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Sending Off My Hopes + Steph’s Bday + Insun and Her Prom Dreams

I know I haven’t been blogging a lot about my personal life (like Steph complained), and I decided that today’s achievement is enough to write a post about.

First though, I’m going to recount the last two friend-things I did.

First, I went out with my friend Insun a few days ago to one of the malls near where I live. We were originally going to watch a movie, but we ended just walking around and catching up, before she brought up the Prom up, when we saw some dresses. That led to a discussion of what type of dress would fit our respective bodies, why, what colours, etc… etc… To be honest, she got me kind of excited about choosing a dress, even if I’m not exactly the “Dress! Make up! GET READY FOR TEH PROM!” type of girl. (Actually, I’m pretty sure you can’t really give me a “type” or label, so that works just fine for me.) Unfortunately, then she went on to talk about dates and the rest, which didn’t make me too happy. At least we figured out we could manage to make a gals-only table, since the boyfriend for my friend Mabe won’t be here at the time, and we could perhaps organize it with our mutual friends. I’d rather not start worrying about the whole issue, oh… I don’t know, four months early? It became a pretty funny conversation though. After buying ourselves an ice cream, we walked to my place, where we played Wii DDR, and had loads of fun with that thing. Honestly, I’m using it to workout in the mornings now! XD Oh Nusni…

Second, I went out yesterday for Steph’s birthday with her, (obviously), Mari, Kate, and a new girl whose name I have no idea how to spell, at Jockey. Eating, talking, and following Mari take photos was pretty damn fun, and I think it’s rather interesting how we ended up seating when we ate. See, to my left was B-day gal and Kate, to my right was Mari and… the girl. The two on my right were the randomer, rather perverse people of the group, to the left were the more sensible and withdrawn (that doesn’t make them less awesome) gals, and I was in the middle. > D I guess I was living up to being a Libra or something similar. The only sad thing is that when I arrived home I couldn’t find my wallet, and I called TGI Friday’s in case they had found it, but nope. I don’t believe I lost it, for once, and my mom agrees that it was probably stolen. I’m glad they didn’t get my cellphone… I JUST got it.

Finally, my supposedly real reason for this blog post (It kind of is)… I finished submitting ALL my college stuff. Finally! Today, I sent off all the last forms needed for my Financial Aid Applications at all my colleges, so I don’t have to worry anymore! I just have to wait for the letters, and trust me, I will NOT do a countdown. At least not until there is like a month left. Next on my list of things to worry about: Homework and IB Exams! Oh, and driving!

So yes…


*dances a small jig*


Bringing In Our Year With Grand Style, and Lists

First, I want you to listen to this song:

Has the video loaded? Will it play while you read this? Good. We’re starting this blog post with cheerful, dynamic energy.

My new years was a very pleasant day. Finished editing my art portfolio site for college, which is now added to my links list on this blog. Look to the left! I also added a “new” theme – “new” because I have used it before. When I get back from my trip home to Bolivia, I’ll edit the headers and perhaps use a different theme, but I wanted a fresher and paler theme than my last one, which felt too formal.

Returning to my last day in lil’ ole ’08, after the last edits in the portfolio, I underwent a massive cleaning/organizing spree. My desk is now nearly empty (I have a few things that will vacate this space once I regain my room), which feels a bit odd. I don’t want clutter, but I definitely feel like something is missing, so I added a few sketches and arts-in-progress so that my desk feels more productive. I am pelased to say that most of my stuff is a lot more organized, and that I plan on keeping it that way!

Because I was busy organizing until around 10 pm yesterday, my mom was left alone in the kitchen (usually my dad loves helping and ordering and taking over there… but he was rebooting my brother’s computer, as he lost all of his files), but she still put out a delicious dinner for the whole family – which this time, included my uncle, his wife, and my five year old cousin. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find my yellow underwear (Yes, I am talking about my underwear. See, Latin America has a tradition where if you wear underwear of a particular colour, the next year will be better in a particular way. Yellow can be money, luck, love, depending on the country. Green is sometimes for money, red for love… it really varies from place to place to place. You get the idea. I wear yellow for overall Good Fortune In All And Everything.) We had delicious soft salmon, some odd pasta which tasted much better than I expected and still want, asparagus, camote puree, and a dessert of apple crumble and ice cream. My uncle and aunt (I’m still getting used to her as an aunt) helped her in the making, mostly in the slicing of the food.

Then, of course, it was midnight, where my brother opened a bottle of the champagne, and we all had a glass (well, some of us had two), as we went to our little balcony to watch the fireworks. Soon, we ended up putting our music set, and placed The Red Army Choir to play grandly as we talked and enjoyed ourselves. All in all, a very nice and peaceful end of the year.

I don’t know how to tell how psyched I am right now, as I feel a lot more free and energetic. 2008 was definitely a quite good year, despite college and school stress; I managed. I’d like to thank 2008 for not inflicting me with crushes or infatuations in school, excessive friend drama, no sudden dips in my grades, and a relatively accident-free time. 2008 is also the year that Obama was elected President, so I’ll take that as a good sign of what is to come. As it is, 2008 had its share of dissapointments, the biggest of which is in myself… so!

New Years Resolutions!

Blog wise:

  • Change my theme and personalize it a lot more
  • Finish adding and editing my Blogroll and Links
  • Catch up on on those overdue posts (Creamfields, Tambopata, Analysis ala Sociological Images, etc..)
  • Edit my categories, and categorize each post
  • Add a page of the webcomics I read

Additionally, I want to thank everybody who takes their time to read this blog, and including those who came with the influx of the Avatar Cast Movie posts – I hope you found those useful, and I thank you for taking the time to get informed and writing to make a difference!

More Ok Go goodness, but their songs make me really happy!

School and work wise:

  • Make notes for all my IB classes so I am ready for the IB exams that are looming nearer. Two year’s material!
  • Not allow stress to get to me
  • Organize my assignments, my materials, my locker, to avoid the mess that 2008 has had
  • Do all my financial aid forms and required materials AHEAD of time.
  • Finish the big ITGS project

Health and Habits wise:

  • Organize my room once it is vacated, and keep it that way throughout the year (Includes closet and clothes, art’s drawer, hygiene drawer, jewelry drawer)
  • Enter a workout schedule weekly or daily so I get in shape (10 minutes exercise in the morning, every other day 30 minute jog with dog)
  • Stop eating cheese and cracker snacks each afternoon! Eat fruit and drink water instead!
  • Fix my sleeping habits and schedule, it is insane.
  • Fix my work habits.


  • Draw more! I feel I have been leaving my art to the side to finish my schoolwork, and I want to develop it and improve!
  • Work on my personal graphic novel story… actually set the story in paper and design my characters.
  • Stay in contact with everybody I love (work got in the way…)
  • Stay as happy as I have been, despite everything.

I hope everybody else has a wonderful year too, and I hope we get past any troubles we run into. I also want to stop right now and thank for my parnets (though they are unaware of the existance of this blog). Mom, thank you for helping and understanding me all this year, for your invaluable advice. Dad, thank you for your input, and for learning a bit more how to hold your temper in check… though part of it is because my brother and I are getting better at dismissing you when you get out of hand. (Seriously dad..). Juanga, dear brother… thank you for… the sweet moments, when they come up. It’s really odd to think it’s my last year of high school, that 2009… that it really is the time for S09. Wow.

To Steph: thanks for reading my rants, joining my rants, and telling me when I am messing up with your subtle tactics… Thank you for being there for me, and for confiding in me, and for helping me in my messy chaos. You are and admirable appear-everywhere-do-everything-friend, and honestly, this year would not have been the same without you. We need to get out more together, grab some Starbucks, and then get you at my house so we can play some lovely wii and laugh at… well, everything.

To Patrick: I know I haven’t been online on msn lately, so we won’t get to talk until I get back from Bolivia, probably. Sorry about that, so hopefully you’ll remember this blog exists and read this little message. Thanks for staying despite the huge workload you have (Btw, Mr. 7-in-chem-and-physics, how the hell do you do it?!), and despite the difficulty in communication with you (lets face it, talking is sometimes confusing and hard, and you love making me so frustrated I can’t articulate anything in debates, but then, you ARE in the debate team), and for being my friend. You need to come again so you can beat me at Brawl some more.

To Insun: I know you won’t be reading this, because I haven’t linked you here, but the sentiment remains.  I know sometimes you are volatile and irritable (… all the time), but I love being the other half of the Dynamic Duo! with you, and we share a great many times and fun. (Just, please stop with the idea of “let’s tell the guys who ask us to dance at clubs we are lesbians so they leave us alone” because it seems to me they get turned on…) It’s like we are meant to be balancing each other, and I’m glad that you want me to stay in your life. I hope you always know I’ll be there for you! Let’s walk together in the Graduation and remember all the sparking good times : D

To Mabel: Mabeeee, I love talking to you, and sharing with you. It seems to me each of my friend receives a particular facet of me more than others, and with you my geekyness just leaps bounds and bounds. Your attitude in life is refreshing, and sometimes I feel like you are the oldest of all my friends – lighthearted, but ready to face life. In a sense, you remind me of my cousin, in that maturity and humour go hand in hand. I’m just going to end this part with one word: ORUUGAAAS!

To Izzy: I don’t know if you have the time to read my blog, Isa, but hopefully you do and though we don’t talk a lot lately it is a form of communication. I jsut want to let you know that I miss you dearly, and hope that we talk again soon. Please answer my email queries, becasue since I’ll be going to college in the US (very likely, at least), I want to know if we can meet! Dear soul sister, I hope you have a wonderful time with Charles and your family, and please remember how much I love you.

To Paul: Dude, it’s been forever. I am sorry I’ve been so lacking in the contact department, apart from occasional Gmail comments and some tweets, but I miss you hun.  I’m glad that so far from what I see, you seem a more confident person (nearly wrote seme there… but maybe that’s my subconscious saying something ; D) It’s kind of weird because you’ve gotten more serious regarding school, and what I remember of our afternoons at your place involves squabbling over who’s fault it was that your Fable character was being chased with a bounty, or something,  you Franco! Regardless, I miss you, and all the awesome moments. Let’s recap red bar.

That’s it for now. There are more people I want to talk to, but I have to pack my bags now. 18 days in Bolivia and seeing family! Wish me the best, I’ll be wishing it for you guys ❤

On that note, I leave you with Vampire Weekend and their cheerful music:

Two Decades And We’re In The Same Place

I was asking my mother for some feedback on my Internal Assessment, one of the Written Tasks for my Spanish class. I’m writing an article about how advertising in Peru is sexist by using the male gaze and depicting women as sexual objects to get their products bought, and how this just reinforces stereotypes and the negative traditional views of women.

Turns out my mom had written nearly exactly the same article, about 20 years ago.

On the one hand, since after I read and compared both and found they are pretty damn similar (except that my mom writes much better in Spanish than I do), it’s probably going to be easier to get a good grade on my paper.

On the other, it just depresses me that we still have the SAME issue, 20 years later, affecting women in the same magnitude. That it is an issue that has passed down to the next generation, my generation, and that I am picking up exactly where my mom left off, since she told me that she is “tired” of the same thing over and over again, of reading the same thing.

20 years, and we are still slogging through these infuriating and stupid, commonly toted, repeated, rephrased, remade, recycled, harmful views of women? You’d think that this would be a thing of the past now.

Gods, the way feminism or womanism is needed is so obvious for me, it is hard to stay quiet when people dismiss the movements as unnecessary. Or when a friend tells me we already have the rights, so we are just being bitchy*.

(Note: Bitch in and of itself is pretty mysoginistic language. You might want to check on that)

Coca Cola To Ease My Ills

Ah, the sharp smell of a glass when you are sick and need to stay awake.

I have a pounding headache, and after finishing the paragraph about female talent in Marvel in my Extended Essay I just felt so bad I could have toppled. I hate being sick. I’m tried to being physically run through the mill. First the damn surgery, then losing sleep and time to PGC and the leadership retreats… and I had to go and catch my brother’s cold. Oh well. I can’t afford to not go tommorrow – I have to hand in that thrice damnéd (yes, I accented the -e on purpose to be like Shakespeare) commentary on which I am still stuck on, and it will be my first PGC meeting. Perhaps I will collapse after that meeting, and I only halfway jest. On top of that, I have my Biology Photosynthesis lab (I need to review the Light-Independent Reaction, but otherwise I’m perfect to go), but otherwise, the day will not hold any more responsabilities.

Hmm, I have 2,495 words so far in my essay, (counting the headings, which probably shouldn’t be counted), and I have to write a total of about 3,000. The bad part is that my next post is on Marvel Comic’s history, and I don’t really know it. Perhaps I should skip it and go on to the visual analysis. I’m not sure, but I’ll go see if I can make anything out of the book “Our Gods Wear Spandex” that my dad bought for me. From what I’ve read, it all seems to say that comic superheroes are expressions of religious beliefs or contain elements, including some paganism and some occult cults. I stopped reading a while after he bought it for me (it was boring).

After this I still going to have to write a minimum of 700 words for my English Commentary. But first, I will get off the computer and do my outline.

Graaah my throat hurts. *Drinks coca cola to stay awake* Well, today was also pretty interesting in that I ended going to the Club Fair and representing Eco Club with Minghee. Well, she had to switch often because she is the President of KCC, but it was fine. As it is, Ethan and Mikael approached me. Ethan just because he wants to join Eco Club (A really pleasant surprise! YAY! Especially since he doesn’t believe in Global Warming, but at least he still cares about the environment.), and Mikael more of “I-need-hours”. I’m shocked; he hasn’t done any action hours at all so far! They could stop him from graduating if he doesn’t finish his hours! (Which reminds me I need to fill in my proposals.) Well, I told him he could get service from the Eco Garden, and when he asked how it worked I nearly panicked, as we are still developing it. But I told him the basic “it’s still under work but…” starting line and came up with the idea of shifts after school or in weekends working on the garden to gain service. So it went pretty well.

I’m going back to my extended essay. Perhaps three paragraphs are enough to reach the lofty goal of 3000 words my supervisor wants right now. For tomorrow.

Partially Freed


I have had a nice weekend so far, gotten free from the great majority of my homeworks, hence, the partial freedom. Let us see what I have left.

1- Art

  • Presentation report (FORGOT TO DO THIS OMFG)

2- English

  • Read/log 3.3 in Othello for Monday


  • Read Gift of Fire Chap. 3, and write responses
  • Vocabulary Quiz on-D Terms
  • Read Chapter 9 Computer Confluence
  • PROJECT THINGY OMIGASH THINKTHINK (This one is stressing me out…)

4- Fit for Life

  • Get a journal

5- Spanish

  • Read till page 208 in Un Mundo para Julius
  • Read the comparison packet and make the outline

6- Math

  • Exercises 15G (MSN help for these…)

7- Biology

  • Lab report due Thursday 28
  • Photosynthesis Exam

So, a lot less then before.

I’ve had an overall nice weekend, actually. I went to Marite’s birthday thing this Friday, which was nice. The unfortunate part was when Insun and I got accosted by two creepy guys. I got better at saying “no” but I still need to work on it. I had to go back and get Insun though, she had this -_- face all the time and it was like “I shouldn’t leave her…” so I was fine in the end. Grgggg creepy guys. At some point, as we were dancing, the guy started grunting. That was when I stepped away and decided that enough was enough. Greh. Anyways.

Yesterday I slept till one, then spent the rest of the time reading Eldest by Christopher Paolini. Rereading, since I want the third book to come out. It was my relaxation day. The book is not the best, but I like fantasy fiction, so get on with the next book Paolini! (I also admire him… this story is from when he was 15 years old, and that is like.. and unfulfilled dream of mine, to publish one of MY stories, a fantasy magic one on top of it.) Then, at around 6, I sat down to start my homework, only to get invited by Chris M to go out with him and some friends around Barranco. I did go, and I had fun. Getting out after so much hell is nice =w= We ended going to this bar concert for free. It wasn’t very good though, but it was nice to get in. XD I also played Guitar Hero for the first time. It actually is pretty fun, jajaja.

Ahhh, I’m home now, and I need to start doing my homework. Also, my parents are going to have a college talk with me today, and I am NOT looking forwards to it. They were nice and di a college search for me of good Bio colleges… but… they viewed art as secondary…

I don’t know. I never doubted myself in studying art, viewed really only as a matter of what I felt like, until my mom told me she doubted me doing well in art. That was a really big blow.

Now… it’s almost like I’m just doing Bio because my parents expect me to do it. They are wonderful, they make amazing choices, and I love them, but…

I feel depressed about the direction this is going…

And I feel depressed because my parents don’t believe I should do art…

I’m just going to do English now…

Leadership Is Trying To Kill Me!

Now we know the truth in the words that with power come great responsibility. The thing is that with me, responsibility = no sleep + too much work —-> stress

I am SO glad that we don’t have more retreats. Maybe now I can get a routine out of my life and start going to sleep. I first need to work off the backlog I have, because it is KILLING me! I have like 13 homeworks! Ok, like three of them are of the quiz/test kind, but yes. The most important for me is to finish my art free topic. I don’t see it happening, but the further along I get… hopefully the nicer Ms. Sarria will be. I finally did my presentation on la Escuela Academica today, which was for like, two weeks ago, but between my surgery, the retreats, and Ms. Sarria herself having to go to the hospital for a family member, I hadn’t presented. Whew! That is out of the way now!

Here is my list of HWs:

1- Art

  • Free topic work due tommorow/Thursday
  • Research Workbook due Thursday
  • Presentation report (FORGOT TO DO THIS OMFG)

2- English

  • Read/log 3.3 in Othello for Monday (I did the three other homeworks today in my Fit for Life class since I can’t swim. Yay! DONE)


  • Read Gift of Fire Chap. 3, and write responses
  • Vocabulary Quiz on -C terms on Friday
  • Read Chapter 9 Computer Confluence

4- Fit for Life

  • Exam this Thursday/Friday on swimming survival stuff

5- Spanish

  • Read till page 208 in Un Mundo para Julius
  • Read the comparison packet (I HATE COMPARISONS) and scribble/note/underline stuff

6- Math

  • No clue. I’ll ask her for the work tommorrow in class

7- Biology

  • Photosynthesis Assignment for Friday 22
  • Lab report due Thursday 28
  • Photosynthesis Exam

… K, I’ll do the art free topic first.

Aaaaaaaaah. I’m still so… frustrated over the Eight Grade retreat. It was… agh… I feel I failed. Like, I wasn’t good enough to get the kids to work or something. But geeze, they were so mean to each other! That was the thing that really bugged me, how vindictive and insulting they were to their own classmates, all the time. I can stand the “I’m too cool to care” guys and the hyperactive kids, even the cheating kid was ok. But how mean they were to each other? No wonder they didn’t do well! No teamwork! Because I couldn’t run for the last activity, where everybody has to run past a swinging jump rope (obviously not all of us could go through at once…) I saw the huge mess it was. They never managed it. You know how quickly the High School leadership group did it? In like four tries. (The supervisors were stumped. One said “You aren’t supposed to do it so quickly!”) Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I hope the ninth graders are better. I hope I get Cody. I’ll find out tomorrow in the PGC meeting. *crosses fingers* At least I think we’ll find out.

As it is, not all of it was bad. I didn’t mind when a few of us stood up in front to talk to them of “the journey of high school” according to the yeti. I felt guilty when he said it like that, because I don’t have a very good memory. I’ve noticed everything blurs far more easily for me than it does to others, and my brother has that a bit too. I think it’s my way of surviving moving around so much.

Anyways, we talked about getting into new activities, finding out what you liked, the independence that comes with HS,  getting yourself organized, and not being afraid to make mistakes. Then we seperated into small groups to talk to them more closely. I talked to a nice kid in my group who wanted to know about art (he likes game design, so I told him to get into ITGS and to start making projects and practicing from.. NOW!) He told me he is getting a team to make a game design, and I told him he was on the right path. Chris and Diego talked about music, and we all learned about Diego’s decisions regarding College. I’m impressed. He really is a Senior. I’m not. I’m not ready for the independence, the responsibility, the possibility of my fuck ups. But it was nice talking to him. It was nice to feel like I might be able to take decisions like that soon, and be mature enough.

Enough moping about that. I need to set my ass off in a work path now.

I’m also avoiding talking about college. At least I admit it.


Haircut, Book Fair, Dad, And A Glass Shard,

Ho hum, I feel mean. I haven’t posted in a long time. I’ve been neglecting my blog, and now I have a pile of things to report…

Soo… Saturday, my mom forces me up early, (at freaking 8 am!! I’ve been sleeping till 11, and she wakes me at 8!!!), and takes me to the Lima Book Fair in Jockey, which I greatly enjoyed. I first helped my mom find the organization she was working with to deliver some dvds that her NGO had sent, which took us half an hour, because they were underneath a different name than the one given to us. In the end, she told me to look out for a particular big Atlas that her NGO had published, and I found the place. Whew! After that, we spent some time wandering around and looking for particular books. We stumbled on a guy dressed as Captain Underpants, this character from a half storybook, half comic for kids that my brother used to read (and me, because if I get my hands on a book, I read it) when he was little. We rushed to the store representative stand there, and saw the collection of Captain Underpants books. My mom and I laughed so much- it used to be the only thing my brother would read. We ended up buying a book for him out of pure nostalgia. My brother actually liked it!

I saw a book with photos from Tambopata, and because I loved my jungle trip so much, I asked mom to buy it. She did. (Oops, I haven’t made a Tambopata post…) After that, I saw this stand for the Centro de Flora Tristan, which is for women’s issues, so I bought a book about the history of feminism in Latin America. I have yet to read it. ^^;

After that and lunch, (and a delicious icecream from the store Lartiza’s, I highly recommend the chocolate de trufa flavour,) we went to my mom’s hairdresser, where we both got a haircut. So now my hair is pretty short again, but the styling was really good, I like my hair even when I don’t do anything to it as it dries. Since dying hair is such a hassle, I decided not to get the red tips (well, more of my mom made it clear she was very reluctant and I agreed that it would be hassle and would damage my hair), I’ll probably make myself some hair wraps tomorrow. Jajaja, that will be funny, walk into school with hair wraps.

That night, dad arrived from his long trip to Boston, on crutches like he left. He was very tired so we all fussed around like usual. Bonuses: he brought me a good hairbrush. The old one was dying and didn’t work very well. Also, my dad bought Super Smash Bros Brawl. Omigash. I love that game so much. And playing as Pit is so much fun! (However, why the hell did they call him Pit? Seriously!) Hmm, the nice thing was that he wasn’t grumpy from the trip back, and the family is pretty relaxed (with some thorns on my brother’s side, he’s too much the typical boy teen -_-), and happy. So that just makes me happier.

I had been getting obsessed with WoW, so I quit it for a week and let my brother have free reign. He really likes the game. He is also at a higher level then me. Meh, I’ll stay with my Draenei Shaman, even if she is a level 23. If I have fun while playing, I don’t care about leveling. Though I want to go to the Battlegrounds. However, I’m back to it. I must say, murlocs are frustrating. I got mobbed by about 7 of them, and they were only a level 19- and I died. That was embarassing.

I also made a headway in my homework. 6 out of 14. Now, tomorrow, I need to do at least 6 more during the day. Actually, after I finish this post, I’ll go back to work and then go to sleep. Plus, I’m kind of hungry. My mom made a delicious nut sauce pasta, and I’m going to learn the recipe. That way, when I’m in college, I can impress people with my l337 cooking skills. Jaja, I can dream. But I seriously need to get around to learning how to cook. Why, this Friday… I become a Senior. Aaaaaaah! I can’t believe it. I’m too young to die an IB Senior death! *hides*

Ah… now my last issue. Now, I know I mentioned that lately, my foot has been bothering me and I can’t walk normally. So today I had a doctor’s appointment, which, unfortunately, included a 1 hour 40 minutes wait for the freaking doctor. When we finally got to him and told him my sad tale of woe, he prodded my foot (and discovered the spot that bothered me), and told me to get an xray and an ecography. Now, we go to the Department of Images, only to be told that they aren’t taking Ecographies for today (not surprising considering that my appointment had been at 6pm, and it was now 8pm), and that they couldn’t schedule an ecography because, well, the ecography people had already left. However, I managed to get the xray after a 30 minute wait, and after the images had been formed, as they were being delivered to the doctor, the technician told me and my dad that indeed, I have a glass shard in my foot. I still have to get the ecography tommorow, and see the doctor again after that. Uh huh. But anyways…

I have a freaking glass shard in my foot. A glass shard that has apparently been cutting the inside of my foot, and that explains the pain. My parents are relieved that that it apparently hasn’t cut a nerve or something. But right now I’m kind of pissed, (Ok, read “majorly” here,) that the doctor I went to after my cut (two days after…) didn’t apparently clean my wound well enough, even if it hurt, and that now my parents are having a guilt trip over not having taken better care of me. You see, I’m pissed at that doctor because…


And to get it out, the doctor is probably going to have to cut a small slit, take it out, sew it up, and let it heal as I wobble around in school in crutches again.





Behold, the archives of the terrible Glass Shard Incident!

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“Winter Cleaning” and Updating

Well, firstly, I sorted out my categories out quite a bit. I think that works quite well. And I finished my “About” page, so if you want to look into that, you can, although it isn’t much. This is the winter cleaning- since this is the Limean winter right now.

Huugh, I don’t feel I have been very productive this vacation so far. I should have made a schedule like Steph, time is ticking away! I’ve spent my days reading through feminist comic blogs, lurking, for my Extended Essay, but apart from having a ton of bookmarks to reference, I haven’t done anything. Plus, I’m sick now.

Also! I’m travelling this Sunday, with my family, to get to know Tacna and Arequipa. We won’t be back till Saturday. Somehow though, I can’t manage to gather any enthusiasm to two day long car rides. Hopefully there will be interesting things that will make the journey worth it.

Meh, I’ll take some paper to draw some pages to the manga Steph and I had planned (and have decided I will draw, even if not slick and polished, because I need to get started on this) and brainstorm on my comic idea. I’ll also take my English homework and do it during the car ride. And perhaps a book. It needs to be either one of those on the list, or one of the Extended Essay research books, which are eyeing me expectantly from their position at my bookshelf above and to the right of me. *eyes the books back*

Guh, when I get back, I totally need to go and meet my friends. Being sick the last few days means I really feel like getting out. My mom is right, I stay way too much at home.

Ciao. Wish me luck!

Scheduling Fascism and Friends Part Too Often

My parents have become fascists. (Well, not really)

They have scheduled my time! Like Steph. Only not so extreme. But the last few days, they say me down, and forced me to work. So far, I’ve made little progress on my Extended Essay, as due to a massive bookmark wipe someday, I lost all the links I had. So I have a pretty big chunk of them back now. Finished all the Karen Healy ones at least. Now… to do Ragnell, Willow, Kalinara, Kali and all the other bloggers I follow XD

Though I enjoyed myself on Friday. Insun, Marite and I went out to Patrick’s First Gig! (Yes, with Capital Letters.) Unfortunately, although the music was good (to my newb/n00b ears), there weren’t a lot of people at the time, as his was the opening act, and electronica (or something among those lines…) is just not as popular as the… other music. After he finished playing, Mari, Insun and I left for this a different place, more like a clubish atmosphere than a party, with AMAZING music. I danced. And danced. Who needs alcohol or smoking? Not me! I enjoyed myself, and was glad to see Insun enjoy herself without those two. It’s weird, I don’t particularly like drinking- we act enough as fools. But I’ll discuss the ethics of drinking later.

The weird thing was when the 30 year old dude hit on me. I need to get better at saying no. Even if I feel mean. No, nothing happened. Just talked. Don’t worry.

Hmmmgggggggggh… Halim is leaving tommorow… I won’t have the gift in time, and I won’t see him again before he goes! NOOOOOOOO!!! Dammit. I’ll scan it when I finish and send it to him.

I hate it when friends leave. Halim was also one of my first friends here… those who welcomed me to Peru and made the transition so much easier. I’m going to miss you Hali- I have to share this blog with you. We need to keep in touch! I hate losing track- I’ve done that quite a bit with Rodrigo, of the same group, and quite a few others from different times and places.

I love you guys.

Eight Graders And A Roundabout Way To Grades

Today my day started hectically.

I woke up at around 4 am to look at my cellphone (which I have now been able to charge as I finally found my charger!) and groan “What, how did I wake up at this hour? Meh, the alarm will wake me, meanwhile I will try to get two more hours of sleep.” And so I promptly did so. When I next opened my eyes, puzzled because it felt wrong, and I looked at my cellphone, it was around 6:47 am. My bus picks me up at 7:00 am. Hence the panicked shower and dress up without breakfast, in which I fumbled and left without my keys. No bus until 7:10, get mom to open, ask her for money for taxi, and proceed to ask the guard to accompany while I get a taxi, as taxis aren’t safe, and the driver will see somebody looked and wrote down the license plate. But, voila! and lo, the bus appears, and I get on, feeling saved. I then notice that it’s a different driver, and he’s talking on the nextel to the normal driver on the route.

Hence began my stress filled journey trying to guide the driver for kids that have probably given up on being picked up through a bus route I barely remember or only in parts as I normally lie down and try to sleep in the bus. By the time he finally gave up on picking up kids, and taking us to school, it was three minutes to eight, and all I could think was “OMFG I’M LATE FOR THE EIGHT GRADE ORIENTATION” and wondering how much of an example and leader I was.

There was absolutely no problem. I got guided from the guidance office, to the middle school music room, to the health room where I met my fellow PGC leaders, back to the middle school music room for the powerpoint for the kids, and then to Hendershot’s room for the first group of middle schoolers.

Although why I am giving you so many details is moot. Uh, let me rephrase that- I don’t understand why I am giving you so many details when they are moot to you.

But basically, the three sessions with the kids:

I start the “Hi, we’re going to be your PGC leaders, my name is…” introduction around, Shirley talks about what PGC is, and Pamela tells them about how it is not a formal class thing, we aren’t teachers, we’re friends. And so on, we added on, details, what seemed to wrok.

Although the guys added very little.

It got slightly awkward, and among the questions:

Were we being forced to do this? (No, we’re volunteers, we applied, only 17 were chosen from 30). What is the IB ? (… too complicated to answer here.) What if they didn’t like the leader (Uh… well, they should obviously try to trust the leader, or else it won’t work, but you can’t change leaders, but anybody of the other leaders can also help you and would love to).

But I think it went fine. It was less awkward than I thought it would be. I think I’ll enjoy working with these kids.

What was great today of PGC also, though, was seeing Cody. God, I love that kid – he’s sweet and great fun. I hopehopehopehopehope he is in my group. I’d like to have Sam too though- she’s nice. From what we’ve talked. But mostly, I’m hoping on Cody- he’s very fun, plus, it would be easier to get to know the rest of the group. He has a magnetic personality.

After PGC ended, I met Patrick and discovered I had forgotten to return one of the ITGS textbooks (oops…) and so couldn’t get my report card. I accompany Patrick to his home as he has the same problem, he returns the textbook, takes me home, I get the book, we get our report cards, and then he comes over, so we play Wii and New England Monopoly. He ended up beating me and buying my childhood memories of New England. ;_; *wobbly eyes*

Well, on the grade basis, I am proud to talk about an average attainment level of 6.00



: D

Happiness abounds.


Theory of Knowledge: 6 (To be honest, Ifeel like I deserve a 7. I got 7 on my Final Essay, on my External Assessment Presentation, and the great majority of the assignments. I ROCKED TOK. How did I get a 6? ;_; Oh well. ITS STILL A SIX! Maybe it’s one of those works that ended up being out of control without realizing, and that I never turned in.)

Art: 6 (Much better than before. I’d entered a slump and everything sucked. End of story. Now, I’m improving in my workbook entries and my artwork is in time and I spend proper time on it, not depressed and unable to do anything.)

ITGS: 7 (WOOOOOOO. I got a 7 on the test, and apparently it raised me from a 6. Honestly, I’m surprised, as I forgot to do a lot of the catch up work from Tambopata… oops. IN my defense, I’d like to say I was dying.)

Spanish: 5 (I’m pretty happy with it. My mom is pissed. I don’t know. Sometimes I just don’t care for Spanish class- it’s hard when your class is… well… not the best. I mean, if I make no effort in that class and she tells my mom I’m her best student, it speaks volumes to how bad the class is. I mean, if I was with Steph, you can imagine I’d look more normal in comparison.)

English: 6 (HAPPINESS ABOUNDS!!! I’ve improved! No complaints! Lets aim for a 7 next semester!)

Biology: 6 (HEHEHE- wait. I got either 6s or 7s on the tests, and a 7 on the final! Whuuut? Oh right. Lab report writeups. They are always 5s. GAAAAAAAAH! Note to self: Goal for next semester is to rock lab write ups- the rest in Bio is easy.)

Math: 6 (OMGO#”#$Y)T”)&)=&)#I”#”Q!”#$!&°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°!”°!|1″!°3{fdnaj#DAesewf°!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 A FREAKING SIX IN MATH? Sure, it isn’t HL *knocks on wood*, but still, I felt I was dying in it! AAAAAAH IM SO HAPPY I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!! AAAAH)

I’m much happier than I thought I would be.

In the words of Rock Lee: