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So… Hi.

I’m Raire online for the simple fact that as a teenager, I like to keep my identity under wraps, thank you. I’m currently 17, nearly a year younger then my classmates, and don’t have a driver’s license despite having a US citizenship, because I live in Peru, and Limean driving is bound to scare you off driving. I tend to look older then my age for some odd reason, which results in many funny, and some not-so-funny situations, including the not-funny-at-all that come from the creepy guys that go on the street. I travel around the world, hopping from city to city and country to country, which means I do have a few problems, though thankfully not my identity, since although I recognize I am a citizen-of-the-universe-and-all-parallel-dimensions, I am Bolivian, never mind that I was born in the “states.” If you go “huh?” at this, google “Third Culture Kid”, k?

Interests and Ideals

I am a feminist. I don’t know what you think feminists are, but let me say this straight- I do not think I am better then males, I do not hate males. I simply believe that we are equal, but that we are not being treated equally. I hate the oppression females have been under and still are, no matter what your arguments are that feminism has no point, because it is highly possible that from your perspective, you have become so used to sexist attitudes or myths, that you don’t recognize them for, well, the stupidity that they are. And because many of the people online that I admire are minorities not only in gender, but race, and sexual orientation who are constantly fighting to improve on what is here, I tend to see more flaws then usual. And still not see everything, which is why I avidly stick to people like Avalon’s Willow, or Karen from Girls Read Comics (And They’re Pissed). Which leads to another point- I will probably undergo exploration of my privilege, and explore the prejudice in sexual orientation, transgenderism, racism, ablism, and others as I come into contact with them, learn how I’ve been prejudiced, how I can change, how it affects others, how all of us can change. If you have more experience than me on this, feel free to call me on this- I will do my best to be open minded, and see what I have overlooked. I want to keep learning. I think this is what they call the “Humanist” point of view. But basically, I’m a budding intersectionalist feminist. Cheers.

I am an idealist. I am sensitive. I am somewhat naive. But cynicism will sometimes edge on me thanks to what I see happen in the world. But I still believe we can do something. And don’t tell me there are better causes, more important ones than feminism in modern society, or racism, or homophobia, or protecting animals and our world. What makes you think I don’t care about AIDS, or hunger, poverty? I do work in this. But what I do in the issues I explore here is important too.

Because of this, I tend to write a series of posts called “Let’s Talk About…” which are like social commentaries. These are always serious. These are important. I cannot separate the serious from the mundane, the boring, or the funny, or zany, or the stress, that happens in my life, because that is more work then I could do. So you will see these here. I guess this is how I’m so much the teenager, and this a teenager blog- it’s about exploring who I am, how I fit in the world, and how other’s do in the world. It’s learning professionalism, how to act on our views, how to change them…

Interests… I like drawing. I like to believe I am an artist, and doodle, draw, create, you name it, a lot. You will also find me spending a lot of time on my deviantART page, or just dA in general, browsing. I like writing and ranting, both blog, creating my own stories, and before, role playing, when I actually had time. I love reading, whether its a blog, article, fan fiction, or just a good book. I can disappear into a good book and not hear you shouting at me in the same room. I block everything out. I like basketball, swimming, and lacrosse, but I tend to only do Basketball because I go to mostly USA schools. No, I will not say America- America is a continent, not a country. I like mostly rock music, though my tastes are very wide and varied (but do not include rap, hip hop or reggaeton).

Welcome to my blog. It’s slightly sweet and sour. It’s slightly fun and serious. It varies. But I make the most of it.

Isn’t that life?


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    =_= I know where you live! IN PERU! AND YOU’RE A CAT.

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