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Craving Contact

I’ve been rather off-sorts lately.

Not when I’m talking to people, to friends, when I’m chatting online. I’ve been off sorts inside “my room”, wasting time and feeling like a general bum. I’ve been feeling out of sorts because: I haven’t had a proper sleep schedule ever since the 5 am fire alarm woke me up after I went to sleep at 3 am; since I spend hours lying in bed trying to fall asleep and not managing it until 5 am; not going for my morning run at 7 am due to my messed up sleep patterns; the resulting apathy from waking up at 3 pm and not cooking properly for myself lately; because I haven’t been productive; I get headaches; I’m afraid this means I have Lyme disease; because I am alone.

But what has taken me some time to realize, is that I am frustrated mostly because I am alone. Since a great number of my friends, in particular, the ones I’ve been living with, have left after finishing their internship, I’ve been living in a three-person suite in a room that isn’t really mine, not even by our temporary college standards, and that as such I have not claimed it. I am sick of not having what really is my own space. So, now that I’m a week away from moving to my real double in my real dorm, I don’t mind that I will have less space and that I will lose some privacy by having a roommate, but I do mind terribly being stuck in this horribly empty place. I perk up when my friend Jerry comes over and we watch Dr. Who, but otherwise… I’ve gone from spending my time with over ten different people and at least five of them at once to wasting time in a dingy room as I try to sleep and then dragging myself out to trees and shade and wishing I wasn’t so tired from doing nothing.

And this realization that I need people is still shocking. I was a loner kid, I was shut in my books and my drawings and my internet, and I would close hte door to my room so that I wouldn’t have to be with my family at times because goddamit I needed my alone time, didn’t they understand that?

But being here and sleeping in like four different people’s rooms in college, and sleeping over constantly and sharing my space so much has made me much more dependent on the amazing people I find. If I needed alone time, I could find it easily, but now that I can’t have my friends by just knocking downstairs is putting me off center, and maybe that is why I’m not sleeping well and not running when I know those two make me feel healthy and happy.

I want my room, I want to decorate it so that it distinctly says “Camila’s space”, and then invite my friends over so that we can all share it over blueberries. And then, maybe, if I need space, simply go off fr a walk into the Shakespeare garden like I used to.


[The Wrock Project] Installment II

Continuing on the last post, I present the Second Installment of The Wrock Project, where I attempt to shortly review every band listed on the Wrockopedia in alphabetical order.

  • Angelina Johnson and the Secret Fred Weasley Crush was cute, but that was about it. I’d like her to add more songs so it would be easier to get a good gauge on her, but so far I feel like Angelina and the Chasers do better in this style of music.
  • Animagus is probably one of the better made bands I’ve heard so far – she has rather deep lyrics, and pretty good harmony, and many songs. I liked “The Pensieve”, perhaps because it is obviously based on The Cranberry’s “Zombie”, which is a wonderful song. I recommend checking her out as a good example of Wrock,
  • About Animagus Princess, as far as I can tell there are two songs she has written and sung “Ode to my Commodore” and “Wizard Rock Birthday Song”, both which did make me laugh. (Ode to my Commodore is written from Moarning Myrtle’s PoV)
  • The Animagus could do better, but most of my issues are about technical aspects (due to recording problems he used Guitar Pro for these) rather than actual songwriting ability, but I don’t really like his vocals – they monotone me out (see, I made a pun… I think… right?!) Anyways, the music was pretty catchy but I’d like to see what the songs are like when played versus Guitar Pro.
  • Apparation Nation is a great band. I loved all his songs, laughed, enjoyed them greatly and can definitely see myself listening to him more often in the future! Listen to “Neville Kicks Ass” in particular!
  • The ArithRomantics have a good quality of sound, exist in an actual Lastfm page, and have a consistent “sound” so to say. The fact that their sound bores me is another thing, but it’s a matter of personal taste. Additionally, they give free mp3 files in their page, so if you like their music you can listen to them in your ipod/itouch/zune/etc.
  • Arnold and the Pigmy Puffs was a bit boring. I mean, it was kind of cute, but then, that was it.

Ugh, I’m tired and I have a long day tomorrow (today). Night!

Re: AtLA’s Friky Diky Cast: Replacing Jesse McCartney?!?! And Suki Appears!

I just noticed something on the Wiki page for the Avatar film controversy:

“It was announced in February 2009 that Dev Patel has joined the cast of M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Last Airbender.” He replaced Jesse McCartney, for the role of Zuko, whose tour dates conflicted with a boot camp that is scheduled for the cast. The boot camp is where the actors are scheduled to train for martial arts before filming scheduled for March 2009.”

I looked it up and found this article. I am stunned, and beginning to feel slightly more optimistic. I know Dev Patel starred in Slumdog Millionare, but that is as far as my knowledge extends, especially since I haven’t seen it yet. I heard he did an excellent performance. However, I am thrilled that we won’t have Jesse McCartney acting as Zuko! YES. YES. YES. *punches fist into the air*

Additionally, it says that Jessica Andres will be acting as Suki. I have no idea what to think about this, since I have NO idea who she is. It says she acted in Gossip Girl, but… I never watched the show. Something in the name told me I’d probably have to deal with irritating stereotypes of girls, and what I have heard about it hasn’t made me feel better about. However, I found this image of her:

Somebody, PLEASE tell me more about her. I am dying to know, especially since Suki is such a lovely character… Leader of the Kyoshi Warriors! Wooo! ([Edit] Apparently she never had a speaking role there : /)

Also, note what it says in the article:

“Ringer, a 12-year-old from Texas, landed the part after demonstrating his martial arts skills in an Internet vid that he posted to a website Shyamalan set up for open virtual auditions.”

At last, my curiosity as to how Aang was cast is beginning to be satisfied! Now we just need to find the video, and find out what type of kid is he. So, internet, avatar fans, I think it is time to dust yourselves off and do some sleuthing on, well, everything in this article. o-o;

[Edit] More apparent evidence as to this casting change. And more. And a few more.

While I am glad that the cast is getting more diverse, I am dissapointed that this was because of scheduling problems, and not Paramount figuring out that they messed up with the cast. Additionally, people probably will start claiming “oh, ok, you have your asian actor, can you shut up now?” and try to take away the validity of our arguments. I think socchan says it very well when he/she commented at Aang Aint White (Saving The World With Postage) and his/her livejournal post:

“I’m similarly worried, actually. In addition to your “token Asian actor” issue, my concerns are that both Katara and Sokka have canonically darker skin than Zuko, and also that Zuko plays something of an anti-villain for a good part of the story. For basically the whole first season, while Zuko is a sympathetic character, he’s not really one of the “good guys”, and he doesn’t get to be until season three. Up until that point, the Gaang (as it stood) is still pretty much played by all white kids (assumptions made re: Noah Ringer). Suki, who admittedly has less of a problem with being portrayed as a hero, also has considerably less screen time.

I dunno; I’d call it a step towards the right direction, I guess?”

Eh. I’m feeling lukewarm about this, I guess. It is sort of awkward, since we don’t know the real motivations of Paramount. And if you think about it, the Fire Nation are the “evil guys” of the story. If you end up casting the “evil prince” as darker skinned, the rest of his nation is going to be dark skinned, right? But all the heroes are white, white, white! It makes you wonder about the message that is going to send.

However, people, keep at it! Keep writing letters, and think about going to the Protest at the Extras Casting in Philadelphia, if you can go.

An interview with Patel about being cast as Zuko

[Edit 2]

[Edit 3] Gah, now I saw a picture of a funny Dev Patel face, and I can totally visualize him as Sokka. : / The casting is just… lawlzy… Dios mio, que idiotas

[Edit 4] Upon seeing more photos of Patel, I DEMAND that somebody photoshops or draws him as Sokka now. I have no authority, but I am still demanding it! Somebody do the world an epic favour and link me to it, please!

Too Many People, No Space

I know I am a very disorganized person. I am always losing things (actually, I lose things a lot less now, in fact, very little !), my backpack is filled with loose papers, my stuff crinkles. But I manage. I know where to find things like my USB, I know that I have three places I put something so I will always find it in one of those, and I tend to remember where I did so I lose a lot less time.

However, my apartment is currently housing five more people other than my nuclear family. My uncle, his wife and my little cousin are staying in my room, so I took some clothes out, my brush, etc, so I won’t bother them a lot. However, I had to remove a lot of things and put it upstairs.

Everything is a mess. I mean, sure, you have nice piles here and there, but for me? It’s a mess. Because I can no longer find anything.

I don’t know where my backpack is, and it’s pretty damn big. Most importantly, I was looking for my backpack because I need my USB. See, I have there stored my list of colleges, my college essays, my list of how many slides for my art supplement I need… oh yeah, so everything.



I need to go look again.


I found my backpack, didn’t find my USB. I think I MIGHT have left it in school… in the last day of school. So, my course of action:

1) Make again the list of how many slides and the dimensions for the art supplement

2) Get those made

3) Call school to see if I can go and pick USB if it is there.. If found… in library… and if library is open… and talk to guidance office in case I have to pick something up

4) If no USB in school, hunt down the paper copies I have of the first drafts, and rewrite my essays

5) Before doing #4, check how many are ALREADY in my comm. app.


7) die.

Surviving The First Senior Semester

Well, breaking off from the trend with my last three posts regarding Avatar, I finished my first semester of Senior year yesterday.

Wow, I cannot believe I managed it.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with how my grades are, although I decreased from my last semester’s average by .2. I’m really furstarted, as I wanted to increase my average this time. I’m trying to keep the dissapointment down by reminding myself that very few Full IB Diploma students were forced to have a P.E. class when they usually receive a study hall period, but it’s not working.

Stupid Fit for Life class. Even if I got a 6 in it.

The final scores?

English: 7 in my finals, 6 average

Art: 6 in my finals, 6 average

ITGS: 5 in my finals, 5 average

Fit for Life: No finals, 6 average

Spanish: 6 in my finals, 5 average

Math: 6 in my finals, 6 average

Biology: 7 in my finals, 7 average

Average attainment grade: 5.857

Gaaah I wanted 6.0 minimum! Otherwise, I’m fine. I’m pretty happy with hanging out with my nearly-30-year-old-cousin and his three year girlfriend, and my little 5 year old cousin with his mother and my uncle will come tommorrow. I decorated the christmas tree with my mom today too!!

I’m going to have a nice tea and help decorate the house some more. We aren’t religious, but we like the tradition of Christmas – having a time for family and making things pretty.

Besides, a 5 year old kid is gonna need his Christmas. I’m looking forwards to that, actually.

See you guys

First Money I Earned

Last night I went babysitting for some family friends/kind-of-coworkers, with their adorable daughter Camille ❤ Arrived at 7, played with legos, Mr. Potato-head, books, etc. We ate pizza, some Nerds candy, and finally, when I noticed she was STILL awake, sent her to bed (I wasn’t given a time for her bed, but told that she would probably conk at 9. Ha. One hour more….) Then, struggled to stay awake. Until 12. Because this week exhausted me so much.

And I got paid.

I don’t know why I am so ridiculously happy with my first wage/whatever, but I kind of just had my first job, right? At the age of 17? Dear Gods, that’s so ridiculously late. I was going to babysit for the first time at the age of 14!! (My plan when I lived in Boston).

Alright, I’m off to work now. T’chao!

Musical Tae-Bo

Today, at Fit for Life class (kind of a PE for Juniors and Seniors), we had Tae Bo.

I punched and kicked to the beat of Mc Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This”.

I’m serious.

I had to share that. The rest is depressing. Two emotional things to deal with. Yada yada. I don’t want to talk about it. I’ve got essays to write, IOCs to prepare, and papers to tear in frustration.



Hey, sorry i haven’t blogged recently. I’ve just been struggling a lot with work, my wrist hurting, and just struggling. I´m exhausted and my mind doesn’t always function properly. Also, my brother has returned to full scale Bitchyness now. I hate the math portfolio, my brother’s birthday is tomorrow, ICC is going crazy with the school, my birthday is coming up, I get stressed in art class, I went to Kim’s Bday.

There, short and bitter update there.

I’ll write more tomorrow, probably.

“The Meta-Artwork Of The Meta-Critique Of The Meta-Artwork”

Today, after finishing a rather hectic PGC meeting in a pretty nice day, I went to an art gallery with my mom.

Well, more happened, but I don’t feel like talking about it.

So, we went to Galeria Revolver in Miraflores, to prepare for an art critique assignment for my Art class. Ms. Sarria had really recommended it. When we arrived at the street, we first couldn’t find it as there was no sign and the house seemed to be going renovation inside in the open door. Turned out it was, when I looked at the address and the number of the house.

We went in, and found an interesting exposition. Not the mind blowing one I expected, but still, interesting. Pretty violent rendition, (though I don’t mean blood an gore, though the heads were certainly off-putting, and there were a few maimed ones.) But yes, I started writing some notes on the piece I was going to anaylze, when this guy goes in and my mom and I turn around to look at him…

and get blown away by his… his.. good looking-ness. He wasn’t hot, he wasn’t cute, or beautiful, or handsome, but daaaaaaaaaaamn he was churro. Yes. I blinked, and teteered in my mind on the edge of “Wow” as I tried to get myself back on track. Jaja. Unfortunately, I missed his few words.

My mom didn’t, proceeded to make pleasant conversation, and we drifted back to the paintings. Going “ouch” from the… wowness. after a while, I decided that it would probably be smart to photograph the painting so I can, you know, analyze it better at home. So I borrowed my mom’s cellphone with its very loud camera, which made me wince. After a while, he comes in, and asks if I want the images. I say, yes, please, and he says he can give me his card, or he could email it, and the text/statements to me. I, happy, followed him to his office which had some artworks from the previous exhibition (they were far better than the current one, so I guess I came too late for the Art Critique), and stared in wonder, got him to email me the stuff. Wonderful stuff. He then engages me (an my mom more, I was pretty quiet) in a conversation about the art pieces that were in this room, how they were made, and showed us a few more. I was astounded, as they were these really cool melted wax things from a really cool idea from before (warning: will use the word “cool” a lot), the previous exhibition. There was also this cool typography style works. You see, using a type machine, the artist had kind of layered the words of an art critique of an actual artwork to make a cool version of the actual artwork critiqued. Like my mom says, “the meta-artwork of the meta-critique of the meta-artwork”. The guy looked quite uncomfortable.

Then, he told us of a future exhibition opening, and that he could email the invites to us through my email. I happily said yes, I would love to.

Now I’m back. And oddly cheerful as I do my homework. (Though the guy is too old, I had a happy long look. And a reason to look at him directly in the eyes. Hmmm)

Yes, typical “girly girly!” post, but you know what? This guy warrants it.

Argh, I Don’t Have The Images!!

Argh! After talking to my art teacher about my extended essay, she told me to start using some images about sexualized death, since I had mentioned it. Or sexualized violence/rape of women in comics. However, it has to be Marvel comics, not DC, and the only example I know really well is Stephanie Brown’s death, and she is a DC character! I have like no resources. And I can’t find that blog post that had several examples! I like comics, I just could never keep up/read them since I don’t exactly live in a place where I can buy them to follow and tharjei2hr923

*moment of stress*

If anybody sees this blog,
and reads a lot of comics and knows what I’m talking about, can you give me a hand? If you have a scanned image, or know where to get one, and the issue number and name, I’ll be incredibly grateful to you.

Sorry for breaking out in a terrible stress whine that goes for a desperate request, but there you go. I can’t find the images.

*goes back to hunting*

Edit: I am so screwed.