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Webcomics I Read!

I read a LOT of webcomics, of different types. I’ll do my best here to list the best ones here, organized in categories!

My Favorites

Oh, this one is just amazing.

xkcd is a really amazing comic that you should really keep track of. Reflecting on life, funny invented situations, and a lot of physics and math jokes that I tend to not get, xkcd is a popular and really reknowned comic already. It is the only one that has individual strips bookmarked under a folder called “xkcd gems” for when I want to review them.

Sarah Ellerton is a very talented artist who has already finished a graphic novel prior to this one, known as Inverloch. I highly recommend them! The Phoenix Requiem does show a lot of improvement compared to Inverloch, but Inverloch was already amazing. The Phoenix Requiem places you in a world that used to have magic… before it was locked away. It seems to be returning now, in a Victorian-esque (to my eyes) times, with important events as the spirits return.

I don’t know how anybody could not love Roza. This webcomic follows a rather plucky and interesting girl as she looks for a way to find her peculiar curse. Gorgeous art, lovely story, and really good pacing. It’s got me on the edge of my seat because I want to know what is happening!

Fey Winds is an excellent comic, which I recommend, NOW. The story, the characters, the idea, is gorgeous, and extremely entertaining at parts too. If you want to follow a great story, Fey Winds is the perfect place to go.

Oh, I seriously love Cat Legend. I love love love love it. You must visit this fantastical magical story, read it, and fawn over it. Honestly.


I love fantasy, so quite a few of “My Favorites” actually fits in this category : D

Sorcery 101 is a pretty entertaining and interesting story that places magic in our life, but of course most humans don’t know about it. It’s an engaging read, and I do recommend it. Don’t we all dream of making our own fatasy world?

Never Never is quite an engaging read that places Arthurian legend into today. The characters are fun, endearing, the protagonist is a sensible boy, and we have diminutive fairies who ride cats. Go on! Read it!

I have been following Earthsong for a long time now, and I do love the story. The pacing is a bit slow, but it is a really original way of viewing powers and different worlds. I think you will enjoy!

Two Kinds is pretty interesting and I quite like it, although it is not high up in my list. If you like fantasy stories with interspecies romance, well, it’s for you. : 3

This one is a pretty well known comic, so I think I’ll leave it without an introduction (partly because I don’t really know how to explain it.) Flipside is a unique story regarding a nymphomaniac jester girl and her partner, an excellent swordmaster who is not allowed to be a knight because she is a women. It has very… unique adventures.

Kagerou is a strange and surreal story about a boy who seems to have a lot of mental problems stuck being “The Chamption” of an alternative world with really dark problems and magic. Very long, very interesting, and very dark.

This is one of the more gripping comics I read with a very interesting story and characters with dark pasts and all that goodness. Does a few crossovers too, since its story is based on dimensions and their interactions… more or less.


Shortpacked! – This comic revolves around a Toy store, it’s dictator/owner, the Transformers obssed Assistant manager and a rather wacky cast. It’s quite entertaining, although my favorite strip still is his “WhoresWhoresWhores” one with Frank Miller. The 08 election strips were hilarious too! Joyce and Walky! by the same person is… a comic that has evolved from funny hijinks to serious epic story to funny hijinks. I suggest you do read it though.

Something Positive – I definitely don’t recommend it to everybody. Despite it’s name, S*P’s humour is far more adult and gritty… and mean… and well, everything I’m probably not supposed to be reading. If you are offended easily, just don’t. I think I’ve been reading it since I was 15. Hey, author person, (Great, I can’t remember or find the name…) you’ve been corrupting me for a while now!

Headtrip is quite entertaining, although I enjoyed more of the “Twilight” strips. Head trip is pretty wide and varied, so I’m afraid you should check this one out individually… but I’ll tell you that the main character is a violent woman. Guess why I like it.

Lackadaisy is insanely good fun. Great humour, interesting story, taking place in during that damn spell where Alcohol was prohibited in the U.S…. so you can bet it’s about alcohol smugglers. The art is gorgeous, and I really, really recommend this one! (And yes, it is cats, but I think the humour takes over the anthro part)

Anime Inspired

MegaTokyo – I am not too keen on this one, but it is interesting at times. The art is cute, the ideas are interesting, although the beginning is slightly ludicrous ^^;

Okashina Okashi is… special. It seems like making fun of Anime tropes at the same time as it fulfills them in a magical journey that starts in Tokio.

Aoi House – Honestly, Aoi house is a bit too much for me, especially since I dislike the way Carlo is made fun of. Otherwise, if you like wacky, crazy adventures when two heterosexual boys end up rooming in a Yaoi fan club dorm in their college… its for you.

Red String is principally a love story. Or love stories. It’s pretty sweet, and one of the few Shoujo that I really like.

Slice of Life!

AppleGeeks – While this comic definitely has elements of fantasy (such as Eve) I consider it more of a funny comic with an Apple obsessed guy and his friends/roomates.

Friendly HOSTILITY – … I don’t know how to describe it actually. It’s slightly fantasy infused, due to the Demon, but it also has a bit of the snark and humour of Something Positive, in my opinion. It’s pretty entertaining too. (Wow, I suck at this)

DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary – This one is quite adulty, so if you don’t like occasional nudes and, well, more liberal humour, I suggest you maintain your distance. DAR is a comic based on what happens in the life of its artist Erika Moen. It’s pretty funny, and heartwarming at times. : D

Marry Me – Highly entertaining comic with lovely art!  really recommend it!


I actually quite enjoy Anthro comics in various forms, so I have a few I keep track of.

I’ve read this one for quite a while, and found the stories pretty interesting. Suburban Jungle is not the most original idea (Place animals in our modern world, more or less) but I think it pulls it off quite nicely. I like the author’s side project of Never Never more, though.

“Good Cheese” has actually finished, but its a pretty nice, short story with pretty art. I quite liked it and makes for an entertaining read!

I don’t know how to classify this… or Other

Sometimes I just really don’t know!

Girly – Girly is about the wacky adventures of two lesbians. It’s really wacky and insane, and at times too much. But otherwise, funny. : D


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