally are violent, sex obsessed idiots. I think that maybe there are too many like that because of culture, and that black people are getting bad aspersions on this basis. I do know I would be wary of somebody of a black person wearing hip hop clothing- in a way I would not be of a black person wearing any other type of clothing (Unless you would put something like bondage or normal clothes spattered with clothes, but you get the ideas.) The Black Eyed Peas’ “Where is the love?” is one of the few hip hop songs I listen to. The others are in German thanks to Blacklime, and sound pretty cool in my opinion, and since I have no idea what they are saying, I’m generally happy all around.


Rap is… to me it is boring. As far as I understand,  rap is spoken in time to the beat of backgrounds music. I do know that there is more to it then this, but my experience with it makes me push it far far away. If you want to know my impression of rap, it is pretty much the same as that of hip hop, only that stylistically I don’t like it. Most of the time.  But a song or two that I have enjoyed, by Eminem- whom I incidentally generally hate, but damn, these songs touched me- are Stan, Toy Soldiers, and Mockingbird. This shows me a side I can respect- not the same side as the one of “I’m gonna fa****ng cum” or whatever it’s name is. (Incidentally, if you ever want me to hit you, just sing that. I WILL hit you, unless you are BlackLime or my brother.) But the other songs- if you want something that touches you so much it’s almost like you have been hit, that’s it.


I am getting slightly tired, so I’ll try to make this quick. Basically, I only like reggaeton when I dance. So far, to me, it is only good for that. I hate the music stylistically, it always has the same beat, very similar music, same. Fucking. Content. All they talk about is getting laid, sexy women, money, violence, anger, sexy women, drugs, sexy women, money, dancing with sexy women, getting laid. Did I mention how much sexual objectification there is? Go watch a video. I have pretty much the same problems as with all the above, but reggaeton hits closer because I live in Latin America.

I dance to reggaeton when I go out with my friends, and then it is even fun to shout the horrible lyrics. I usually dislike dancing so closely and… suggestively (Suggestively?  I don’t think the word understatement even covers this) to guys I generally don’t know, and even to those I know. But it can be fun, if you do so a bit farther away, or dancing without close contact in a group of girls. No, wait, it rocks. I love those nights.

But I hate the fucking music. Hatehatehatehatehate. Ye Gods, and here I hold my head and moan, why, oh why God, did you give us three versions of the same hateful thing?

Then I remember it was humans who gave it to us, and it makes sense.

Music Overload

Hey! I just filled my ipod’s music capacity! I’m still in shock- I am so used to have little music, that I never thought I could fill its memory. So now I have to choose what to take with me. So I am currently taking out some individual songs, or trimming the bands I don’t like as much, such as Good Charlotte.

Actually, I am going to just download limewire right now- and let it download and all that as I do my spanish homework. I want to try to get some sleep tonight- I haven’t been playing DragonFable!!!

On the music news horizon, Chepi and I listened a bit on the bus, which was fun. One of the Radiohead songs nearly resulted in what I call a “music high”during the bus. But not the excited, movement high- a drifting off high. I know, it’s a bad comparison, to drugs, but I suppose it’s a similar feeling. I’m not going to ask the people who take drugs.

Also on the music news horizon, Audrey and Madsen both have new albums. I am going to have to listen to those.

*starts singing to lostprophets*