Lemon Water

A Breath Of Air Before I Dive Into Finals Again

Well, I missed the traditional pre-finals blog post.

Instead you will get a quick snaps after the first day of finals.


>> Blogging about Tambopata

>> Lets Talk About Post on Sexuality

>>Post about how Insun and I refriended

>>Update on my arts : D


>>Post on my ever increasing anxiety regarding Senior year and *gasp* college

>>Maybe a layout change

>>Finish updating all those IB quotes

Guess IB really ate my life. Like I was chatting with a few friends on WWP:

<Raire>Ok, I don’t game. IB eats my time
<SnowWolfRika>Whcih sucks
<SnowWolfRika>I would die without gameing time
<Raire>oh, don’t worry^^ I’ll survive, drag myself out the door of the gym where we are taking the test
<Raire>heh… i thought that
<rzrdrgn>I’m never gonna use any of that crap anyway
<Raire>but hey, life as an IB zombie isn’t that bad
<Raire>We don’t need sustenance because we already ate our own brains
<SnowWolfRika>O_____o you poor poor zombie
<rzrdrgn>43. You’ve fooled yourself into believing that colleges actually care whether you’re in IB or not.
<Raire>You’re going to find many times to quote that at me
On today’s note, I had English and Biology Finals. For some reason, I finished my essay pretty quickly, though I felt I was falling asleep very easily. Everybody else took longer and wrote at least one more paragraph then I, but I couldn’t think of anything else to put to that question. Oh well.
Biology was considerably better. I didn’t really study the Kidney or Liver, and I was a bit low on Reproduction, but I managed quite well, since there were more questions on DNA and Ecology. I’m pretty pleased actually- I finished half an hour early, so I went over the questions, and there is only one question I couldn’t answer, about the kidney. But I think I’m going to continue rewriting my Bio notes, because next year the IB Exams will include this along with what I will learn next year.
Recap: I owe you posts, I’m in finals, and IB is eating me. Sorry, no life worthy conscious posts today, I’m slightly brain dead due to Finals.

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