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Something Good This Way Comes

Things are looking up a lot since my last post – and for a while now. I just couldn’t bring myself to write about it, since I needed to  let the wave of happiness take its course without redirecting it by writing the blog post.

I probably just confused everybody there.

But a number of good things have been going on since, and quite a few are college related. Life is becoming happier and I feel much better, not as much stress. I feel I can actually tackle my school work and come out winning now that the family issue is not so threatening.

First off, I had two college interviews by phone. Well, one wasn’t so much an interview, but rather sounded more like they were trying to convince me to go to Mt Holyoke. That was rather nice and flattering actually, especially when the trustee said that the office of admissions had called me “Hot Property”.  While I think that “property” is a very wonky term (I’m person! Not an object! I am not owned!) I’m just going to go ahead and take that as a compliment and a good sign for the future.

The second interview was Bennington, and I really enjoyed talking to the woman, even if we kept getting some Skype glitches. I learned some very interesting things about Bennington, especially its Environmentally friendly policies (YAY!) and other details. Suffice to say, I was really happy, I think the woman was happy, and I think that it gave a good impression.

Oh… additionally, talking about Bennington… yesterday I received an email notification that I HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED! MY FIRST ACCEPTANCE TO A COLLEGE! =’ ) I feel very, very happy, and it’s like I reached my first milestone. The two college interviews themselves were enough to get me into a “music high” when I had them (I think I scared a few friends over MSN because I was typing really fast, in capslock at times, and very, very hyper as I blasted music and ocassionally dissapeared to dance to my music.)

I think there was more I wanted to say, but I am extremely happy right now, and I’ll just go do my homework. (My family situation, btw, is better, but still has its problems. I’m hoping it won’t explode again and we’ll be able to fix this.)

PS: To those who were here for the Avatar Casting Fracas, I’ll start updating again – I’m sorry I zoned out of it, but I had a lot to deal with : ( But I shall! *determination*


Anxiety Overload

I haven’t really told people, but I’m currently having some family problems – or well, the family is having problems. Yesterday, Sunday, was pretty much the huge gunk mess up, but I really don’t want to talk about it.

Today, after fighting with my brother at around 5 pm, I began to feel pain in my chest, where my heart is. At first I tried to ignore it, but after a while I started getting worried and googled the symptoms for a heart attack. I KNOW I am too young to have a heart attack, but if you feel pain right hwere your heart is… well, you get scared. I got scared enough to call my mom while I was walking my dog, and she sent me back home, where I waited for my dad.

He called a while before, as sweet as he can be, the moments when I love him most, but since before we had been so off that just added more pain. When he arrived and started calming me down, I did start feeling better, and told him that it had started hurting after my fight with my brother (when he hit me in the head).  This led to him calling my brother back and telling him to never touch me again… which made it hurt more. Based on that, he reached the conclusion that I had been having an anxiety attack based on all the drama that we’d just been going through. He calmed me down, gave me yummy stuff to eat, and I started talking to him about webcomics.

I’m better, my chest stopped hurting, although the left side of my neck really, really hurts.

So I’m going to go distract myself. Draw. Do something. Calm down.


The pain will go away.

I Can Dream Of Better Representation in Fantasy

I can envision a future MMOG where character selection starts out with a degendered/desexualized body wherein players can pick and size features such as breasts, hips, and muscle sizes, as well as the gender identity of their character (male, female, transgendered), and where characters can pick the types of clothing they wear so that the same outfit on a male is not automatically pants and on a female not automatically a skirt.

Oh please do. I’d make one female character with the muscles I can only dream of.

Is it too much to ask? When I played WoW, I would wince constantly from the female version of some clothes. Not to mention my then-friend’s Succubus, especially considering how he always made his warlock summon her so I would be irritated.

I can still hear her horrible lines and fawning “seductive” tone. And the objectification of her body…

And there wasn’t even an Incubus for female Warlocks. D <

I’m not a huge gamer, but I really love MPORGS,  when I find the time for them. I love fantasy stories, epic journeys, quests (that aren’t too repetitive and annoying), and I love the interaction you can sometimes find in these games. But honestly? Not a very safe or welcoming place for women or girl gamers.

So at least this is a step in the right direction.

Note: I’m too depressed to write about anything else. Sorry about disappearing, but massive personal upheaval in the family area, and honestly, I just don’t want to talk about it.

I just can’t wait to get away to college.

And a month ago, I couldn’t imagine wanting to leave my family, despite still doing Finacial Aid forms.

Re: AtLA’s Friky Diky Cast; Oh McCartney, You Make It So Easy…

To laugh at you… He had a phone interview, which I just found out about via the amazing glockgal. It just… wow, gives you so many opportunities to laugh. Seriously.

I’ll talk about some specific parts, then give you the full transcript (Found on glockgal’s post) : D

(Click for more)

Why I Hate Group Work

Often, in school, you get assigned to groups to do an assignment. I hate that, because you get graded on the whole group’s performance, and while you might have done your part well, the others might not. One forgot, or one didn’t do the work, or they just didn’t feel like it, or they just plain really suck (mostly by not trying). Unfortunately, you get dragged down too, so you fall with them and you get a low grade.

Sadly, for me, I got landed with my brother on taking care of our dog.

Most of the fights we’ve had are over who’s turn it is to walk the dog. Otherwise, we remind each other for food and water, though it isn’t fool proof. My dad is the one who gets pissed when stuff doesn’t happen. He’s right, but like in all in life, he overreacts.

Because of my idiotic brother, we get into a lot of trouble. He almost never takes the dog out, but he makes the fuss over who is taking him out, he always claims that I’m shirking my responsibility, and he is always lying, blatantly, so fucking blatantly it makes me want to tear his face off. And all of us know. He knows we know. But he has this delusion that if he keeps lying, we’ll believe him, and his quiet sister will do everything for him. It doesn’t help that he tries to order me around the house. Fucker. Tard. Prick.

Yesterday, despite me bugging him to hell, he didn’t take Pistacho for his walk, even though he said he would. He then lies to my parents that he did take him out. When today I refuse to take Pistacho out because, for God’s sake, he didn’t take it out, it hasn’t passed to my turn, he insists that “the turn is the turn” and no getting out. Hypocrite. Then why didn’t you take your turn? Stop manipulating the situation to get away with it. Stop it. My dad got pissed, majorly, and shouted at my brother to walk the dog, and has proceeded to spend the rest of the evening insulting us in plural, and talking about giving Pistacho away.

Now, apart from being majorly ticked off that I’m also being referred to in his complaining diatribe of how useless we are, especially since I do take the most responsibility, almost all the time (honestly, if you average it out, my brother will probably do max 2 nights out of 7 for the walk, where I spend most of our time giving him food and water and washing his plates), what really blew me off is that thanks to my idiot brother, I might lose Pistacho.

Fuck that. From now on, I take full responsibility of MY dog, every single fucking day (nevermind that I have enough to worry about in school, work, and college), and he better not fucking get near Pistacho. He’s lost the rights. I’m not going to run the risk of losing him because my brother is a fucking lazy manipulative prick with an egoistical mind and an entitlement obsession.

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